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Creative Choices
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The Career Path Of The Search Marketer For those of you who read my columns regularly, you know that I’m fascinated with watching the paid search industry develop. Having been one of the lucky ones who fell into this marketing niche early on, I’ve seen it grow from a little seedling into a giant oak. In fact, one of the major draws for me to SEM was that it was a gold rush to new territory. Appealing to my Gen X trailblazer sensibility was the fact that there weren’t a bunch of stodgy gray-hairs telling us how it was supposed to be as many of my peers were discovering in their established career paths. Feel free to slap me if I ever start a sentence with: “In my day…” Now, over a decade later, this SEM is a thriving segment of the advertising ecosystem. There are hundreds (thousands?) Advertisers have truly embraced this channel and understand the benefits and how it is priced. Depending on your experience level with paid search, your day-to-day responsibilities vary. Search Novice (first year) Welcome to search!

Digital Media Training | Web Design and Development Courses | CAD, 3D & Games Theatre in Education - Act On Info Theatre Company Marketing manager | PR manager | Marketing director | Marketing Nation SEO Career – 10 Steps to Help You Get Yours Up and Running - Search & Social Media Marketing Course With the demand for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) skills on the rise and the average UK salary paying £32.5k a year, it’s no wonder more and more people want a career in the SEO industry. The question is however, how do you get a job in SEO? If you type the phrase “how to start a career in SEO” (and that’s including inverted commas!) in to Google’s web search, you are presented with over 2,500 pages of content in the search engine results page (SERP). 1. At first glance learning SEO seems like a near impossible task. One thing is for sure though, you don’t have to pay to learn the basics. 2. Arguably this should be an ongoing step, and form part of your basic learnings but with the advent of WordPress and other WYSIWYG editing platforms, knowledge of HTML is no longer a pre-requisite. 3. The numerous ebooks, blog posts and learning materials you have accumulated in steps 1 and 2 may leave you a little overwhelmed. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Video:

Yorkshire What to See and Do Guide, Northern England Yorkshire is big and beautiful country. It reaches into no less than three National Parks - the Yorkshire Dales, North York Moors and the Peak District. It also includes the majestic moorland of Bronte Country and the tranquil beauty of the Howardian Hills and the Yorkshire Wolds. Wander the streets of ancient York. Go down a real coal mine. Shop in one of Europe’s largest malls. Take to the hills on Britain’s toughest long-distance footpath. It’s no surprise that Yorkshire is proud of its past and a sense of history is never far away. Find out what makes Yorkshire the nation's film and TV set. Heritage and countryside, leisure and sport, great times out and family fun.

5 reasons to consider a career in the digital sector | University of Leeds Careers Centre Blog Scarlett Wilson is a Keele University graduate and is currently working as a Digital Marketing Executive for Bubble Jobs – a niche digital jobs board that specialises in advertising digital, e-commerce, media and marketing jobs. In this post she outlines how she got into the sector and some of the reasons she thinks it’s great. When I was in my final year at Keele University I found myself a little lost – I knew I was interested in marketing because of my extra-curricular activities and work experience but I wasn’t sure of my options. I had a look around and saw that the digital industry had loads of potential – so that was the moment that I decided I wanted a digital job. Fast forward a year and here I am writing a guest blog as a Digital Marketing Executive at Bubble Jobs. In my final year I knew very little about the digital world and I found it very daunting – loads of questions flew around my head like; “what if I’m not technical enough?” The digital industry just keeps growing

Applications developer: Job description Applications developers translate software requirements into workable programming code and maintain and develop programs for use in business. Most will specialise in a specific development field - such as mobile phone applications, accounting software, office suites or graphics software - and will have in-depth knowledge of at least one computer language. The work of an applications developer differs with a systems developer in that systems software allows a computer to actually run. Users interface with the applications software, which is served by the systems software. Applications, or 'apps', can be written for a particular system, such as Windows or Android, or across numerous platforms, including computers and mobile devices. Job titles and specific duties may vary between organisations but the role usually involves writing specifications and designing, building, testing, implementing and sometimes supporting applications using programming languages and development tools.

Music and Music Production Careers Many music production graduates will want to use their degree subject in their work. However, due to the very limited number of openings, jobs in the creative industries can be difficult to obtain without determination and persistence. You need to get lots of (probably unpaid) work experience and to promote yourself. You have to be very single-minded. Skills developed studying music production Music production graduates develop a wide range of key skills through both the practical and academic content of their degree. Music Technology: expertise with sound technology and electronics, good hearing and an ear for music. Music and music technology links Directories The Showcase Directory lists almost every organisation in the UK music industry and many abroad. Professional Bodies Information Sources Skillset Careers in Music BBC music industry job descriptions. Jobs Music Technology Other

How I got my job – Morrisons Marketing Graduate scheme | University of Leeds Careers Centre Blog Katie McCormack graduated in 2012, then worked for a couple of years developing her professional experience before securing a place on a graduate scheme earlier this year. Here she shares her experiences and learning points as well as the experience of undertaking a video interview. About me I have recently gained a place on a marketing graduate scheme at Morrisons. Work experience Whilst studying I attempted to get as much work experience as possible within the marketing and communications industry, doing odd days throughout my second and final year at a PR agency, recruitment agency and at an in-house marketing team for a data protection company. After graduating, I managed to get a full time job in the Marketing Department at Leeds University Union (LUU) as a Marketing Assistant. During my second year working at LUU I decided to undertake a more specific marketing qualification and enrolled at Leeds Met to do a Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) Professional Certificate. Finally

Applications programmer: job description Applications programmers are responsible for designing and modifying computer applications. They are also required to implement their systems and to offer training and support. What does an applications programmer do? Applications programmers write code for software applications. researching and examining current systems talking to users to find out their requirements agreeing proposals writing software and operating manuals product testing making appropriate modifications Programmers may also be responsible for user training, support and feedback. Typical employers of applications programmers telecommunications companies engineering companies computer companies service industries information technology or software consultancy firms commercial and industrial organisations the Civil Service financial institutions Self-employment via contract and consultancy work is possible for programmers with several years' experience. Qualifications and training required

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