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Foto por el A-Team Noticias 2011.07.06 Arduino Conectado (Arduino Hackathon en Campus Party Valencia 2011) 13 al 17 de julio de 2011. 2011.06.28 Arduino Virtualcamp (Hackaton de 48h.) 16 y 17 de julio de 2011. 2011.04.29 V Arduino Barcamp (Castellón de la Plana) 29, 30 de abril y 1 de mayo de 2011. 2011.02.11 Presentación, proyección y coloquio. 2011.02.11 IV Arduino Barcamp (Barcelona-España). 2011.02.10 Hoy terminamos con la traducción/revisión de Arduino Programming Notebook. 2010.08.03 III Arduino Barcamp (Murcia) 1, 2 y 3 de Octubre de 2010. 2010.07.31 Laboral Centro de Arte ha subvencionado la creación de un documental en CC sobre Arduino. 2010.07.30 II Arduino Barcamp. 2010.07.02 I Arduino Barcamp. 2010.06.06 La traducción termina, pasamos a beta. 2010.05.31 Comienza la segunda traducción de Arduino al Español. Talleres 21-22 mayo, 2011 Taller de Arduino + Firefly -Grasshopper(Rhinoceros)- 11 Sep, 2010 Taller de Arduino: Sensores 28 Ago, 2010 Taller de Arduino en Barberà del Vallés. Aprende

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Optical mouse hacking, part 1 « Department of New Computings Arduino driver for the ADNS2610 follows the cut, along with sample implementation and a fairly straightforward Processing app to read the data. The part most people will care about is the first chunk. You should easily be able to adapt it to other chips like the ADNS2051. In porting, pay close attention to the procedure for reading out the framebuffer, as that seems to be the primary difference between chips. The registers are all different but the routines for reading and writing over the serial line are essentially identical, right down to the timing.

Harvard releases its DIY soft robotics toolkit Harvard, arguably the most famous Ivy League university on Earth, has a long history of democratization of education; together with MIT and several other elite institutions, they’ve pushed hard to make online learning easy and high in quality. However, one aspect of learning that’s intrinsically difficult to export from the physical school is the physical lab experiment; universities often invest tens or hundreds of thousands in equipment that makes it possible to apply many of the engineering principles explained in digital textbooks. Today, new technologies and a thriving and energetic DIY fanbase mean that even robotics can be farmed out to the cloud, and Harvard recently released its Soft Robotics Toolkit to help with education and entrepreneurship at every level of society.

Time and Weather, with RSS, XML, SNTP and Netduino As winter approaches I thought this project was a good fit for our Hardware Friday post. It's a pretty cool "First" project too! [Netduino Plus] SNTP clock / RSS news reader Here's my first project with a Netduino Plus. How to make your first robot If you have purchased an "Instant Robot" shield, you can find a project using that shield here. If you prefer the instructions in a single PDF, Dominic / Servello has made this nice PDF to download - Thanks :) Welcome :) Everything here is so easy, that after you have gone through it, you can make a robot in a couple of hours.

Maker Space In Education Series… 10 More Sites….Making With Technology Welcome back and I sure hope you enjoyed the last article of 20 Reasons for Maker Space in Education and also 10 Sites To Help You Start Making In The Classroom. In this post I highlight 10 additional sites that can promote making with an emphasis on some tech tools. I encourage you to send me information and resources you think help with this idea, as I am also Making time to learn.

StepperUnipolar Learning Examples | Foundations | Hacking | Links This page shows two examples on how to drive a unipolar stepper motor. These motors can be found in old floppy drives and are easy to control. The one we use has 6 connectors of which one is power (VCC) and the other four are used to drive the motor sending synchronous signals. The Maker movement makes its mark The next industrial revolution is right around the corner, and it's going to be bigger than the Internet — or so says a growing army of hackers, designers, artists and entrepreneurs. Across the country, "makerspaces" are popping up to satisfy demand for affordable access to industrial tools and shared work spaces. These massive fabrication facilities are like a cross between a business incubator and a manufacturing plant, with sprinklings of academia and community spirit thrown in for good measure. "With the right motivation and time on your hands, you can now go through your own personal industrial revolution in 90 days, and can launch a company or product within those 90 days," says Mark Hatch.

arduino-seven-segment - Arduino Library for 7 Segment LCD/LED Displays Welcome To The Arduino 7 Segment Display Library Welcome to the Arduino 7 Segment display library which provides easy control of 7 segment LCD and LED displays using a minimum of 2 digital outputs! The library only works with parallel displays, where each segment on the display has a single corresponding pin to control it. For example, if your screen can display 8888 but has less than 7 + 7 + 7 + 7 = 28 pins on the back, then this library is probably not for you.

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