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Pay-per-Appointment Telemarketing: 4 things to reflect upon

Pay-per-Appointment Telemarketing: 4 things to reflect upon
One of the most likely reasons why companies support the pay-per-appointment model of B2B telemarketing is that it’s a financially low-risk option, since they only pay for scheduled appointments set for them. They can clearly see where their money goes to, and so for them it is far more cost-effective compared to traditional packages. The standing question, though, is whether or not this kind of transaction can produce the same quality of appointments, the same approach towards telemarketing, the same follow-up mechanism, and the same impression from prospects. You see, pay-per-appointment contracts aren’t exactly what B2B telemarketing agencies shoot for, as they would rather a conventional-type model. If you’re planning to employ this method into your marketing mix, here are some points to ponder on: Is it okay for you that your callers are going to be aggressive? How would you know if appointments are unique to you? Would you sacrifice quality just to get more appointments? Related:  jeanlie232B2B Marketing | Telemarketing

Can Outsourced Appointment Setting Services Have An Impact On Productivity? It is not very easy for any company especially those that belong to the software industry to enjoy huge productivity in terms of gaining huge sales revenues and one of the reasons why it is not that easy and convenient for them is because of the stiff and fierce competition that each of these software companies are experiencing. It can’t be denied that business long ago was very lucrative since there were only a few software companies trying to promote the same type of products. Today, there could be hundreds, if not, thousands of different software companies creating and developing new software applications and/or creating newer versions of an existing software program. They should really find some time in doing this kind of task so that they won’t be left behind by their fellow IT companies that are also their competitors. They know that it would be useless for them to find new customers if they don’t have something that they can specifically offer to a certain potential client.

The Advantage Of Telemarketing Services | Looking for the right marketing tool can be a tough exercise in lead generation. You have to consider the market that you wish to penetrate, not to mention the people who you will be talking to. For some, social media seemed to be doing the trick. For others, sending email blasts works well in generating B2B leads. And there are also those who see telemarketing as their communication medium of choice. First of all, there is the direct connection part of marketing and appointment setting. In case calling business prospects on the phone is not your strongest card, you can always try outsourcing to a professional lead generation agency. Anyway, the use of telemarketing services can bring in lots of benefits for your business.

Callbox Telemarketing Boosts Online Advertising - B2B Lead Generation Company Malaysia The Client The Client is an evolving web advertising firm that provides creative, technical and search marketing services, comparable to that of world-renowned agencies, at an affordable price. Situated in Chicago, Illinois, the Client offers their customers a variety of interactive advertising avenues such as web design, Flash animation, off-the-shelf custom content management systems, and Search Engine Optimization. They have served companies of different sizes from several industries. The Challenge The Client wanted to increase business leads through telemarketing their service offering as traffic to their website does not provide them a steady business flow. The Callbox Solution For this particular campaign, the Client sought Callbox’s help in researching companies and firms that are in need of and will benefit from their SEO service. Once determined to be a qualified sales lead, the prospect’s details were listed in Client’s personal PipelineCRM account. The Results

Think Big: 5 Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses | Every successful company out there started out as a skimpy little business startup. Small businesses need not be insecure about being small – in fact, a marketing team composed of a few people is inclined to become more aggressive, skilled and creative because of the mentality that says “we need to work harder because we’re small.” And everybody knows hard work pays off quite well in the end. Be that as it may, small marketing teams need a strategy for them to work their way into the big leagues. This 5-point strategy proposed by Veronica Holmes, Senior Business Consultant for Marketo Australia, is worth a serious consideration. From 1. If you can’t afford to hire new people, you need to maximize the talent you have. 2. Used correctly and by skilled staff, marketing automation platforms can be a great leveler. How can you do this? 3. As a small team, it’s all too easy to stumble from one project to the next, never taking the time to evaluate success or failure. 4. 5.

Why Outsourcing To B2B Lead Generation Firms Is Best Recommended Many companies these days especially those that are engaging in b2b or business to business transactions are having a hard time trying to be impressive to the eyes of their bigger accounts. They have to “look good” all the time and they know that one of the best ways to “look, feel and smell good” to these big-time company clients of theirs is to give themselves a chance to know more about these potential customers. What they can do, as what they are aware of, is not just to generate qualified leads but also to do lead nurturing as well. By lead nurturing, they can get to know more about their clients in real time and, perhaps, they can be able to know more about their needs and try to find out what other products and/or services or anything that can address the concerns, needs and issues of their clients. It might be considered as a big-time investment but the results are just as “big-time” as well.

Basic B2B Telemarketing Tip of the Day: Make Your Offer Irresistible | In this time of unlimited digital resources, a budding telemarketer would not have any problems with gathering information and advice on how to become proficient in his or her field. Experts here and there provide what things there are to know to be successful. But there are also things that even books cannot teach. They’re more like significant tidbits of wisdom that only experience and credibility can bring about. Some say that B2B telemarketing is all about the sales pitch. That’s only half true. 1. 2. 3. 4. Meet the Callbox Team at Dreamforce 2016! - B2B Lead Generation Company Malaysia “A rock star, a politician, and an entrepreneur walk into a bar…” No, that’s not an introduction to an oft-heard bar room joke. That’s just a highly possible scenario in one of the most anticipated and participated tech events in the world – Dreamforce. What is Dreamforce? Dreamforce is an annual customer conference hosted by Salesforce, a leading customer relationship management (CRM) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider. Why Attend? The Dreamforce website promises that, “… you’ll learn, connect, and grow. Great PR job by Dreamforce, but don’t take their word for it. Be there and see and experience it yourself. See, the Callbox team is also going to be there. And oh, did I mention one of the best live acts in the world is going to be there, too? Believe me, I’d happily part with a few hundred dollars in exchange for a week of learning about the industry, getting all the product updates, and meeting like-minded people. The Callbox Team will be there October 4 to 7.

SEO and Social Media Marketing: A Winning Combo for SMBs? | From a logical standpoint, it’s difficult to see SEO and social media marketing in the same boat. Search marketing is more inclined towards keywords and algorithm, while social is, well, social. But apparently, these two can be integrated to make the most out of content creation, distribution and discovery, particularly for small to midsized businesses (SMBs) that aspire to increase their online presence. According to an Ascend2 report: The most effective SEO tactics for top performers are creating original content (55% vs. 33%), updating website content (43% vs. 42%) and keyword management (42% vs. 29%).The most difficult SEO tactics for those with inferior strategies are external link building (40%), creating original content (40%), keyword management (35%) and social media integration (34%).The most useful metrics for tracking and analyzing SEO performance, across the board, are conversion rate, website visitor traffic and trends, engagement, and search rankings by keyword.

5 Mistakes That Attract Sales Objection: Turn it into a Success! Regardless of the size of your business, marketing and sales are the ones who generate revenue in an organization. Without these two, it’s hard to keep and build a steady flow of customers and even support the growth of a company. Any mistake within your process can make or break your business. Sales is not as easy as calling a prospect and setting up an appointment. All the pressures that you experience in creating and implementing your sales plan to reaching your target sometimes feel too much. Because of trying to hit all the numbers, most salespeople can’t maximize all of their resources. Here are the 5 common mistakes salespeople make that attract objections and how to turn them into a success. Mistake #1: Study shows that 42% of salespeople don’t have enough information before calling a prospect. Preparation is the key to success but most sales reps find themselves calling and hoping for the best on every call. Express yourself effectively and be direct to the point. Scenario:

The Basic Telemarketing Equation: Qualified Calling List = Qualified Prospects | The ‘profiting’ part of the lead generation and appointment setting scenario only starts when you and a prospect close the deal. But until that point, these ‘prospects’ are mere targets. You basically don’t know 100% what the outcome will be. In essence, that’s what you call a leap of faith. You start with the calling list. The list is the raw ingredient. The point is, plenty of time and effort could be saved if a list is already optimized to include only those which are relevant and qualified. How do you optimize a calling list? It would certainly involve an elaborate and time-consuming process to sanitize a list, especially if it’s a huge one involving several industries. The functionality to categorize prospect information based on history and relevance is very important in any pipeline infrastructure. Compared with Business-to-Consumer (B2C) lists, Business-to-Business (B2B) lists need to be more encompassing and specific.

Callbox Data Profiling A Major Coup for Exhibition Leader - B2B Lead Generation Company Malaysia The Client Industry: Exhibition & Trade Location: Singapore Headquarters: Singapore Target Criteria CommunicationsEngineeringLifestyleMining, Construction & BuildingPlastic & RubberMachineryProcessing & Packaging Campaign Type Call-to-InviteData Profiling 4 Decades of Event Leadership For 40 years, this exhibition and conference pioneer has withstood time and tide to become Singapore’s top and most successful trade event organizer today. Their four-decade reign as leader in the exhibition industry brought numerous recognition from different award-giving bodies like the Exhibition City Approved International Fair (AIF) Scheme, and the Singapore Business Events Awards. Indestructible they may seem to have lived with a four-decade trade leadership in the region, what good reason did they have to still take the option to enterprise telemarketing into their current strategies? Why Callbox? Campaign 1 – Call To Invite Campaign 2 – Call To Invite How Callbox streamlined the success DM Outreached.