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99 Brain Blasting Cinema 4D Tutorials!

99 Brain Blasting Cinema 4D Tutorials!
Do I have a gift for outdoing myself or what? That's right, you guys have been begging for this since the last C4D roundup....but be careful what you wish for, cuz now this megalithic, earth shatteringly gargantuan list of 99 Cinema 4D tutorials is here to end life as we know it!!. Yep...this is the biggest roundup ever to be published on CGtuts+, and it's all Cinema 4d baby!..Enjoy!!. Toon Drops Harry Frank of Graymachine shows you how to make a toony-looking droplet effect using C4D. Liquid Logos Chris Martin and Creative Cow has this tutorial for creating a fluid logo using RealFlow inside of Cinema 4D. Fracture Text Breaking News Open Broadcast designer Jason Brown over and Creative Cow shows you how to use the fracture object feature to make a simple "Breaking News" open. Tracking a 3D Object Using Syntheyes in conjunction with Cinema 4D, Chris Martin shows you how to track a 3d object onto a live action plate. Spooky Wall Tracking C4D R11.5 MoDynamics MoDynamics, Mo Money, Mo Problems. Related:  art stumble3d

70 Ultimate Cinema 4D Tutorials & Techniques Feb 12 2010 Today we share a very comprehensive round-up of Cinema 4D Tutorials. Cinema 4D is a modeling, animation and rendering application that is noted for its flexible interface and ease of use. Cinema 4D comes with an intuitive interface and a sound workflow that let the imagination and creativity of an artist flow freely. Cinema 4D Tutorials Create an Abstract Armored Sphere Scene in Cinema 4DIn this tutorial you will learn how to create a complex abstract Armored Sphere scene in Cinema 4D. Making Of: PrimateranIn this tutorial artist creates a scene that showed a part of the world of the “Primaterans” – a civilization that prefers dark corners of the galaxy, hiding from their enemies until their armada is strong enough to destroy them. Linear Workflow for Gamma Correct Lighting in Cinema 4DOne of the most critical elements involved in creating realistically lit interior environments is exposure control. Making of Super SnailThis work is fully modeled and rendered in Cinema 4D.

26 Tracking and 3D Matchmoving plus After Effects Tutorials As more and more computing power comes to the desktop it is becoming easier to make hollywood style effects for any project. Among these is tracking and 3D Matchmoving which is the process of extracting 3D camera information from a handheld camera to be able to composite in other elements with After Effects. In this week's roundup Topher found some of the most compelling tutorials from around the web which show you how to master these techniques. Video Copilot - 3D CraterIn our last tutorial roundup, we had the 3D Meteor tutorial series featured, in this article we are going to explore how to create the aftermath using Boujou to get the camera solve, export the data to After Effects and 3ds Max, create the meteor hole in Max, and composite everything together in After Effects.

Drawings Come to Life, 3D Art by Ramon Bruin Ramon Bruin is a 31-year-old talented freelance artist, who graduated at the Airbrush Academie in the Netherlands. He is mostly a self-taught artist. Besides a great passion for airbrush, he also draws and paints. With experience in multiple techniques and materials like acrylic, oil, water paints, charcoal, paint pens, pencils and graphite he makes unique artwork. C4D Dynamics A wooden world… It has been a while since the release of Cinema4D r12 and I must apologise for the lack of blog posts. To be honest, I’ve been absolutely snowed under with work. Exclusive! I worked with TWP on a long piece that is all about a wooden world for GE Fleet Card. Jellyfish Spent a few weeks with the lovely people over at MTV Networks Australia working on their promo for the Aria’s. Pollution! In between all of this creative mayhem, I’ve been planning and recording my next set of training. I’m in the process of proofing all of the new tutorials and will be sending out a few teasers soon. In the mean time I have been digging about in my hard drive to find some interesting presets to share… I posted this Thinking Particles preset earlier today and I’ll be posting more in the coming weeks. Have fun!

Cinema 4D: Create an Abstract Armored Sphere Scene In this tutorial you will learn how to create a complex abstract Armored Sphere scene in Cinema 4D. You will use structure tools (such as Extrude and Extrude Inner), HyperNURBS, and the Danel shader to create the scene, and then render it with Advanced Render, and finally add some depth of field in Photoshop. Step 1 Create a sphere object (Objects > Primitive > Sphere), and set the "type" to "standard", and the "radius" to "96m" (if m is your basic units). This sphere will be the core of the object. Step 2 Create another sphere object, and set the "type" to "standard", and the "radius" to a size larger than the previous (100m for example). Step 3 Select 1/8 of the sphere. Step 4 Split (Functions > Split) the sphere into 2 objects (the whole sphere and the previously selected part). Step 5 Select the new object, then select all triangle polygons and melt them together (Functions > Melt). Step 6 Step 7 Step 8 Step 9 Use extrude inner with offset 0.3m. Step 10 Step 11 Step 12 Step 13 Step 14 Step 15 Step 16

3D Objects and Motion Tracking | Creative Sweet TV Community Translation Your transcript request has been submitted. Adobe TV does its best to accommodate transcript requests. Join the Community Translation Project Thanks for your interest in translating this episode! Please Confirm Your Interest Thanks for your interest in adding translations to this episode! An error occurred while processing your request. Another translator has already started to translate this episode. Thanks for Participating! This episode has been assigned to you and you can expect an e-mail shortly containing all the information you need to get started. About This Episode Learn how to use a 3D model in Adobe Photoshop and then combine it with motion tracking in After Effects.

Making of Starfish Making of Starfish by Tom Hankins at Colorbleed Studios Video demonstrates how Tom Hankins (Colorbleed Studios) goes about creating an Starfish using Maya, Zbrush, V-ray and Fusion. also check: Making of Autumn Scene by Tom Hankins Making of, Maya, Zbrush, V-ray, Fusion, Autodesk Maya, Making of Starfish by Tom Hankins, Making of Starfish by Colorbleed Studios, Making of CGI Starfish, Making of 3d Starfish, 3d, 3d modeling, Maya Tutorials, Maya modeling Tutorials, Modeling Tutorial, Zbrush Modeling Tutorial, vray, Vray tutorial, Vray free tutorial, Autodesk Maya Vray Render, vray render, Fusion, CGI, computer graphics, 3d Scene, 3D scenes, light and shade your 3D scenes, rendering, lighting,maya free tutorial, maya video tutorial, free Tutorial, free tutorials, Mari, Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop, 3d Starfish,

Helloluxx 950+ Photoshop Tutorials To Keep Your Skillset Updated I know how much everyone loves tutorials, I know I love writing them too. Well in this post I have taken my time to roundup some Photoshop Tutorials and some Photoshop Roundups that I think is valid to be featured in this post. I know quite a few people are going to love me for this, but let’s keep it professional. Design a Brilliant Product Advertisement Source Create a Stunning 3D Liquid Explosion Artwork Source Design a Slick 3D Ice Text Effect Source Logo Design Tips: Letterspacing & Typefaces Source Make a Retro-Space Typography Poster with Colorful Lights Source Create a Grunge Snowboard Poster for the Winter Olympics – Photoshop Tutorial Source 60 Tutorials Creating High Quality Design Icons Source 31 Outstanding Logo Tutorials Source 20 Amazing Tutorials to Help you Make Icons Source 20 Tutorials for Creating HDR Images Source 55+ Exceptional Logo Design Tutorials Source 17 WordPress Theme Design Tutorials Source 15 Fresh and Quality Text Effect Tutorials Source Source Source Source Source Source Source