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NOVA: Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers

NOVA: Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers

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STEM Careers Xpeditions is now archived in National Geographic Education's new website— If you liked Xpeditions, you'll love the new media-rich Explore the new site now for activities, maps, interactives, videos, homework help, and more! First Image Made of an Atom Spinning Physicists have discovered a way to play with matter on a subatomic scale, reaching into atoms to manipulate the spin of electrons. What's more, the scientists were able to capture the first images of the action with a special microscope. Spin is one of three basic properties of electrons, along with charge and mass. Basically, spin describes an electron's angular momentum, which is related to the way an electron moves around an atom's nucleus (which includes the protons and neutrons) – the spin can either be "up" or "down."

Inquiry in Action Learn how to incorporate inquiry-based scientific investigations into your elementary or middle school science curriculum through the Inquiry Matters onsite workshop. This hands-on workshop, given by authors of Inquiry in Action engages teachers in the elements of inquiry. What will I learn in the Inquiry Matters workshop? Inquiry Matters workshop participants experience the process of scientific discovery as they contribute their own ideas, help design experiments, and discuss possible explanations for their observations. All activities cover important physical science concepts taught in grades 3 through 8 and can easily be integrated into any curriculum.

Schools for the Gifted Child Child Geniuses Find A Home CBS / AP, an interview with Jan and Bob Davidson. "When you look at underachievement, the group that is really under achieving are the very bright kids because there is the greatest difference between what is offered of them and what they can do." The question is often asked, Are there special schools for gifted children? JASON Learning Thursday, April 26, 2012 Christianne Corbett Christi earned a degree in engineering and became an aerospace engineer.

Hunza Hunza Powder supplies Free Electrons to fuel, energize, alkalize and cleanse every organ in the body. In the form of Activated Silica Hydride, Hunza has an alkalizing, energising and antioxidant effect to make Hunza Water. Additional colloidal silver and colloidal gold using our colloidal generators would complete the Hunza process. Siemens STEM - Webinars STEM is Now, STEM is How Tuesday, April 22, 2014 at 1pm ET Presented by Discovery Education and Scott Didra We often hear of amazing things happening in STEM classrooms across the country. And, we're often asked to share these exemplars to provide guidance in achieving a shared STEM education vision.

Center for Talent Development Independent residential secondary schools can be viable educational options, but they are by no means equal, especially with respect to genuinely gifted students. This point was brought home to me during a recent conversation I had with an acquaintance. As parents of children (mine a second grader, hers in college) identified as gifted, we were sharing ideas about educational approaches which both recognize and support those with notable intellectual potential.

This Is What A Scientist Looks Like Announcing our new podcast! We’re excited to announce the brand-new This is What a Scientist Sounds Like podcast, which will also be featured on Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child, a nationally syndicated family radio show distributed by PRX. The series will feature scientists sharing what it is they do and how they ended up there. If you’re interested in participating, please contact us at and put “Podcast” in the subject line. Hi there! My name is Katie Parzych and I’m a PhD student in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology at the University of Michigan.

Silicon Chips Wired With Nerve Cells Could Enable New Brain/Machine Interfaces It's reminiscent of Cartman's runaway Trapper Keeper notebook in that long-ago episode of South Park, but researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison may be scratching the surface of a new kind of brain/machine interface by creating computer chips that are wired together with living nerve cells. A team there has found that mouse nerve cells will connect with each other across a network of tiny tubes threaded through a semiconductor material. It's not exactly clear at this point how the nerve cells are functioning, but what is clear is that the cells seem to have an affinity for the tiny tubes, and that alone has some interesting implications.

Siemens STEM - Understanding the E in STEM Understanding the E in STEM Author: Lawrence Perretto Understanding the "E" in STEM: Applying Engineering Standards in the Modern Science ClassroomPresented by Lawrence Perretto, 6th Grade Teacher, Siemens STARs Fellow, NASA FellowJanuary 29, 2012, 7pm ETFor Educators Are you struggling to incorporate engineering strategies into your STEM classroom? Join Lawrence Perretto as he shares effective tools and techniques for incorporating engineering design projects and infusing educational technologies to promote engineering practices. You’ll see clips from his recently released PBS and Teaching Channel documentary about combining NGSS engineering standards with iPad technology.

Types of ESL Jobs Looking to get a teaching job overseas but not sure where to start? Worried it might be hard to get a job? Well, it’s easier than you think…even if you have never taught a day in your life.