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Design Idea & Image Galleries on Dornob

Simply Vintagegirl Blog 6 March 2014 When I picked up a little book titled “Free Grace and Dying Love,” I couldn’t help but begin pouring over its pages. The first part is a collection of devotions by Susannah Spurgeon and the second part is a biography on her life. Charles and Susannah Spurgeon’s story is a beautiful and inspiring one. They came together as one and faithfully served and sacrificed much to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and seek first His kingdom and righteousness. (She’s actually featured in one of our paper doll collections.) Susannah’s writings in the collection of devotions is beautiful evidence of her great love of and submission to her Savior. A couple of my favorite quotes from this volume: “Lord, You have told me who You are, You have in mercy revealed Yourself to me, I know You to be that blessed ‘gift of God’ which alone can save and satisfy my soul. I need Christ in all things and I know that He is sufficient.

SCOPHY | random Britain to get first floating amphibious home February 13, 2012 at 5:46 PM Lawrence Hall This is a legacy post from the blog which is now maintained as an archive within the Zoopla blog. Links have been preserved. It sounds more science fiction than bricks and mortar, but Britain is to get its first ever floating home after planning permission was granted to a house that rises with flood waters. The amphibious home – to be set just 10m from the water’s edge – is to be built on an island on the banks of the Thames close to Marlow in Buckinghamshire. Diagram showing the amphibious house when the Thames is at a regular height … The modern 225 sq ft home, designed by London-based Baca Architects, will rest on fixed foundations but whenever a flood occurs the entire building will rise up in its dock and float, buoyed by the floodwater. Diagram showing the amphibious house if flood waters rise How the amphibious home will look on the Thames And it looks good from the inside too Like this: Like Loading... | European Kitchen Design Blog Beautiful Warehouse Conversion in Melbourne | HomeDSGN, a daily source for... By Eric • Feb 14, 2011 • Selected Work Spotted on MBP, here is a completely renovated apartment located in a historic building in Melbourne, Australia. This three bedroom, two bathroom residence is on sale and according to the agent, “this superlative warehouse conversion in “Leicester House”, an historic 1880′s building, provides privacy and vast spaces. It features soaring warehouse ceilings, huge original arched timber windows, exposed red brick walls, imposing brick archways of 65 cm depth and high gloss timber floors. By day it is imposing and by night dramatic.” The exposed brick walls and the high concrete ceilings make this apartment feel like a loft. Sold! Photos courtesy of MDP Click any photo to see a larger image - Use buttons or j/k/arrow keys to navigate through the articles

A Subtle Revelry plusMOOD Unbelievable and Incredible Staircase…!! - StumbleUpon Sometimes architects can get a bit carried away. These staircase designs are truly incredible and truly fabulous….!! Some of these have been taken from designer / architecture websites and most of them are unimaginable in the normal thinking. It seems, some might be impossible to climb or taken care of. let us know which one is the most incredible in terms of design and aesthetics or if you have any picture which can be a part of this post we will be glad to share it with readers. Post your images in comments and we will display them here with your name. [ad1] [ad2] Ads by Google Architectural Digest 10 craziest hotels in the world. Hôtel de Glace, Canada – an ice hotel opened only during winter Made entirely of ice and snow, this unique one-story structure has been rebuilt each year since 2000. The 9th season of the Ice Hotel lasted from January 4th through March 29th 2009. The Ice Hotel has become an unparalleled and world-famous winter experience. It takes 5 weeks, 500 tons of ice, and 15,000 tons of snow to craft the Ice Hotel with its ceilings as high as 18 feet, walls covered with original artwork and furniture carved from ice blocks. Waterworld Hotel, China – an amazing aquatic themed hotel Atkin's Architecture Group won first prize for an international design competition with this stunning entry. Sala Silvergruva, Sweden: a single room hotel inside a silver mine Picture this A single suite, 155m underground in historic Sala Silvermine, one of the world's best preserved mine settings. Das Park Hotel, Austria: a hotel where rooms are made of concrete pipes Jumbo Hostel ( Stockholm ): World's First Aircraft Inn

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First Year - Henry Liu Henry Liu Engine Distributor SectionsClick image to view at full-size Engine Distributor Orthogonal ProjectionClick image to view at full-size Design Project-1Click image to view at full-size Lincoln Cathedral CollageClick image to view at full-size Film ProjectClick image to view at full-size The brand called you PathwayClick image to view at full-size Pattern TrialsClick image to view at full-size Section B-BClick image to view at full-size Section A-AClick image to view at full-size Ground OpeningsClick image to view at full-size

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