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Rock Your Day - Time Management Tips & Business Productivity Techniques

Rock Your Day - Time Management Tips & Business Productivity Techniques

How To Get Through Damn Near Anything Apr 18, 2010 Ever have one of those tough-as-hell weeks where it feels like the world is unloading both barrels at you – where things fly at you at such an vicious, unrelenting speed that you feel like life is pushing your limits simply to see where your breaking point is? Where the pressure is on, the sleep is never restful, and you find yourself bubbling up with frustration about your job, your endurance, your attitude … and it seems like at any moment that life is about to break you? I recently had a week of exactly that. It was curious. So, How Do You Cope With “Hell Week” (or Month, Or Year …)? There are only three ways of coping with a sudden trip into unrelenting hell: Snap. Obviously, the first option isn’t one you want to take. Yeah, I know. What To Do When You’re Stuck In A Rut You’re going to have times when you feel like your emotions are out of control. And the worst part of it is, no one is coming to your rescue. This Is The Part Where You Can Start Feeling Better Do it now.

The Happiness Project Learn This The Art of Insight and Action Sparring Mind: Psychology + Content Marketing How to Be Assertive (Without Losing Yourself) Your very lucky your knew who you wanted to be in high school. I'm 27 and I still dont know who/what I want to be. Thanks. I'm your age, actually. It wasn't so much deciding what I wanted to be, but who I wanted to be. Honestly? The best advice I can give is to go outside of your comfort zone, and do it regularly. Wow - thanks for sharing your story. Force yourself into social situations you wouldn't ordinarily go into. But really, it's pushing yourself outside of what you are comfortable with that really works. I don't know where you are in your life, but start small.

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