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Fifty Free Farmstead eBooks

Fifty Free Farmstead eBooks
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Free E-Books For Download & Online Reading - Cost Free Books How to Build A Rocket Stove For Cooking Project Print this Post Log Cabin Cooking website shares a step by step process with great pictures and detailed instructions how to build a highly useful rocket stove. A rocket stove is an efficient cooking stove using small diameter wood fuel which is burned in a simple high-temperature combustion chamber containing an insulated vertical chimney which ensures complete combustion prior to the flames reaching the cooking surface…as quoted by Wikipedia. logcabincooking. Click here to create this project yourself: StoveTec Deluxe 1 Door Stove (Wood & Biomass Fuel Options) Emberlit Camping Stove – Stainless Steel with Cross Bars G-3300 Envirofit Rocket Stove Permanent link to this article:

Household Cyclopedia - Useful household information past and present - LoveToKnow Household information is what this site is about and there are over 300 articles here. The genesis of this site was a book published in 1881 called the Household Cyclopedia of General Information. Many of the articles are from that book and are fascinating from a historical perspective and for research purposes. At LoveToKnow, we liked the idea of a site for general household information a lot, so we decided to add articles that are up to date and germane to today's living and challenges. Select a category below for articles from the Late 19th Century: Agricultural Articles - Includes soil information, oats, barley, hay making, grafting a tree, etc. Old Fashioned Recipes - Includes Old Fashioned gingerbread, cake, pudding, home made wine and many more. Household Advice and Information - Includes articles like: Old Fashioned Cologne; How to live, Avoiding Nightmares, etc. Paints and Dyes - Includes articles on how to make dyes, paints, pastes, etc.

How to Build an Earth Oven Do you remember your teachers asking you on the first week of school what you did for your summer vacation? Well, if I were still in school, this would have been a story to amaze my teacher and classmates. My friend, TH, is an amazing baker and cook. She is also very wise in the ways of crafts and organizing activities that bring diverse people together. Her great ambition has been to build and use a wood-fired oven in her own backyard. Then she and her dad cooked up a scheme to build a test model in his backyard as a practice version. TH's Dad drew plans up for brick foundations to be built in her backyard over the course of several summer weeks with the help of his grandsons. And that's where I come into the "Earth Oven Project 2008," because TH invited me and a group of her friends and neighbors to be a part of the oven's creation. It was an extremely hot (mid 90s F) day in mid-July, but not so humid as Maryland suburbs can be in this season.

Free Aquaponics Manuals Aquaponics is the integration of aquaculture (fishkeeping) and hydroponic (soilless) plant growth techniques. It requires no soil and no chemicals to produce a vast and large amount of fish, fruits and vegetables in a very small space. Fish produce amonia as waste. No pesticides can be used as they would kill bacteria and fish in the system. The Barrel-Ponics® ManualAquaponics and Food Safety Below may be some other helpful information for your aquaponics system. The Daily Tasks for AquaponicsThe IBC of AquaponicsInfo on Perlite General Aquaculture Manuals for BeginnersFor Beginners

Bow making Basics I remember making my first bow as a kid. I found a branch on the ground under the black oak trees that grew in our yard. There was a windstorm the prior evening and branches were everywhere. I found one with a bend and tied on a string. Then I grabbed a smaller, straighter branch. What is it that attracts people to want to know how to make a bow and arrow? So how do you make a bow? Select your wood My first attempt at bow making was actually not that far off. You can walk outside, find some local trees or shrubs, and start bending wood. You can actually make a bow out of any wood. Bow woods [twocol_one] [unordered_list style="tick"] HickoryOakPacific YewJuniper [/unordered_list] [/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last] Osage OrangeAshElmMulberry [/twocol_one_last] If you live in the land of hardwoods, you can see from the list that there is a bounty of woods from which to choose. Harvest Once you have decided which species you are going to use, you’ll need to find a specimen to harvest. Prepare the stave

Lots Of Free Books & Videos: Green, Self-Sufficiency, Survival, More Welcome to Jubilee 101. Here you will find a wealth of educational/instructional material* literally at your fingertips. Below is a list of the categories. Each category contains between 15 – 40 educational/instructional PDF documents* and 5 – 30 instructional videos. In total there are over 2600 PDF documents and over 1000 videos. While we are just beginning the process of putting up the videos, we do have all of the pdf documents online and ready. Adobe Construction – BOOKS – VIDEOS Alternative Economics – BOOKS – VIDEOS Appliances – BOOKS – VIDEOS Automobiles – BOOKS – VIDEOS Bamboo-Construction – BOOKS – VIDEOS Beekeeping – BOOKS – VIDEOS Bicycles and Trailers – BOOKS – VIDEOS Biofuels – BOOKS – VIDEOS Biogas Production – BOOKS – VIDEOS Biophotons – BOOKS – VIDEOS Boat Building – BOOKS – VIDEOS Candle Making – BOOKS – VIDEOS Cob Construction – BOOKS – VIDEOS Community Gardens and Orchards – BOOKS – VIDEOS Community Land Trusts – BOOKS – VIDEOS Community Supported Agriculture – BOOKS – VIDEOS

Homemade Antiseptic Ointment MIY Remedy: Homemade Antiseptic Ointment Yes, I have made yet another home supply. This is the first time I’ve gone toward the physical aspect and made something useful for our bodies, though. It won’t be the last time, because I can only imagine what else is out there that I can make. So, here we go. I am not a fan of lavender. So, I grated half of my little round of beeswax. I put my coconut oil, (the white stuff on the spoon), the beeswax and all the essential oil except the vitamin E in a mason jar surrounded by water in a pot over medium/low heat. I used a little wooden skewer, you can use a chopstick, too, to stir until it was all melted. I didn’t have enough coconut oil, so this yields a little more than shown. It would sound weird if I said that I couldn’t wait to try this stuff out…haha. This should be good for 8-10 months. Antiseptic Ointment (scrapes, cuts, burns) Ingredients And just so you know what the significance of each of the ingredients is:

100 Best Books: Homesteading & Perma If you've ever considered getting into Permaculture, or if you're a veteran Permaculturist who's looking for a new skill to master, the following resources are the absolute best places for you to get started. Each of these books has the potential to introduce you to a whole new skill that you can enjoy for literally the rest of your life! You will find here links to over 60 Free eBook previews and full eBooks! Feel free to post down at the bottom if there are other books you would include on this list. Enjoy and Share with Your friends! Sophia Permaculture - Introductions to the Subject Gaia's Garden, Second Edition: A Guide To Home-Scale Permaculture by Toby Hemenway - The first edition of Gaia’s Garden sparked the imagination of America’s home gardeners, introducing permaculture’s central message: Working with Nature, not against her, results in more beautiful, abundant, and forgiving gardens. eBook preview: Gaia's Garden, Second Edition Permaculture - More in depth Forest Gardening

Making Soap Without Lye (Sort of) Possibly the most often expressed sentiment I hear, when it comes to soap making, goes something like: “I want to make soap, but I’m really scared of the lye!” That is a completely justified fear and one that I shared for a very long time. It took months of research before I felt comfortable enough with the idea and even then, I had my husband handle it for the first few batches. I would like to tell you that if a complete chicken like myself can now handle lye like a pro, then you should be able to do so too, one day! However, until you’re ready, or if you just aren’t interested in that aspect of soap making – I’m here with a work-around to help you create your own unique herbal soaps, without handling the lye part. What Soap & Cake Have in Common Making soap can be compared to making cake. Each step you take further away from the made-from-scratch version, you have an added price to pay. I have yet to find a melt and pour soap base that does not have a sketchy additive or two in it. 1.