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Lead Generation, Appointment Setting, Telemarketing

Lead Generation, Appointment Setting, Telemarketing
Callbox has both. We are proud to have, in our roster of clients, manufacturers, resellers, and licensed specialists of some of the biggest names in IT including SAGE, Microsoft, SAP and Oracle. Our industry-specific expertise allows us to provide solid IT telemarketing and lead generation solutions for providers of information technology products and services through our IT lead generation and appointment setting services. We target prominent decision makers from top IT solutions providers including IT Managers, Chief Information Officers, IT Directors, Chief Technology Officers, Senior VPs for Information Systems, and other top executives. We generate IT leads and set appointments for the following solutions Back-up and Disaster Recovery SolutionsData WarehousingWeb Hosting, Design and DevelopmentIT Consulting ServicesNetwork ManagementSystem IntegrationSecurity SolutionsVOIP/IP TelephonyTelecommunications Dial 888.810.7464 to speak with a Callbox representative. Related:  Lead Generation

B2B Lead Generation Services, Telemarketing | Callbox Need To Build Online Presence Fast? You Need These 5 Tools NowB2B Lead Generation, Appointment Setting, Telemarketing B2B lead generation is not a passive task where you just produce content and wait for leads to come marching in. Rather, it entails elaborate, sometimes meticulous, processes to sustain online presence. Your target market needs a constant consumption of anything related to your brand in order for them to keep that awareness burning in their memory. Now, these responsibilities may be too much for a person to handle, especially when the need for monitoring and analysis is building up. In such cases, one needs powerful and efficient tools to help manage the flow of online activities. For starters, consider these 5 tools proposed by Clément Delangue, chief marketing officer of online social business monitoring app Mention: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Read the full article at 5 Tools For Entrepreneurs to Grow Their Online Presence in No Time

Software Leads Generation | Appointment Setting, Telemarketing Generating leads for software products requires a profound understanding of the software buying process. When the goal is to generate software leads, sales professionals know to choose Callbox to speed up lead generation. We set appointments with top corporate decision makers including Chief Executive Officers, IT Managers, Chief Financial Officers, and Controllers. We generate software sales leads and set appointments for companies providing mid-level and enterprise level software solutions including: Accounting and Financial SoftwareERP SoftwareBusiness Intelligence SoftwareCRM SoftwareWorkforce Management SoftwareHR and Payroll SoftwareContent and Document Management SoftwareIndustry-specific Applications Dial 888.810.7464 to speak with a Callbox representative or fill out that form on the left.

B2B Lead Management Process: Why you need one Everyone who’s in the business of B2B lead generation knows how important it is to capture and nurture leads. The task does not conclude once the prospect agrees to disclose information, sign up for something or agrees to an appointment. Leads still need a working, effective management process. Do you have a standard process to manage your leads? What do you do with leads that aren’t quite ready to buy or commit? If you answered ‘no’ to any of the questions above, you’ve got a problem with a lead management process. Gather valuable dataValidate and rank leads according to probability of successEstablish processes to nurture pre-sale leadsIdentify sales- ready leads One may find it surprising that most marketing teams have no lead management program in place. Also, without a lead management system what would take care of the prospects, they will probably end up buying from your competition. The objective of a lead management process is threefold.

Does your Lead Generation Website have enough Credibility Lead generation is not a pushing game but more of a pulling game. You can’t go out there and force people to visit your blog and read your content. You’re going to have to find ways to attract them so that they themselves would voluntarily check you out and (hopefully) leave information that you can use to sell them things in the future. For that to happen, you’ve got to give them reason why they need to pick your site among thousands of possible other choices. BJ Fogg, a leading researcher on website credibility, says there are 4 types of credibility: Presumed credibility – General assumptions (e.g. Based on these, here are five questions to ask to gauge your website’s credibility, according to a post at 1. 2. Visitors will feel more comfortable dealing with your organization, if they know they can contact you easily by phone or email – even if they don’t at first. 3. 4. 5. See more at: Do Visitors See Your Website as Credible?

Lead Generation for Online Marketing Services Providers Online marketers are not just earning dollars with their services. They are digging gold bars, not literally though. With the rise of SEO, web design and web development, it would not come as a surprise why companies gamble on these ventures. And bet they have been sleeping on a bed of roses at the present time. But, this is not without a catch. Although there is an ocean of opportunities for them to get new clients, they have to fight the increasing number of service providers. To make things easy for them, companies can seek professional assistance from the experts in lead generation and appointment setting. Marketing through the phone is naturally high-speed and accurate. Reliable telemarketing firms have polished every area to offer solutions that meet or exceed the expectations of the clients. Callbox has been delivering quality and targeted b2b sales leads for various business industries such as the fast- paced online marketing industry.

Can Constantly Improving Telemarketing Be Bad For The UK Market? | In business, you need to constantly improve your operations. This is the reality, and a necessity, for the continued survival of your business in the United Kingdom. And in terms of B2B telemarketing, this can actually be the difference between success and failure. You know that getting a lot of sales leads will depend on just how well you organize your marketing campaign. Sure, there may be a lot of ups and downs that you have to deal with, but if you know what to improve on, then you will be just fine. Of course, there is one issue that you need to deal with quickly: the actual improvements. There is nothing wrong with constantly improving your business. So as not to make your improvements turn into a liability, you might want to follow these tips: Employ customization – believe me, when you personalize your products or services to fit your market needs, it becomes pretty hard for your customers to reject your offer. Improving your marketing process is not a problem.

How to Rule the World of Online Marketing – Beyoncé Style Jennifer Beever of teaches us how to work our online marketing magic just like Beyoncé. When Beyoncé decided to surprise everyone by an abrupt album release on iTunes last December, she circumvented around standard methods for the music industry. As a result, it became the fastest-selling production in the history of the download site. It’s a classic illustration of creative marketing, in which she managed to keep the production process (which took almost a year and a half) a secret and then eventually catch the music world off guard with a surprise launch. According to LA Times, the move “is stunning, and virtually unheard of, especially considering how the hype machine — singles, performances, interviews etc. — that propels pop music up the charts is often treated as equally, if not more important, than the work itself.” Jennifer Beever of teaches us how to work our online marketing magic just like Beyoncé: 1. 2. 3. 4.

Leads Generation Marketing Online Marketing Lead Generation and Appointment Setting So you have a website, what now? Your site is one among hundreds of millions out there – 644,275,754 active as of March 2012 according to I think it won’t be a stretch to say that you need to put in some more work to get that site noticed. You can drop all your other business functions for the next six months at least and focus on marketing your website or you can let us do it for you. More and more people are getting wired on the Internet today whether they’re on a Mac or PC, tablets or smartphones. Dial 888.810.7464 to speak with a Callbox representative or fill out that form on the left to know more how we can help you with your online marketing campaign needs.

Lead Engagement: Is this Lead Generation version 2.0? Can you really get to know your prospect just by collecting data through online forms and exchanging a few emails? The lead generation landscape has been constantly evolving, and it has gone from merely acquiring leads to a more committed approach when it comes to developing that raw prospect into a ripe fruit ready for harvest. Think of your business as a small antique store. In the old lead generation model, your ‘means’ of attracting customers would be traditional, such as a big signage on the window that says, for example, “Antique collectibles, 20% markdown”. Or maybe a poster that shows all your goodies. Maybe bring outside a small music player to serenade passers-by. Those are customary approaches to attracting potential buyers. On the other hand, the new lead engagement model finds alternative ways to seek out customers. In the B2B sphere, lead engagement is surprisingly easier. You start out by having buyer personas in mind.

Marketing Appointment Setting | Just another WordPress site B2B Lead Generation: DIY or Outsource? Here’s how to Decide Nothing really compares to the fulfillment one may have in making his or her own business flourish by being hands-on with almost every operation necessary to run it. However, in a fast-growing world that involves a fusion of traditional and online marketing, more often than not business are left with no choice but to seek outside help. In B2B lead generation, for instance, there are cases when the DIY or Do It Yourself mantra no longer applies. This means that if one tends to insist on carrying all the weight of every sales and marketing task, he is actually putting the business in jeopardy. Face it – you’ve got to know up to what extend you can take care of a situation and when you need to delegate some of the responsibilities to an outsourced service provider. So where exactly does one draw a line between DIY and outsourcing? First, here are some instances when DIY is still the best strategy:

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