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Alpha Geek: Whip your MP3 library into shape, Part II - Album art

Alpha Geek: Whip your MP3 library into shape, Part II - Album art
Best way to find artist info and album art is to use Wikipedia. It's not easy or automatic in the least bit. But it will always have high quality album art, artists, and song info when other applications or sites fail to find what you need. Secondly, I would like to point out the solution offered for Mac users was lame. If you don't know how to copy and paste album art into your songs ..... If you want an easy way of converting ID3 tags, use iEatBrainz. Also, another helpful way of adding music to songs and albums is using a widget for OS X Tiger called: Album Art. If you want an easy way to find CoverArt when you are done converting those tags, then download CoverScout. Related:  Sound

Spotify Is the Best Desktop Music Player We've Ever Used Yeah we've had spotify in the UK for ages now (he says smugly). A few comments on it, since iv used it daily for several months. It works in Linux under WINE. The ads seem to be more or less frequent from time to time, i cant spot a pattern to them. The selection of tunes isnt all that great if your not into bands and major artists. Its absurdly quick - in fact its quicker than accessing my bloated mp3 collection over my home network. But you'll regret being that effusive. The Stupid Things You Do Online (and How to Fix Them) The omnipresent and largely unchallenged 'facebook uses personal information to deliver targeted adverts to you and therefore is evil' argument must be the dumbest thing that I'm subjected to on a regular basis, on practically every single consumer tech site. Do these sites have a '1 in every X posts has to slag off facebook for something' policy or something? Or is their schedule of facebook-privacy-FUDding merely tied to whenever facebook releases an update? I appreciate that this post points out that advertising isn't always bad, mainly because of how conspicuously uncharacteristic it is for a post on Lifehacker. Seriously, who *doesn't* want targeted adverts? Apparently the rest of the tech-blog-reading-world doesn't share my opinion. Seriously, screw untargeted adverts.

5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Music Collection If you're like most people these days, you've probably got a lot of music on your computer — whether from your own CD library, or downloaded from Amazon, iTunes, or (ahem) elsewhere. But if the only thing you're doing with your music collection is listening to it, you're missing out. There are a large number of web applications devoted to helping you get more from the music you already have. With the five web sites and applications below, you can learn more about your music playing habits, clean up your collection, see your favorite artists live, and have more fun with your music. 1. is one of the most popular music social networks on the web. Other good options in the music recommendation category include MyStrands and the iLike music player addons. 2. TidySongs works really well and was able to identify and fix with surprising accuracy a large number of the songs in my music library that weren't properly labeled. Another option to help clean up your library metadata is TuneUp.

S7Reflex Is your favorite song playing somewhere around you? Now setting it up as your Hello Tune is easy. So what are you waiting for? Now make your friends jive to your favorite numbers whenever they call y... More » Mineways – De Minecraft vers le monde réel Mineways – De Minecraft vers le monde réel Vu que vous êtes tous en train de vous amuser sur notre serveur Minecraft, je me suis dit que vous aimeriez peut être garder un petit souvenir (physique) de vos oeuvres dans le jeu ?! Et bien, maintenant c'est possible avec Mineways, un petit soft qui permet d'extraire une construction ou un relief (montagne, village...etc) de Minecraft, pour obtenir un fichier 3D (VRML, OBJ, STL) capable d'être utilisé par une imprimante 3D ! Magique non ? Mineways est open source (je ne connais pas la licence exacte), peut être compilé sous Windows, Linux et OSX et le binaire distribué sur le site pour Windows uniquement semble bien se comporter sous Wine. Si vous voulez voir plus d'exemples du rendu de Mineways, je vous invite à faire un tour sur le Flickr Mineways. Et pour mieux comprendre comment tout ceci fonctionne, voici un exemple d'utilisation filmé. Source Vous avez aimé cet article ?

UberDrivel How to do Everything with MP3 and Digital Music (9780072194135): Dave Johnson, Rick Broida The Future Of The Internet's Here. And It's Creepy In Gary Shteyngart's 2010 novel Super Sad True Love Story, ordinary Americans are glued to superpowered iPhone-like devices while authority figures monitor their every move. Two newly released research papers on the Internet's future, it seems, prove the author did a good job of predicting things. One Pew study has found that text messaging is growing more quickly than anyone has imagined, while a new Brookings paper is predicting cheap and total monitoring of all electronic communications by authoritarian governments in the next few years. First, the dystopian future. The same technological advances that enable amazing consumer gadgets like iPhones also help fuel ominous government surveillance projects. According to the Brookings paper, rapidly falling data storage costs are being combined with massive innovations by repressive regimes in Internet monitoring and censorship--that are often aided and abetted by American firms. [Image: Flickr user Mixer1, top: fss]