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Telefónica Digital dévoile les "Thinking Things" On parle souvent d’objets communicants. Si on va plus loin on les appelle des objets intelligents. Cette fois-ci nous avons affaire à des objets qui pensent. Telefónica Digital est une division d’affaires global de Telefónica. Tout comme Orange avec MyPlug , SFR avec SFR Home ou Bouygues Telecom avec iJenko , les opérateurs de télécoms multiplient leurs annonces autour de la domotique, la maison communicante ou la maison intelligente. Ce concept est plus ambitieux que les réalisations des confrères opérateurs télécoms. Tout comme ces 2 solutions, « Thinking Things » est une nouvelle solution simple. Telefónica prévoit qu’avec « Thinking Things », des tâches telles que le contrôle de thermostats, la surveillance ou le suivi pourront être très simplement effectués via un téléphone mobile et être proposé à un coût très abordable. Les »Thinking Things » sont constitués de trois éléments différents: Le dispositif « Thinking Things » est modulaire. Ce concept a-t-il une chance d’aboutir?

One Per Cent: Smartphone app controls everything in your smart home Hannah Krakauer, reporter (Image: Image Broker/Rex Features) It's the remote control to rule them all. Mobile app company Ube (pronounced "you-be") has developed a single smartphone app designed to control any system in your home that has a wireless connection. That includes media boxes like Apple TV and Tivo, smart TVs, thermostats, garage door openers and anything else that is connected to the internet. For electronics without built-in smarts, Ube makes smart plugs fitted with microprocessors that can be plugged into standard outlets, as well as a multi-touch light switch dimmer. Most smart home technologies are highly proprietary, meaning they need to be customised for each device by a professional. The Ube app can give you information about what temperature the thermostat is currently set to or what channel the TV is on. Ube made a big splash at DEMO, winning the People's Choice Award, and it is poised to start a Kickstarter campaign in the coming weeks.

EVRYTHNG - Every Thing Connected SONTE FILM: Easy-to-use and affordable Wi-Fi digital shades by SONTE Our reason for starting this project is simple: curtains have been around for thousands of years without much improvement. There are some nice ideas like motorized shades or smart glass, however, take up of these products have been very low due to their high cost and complex installation. With SONTE Film, we want to revolutionize the industry of windows and curtains. Our goal is to make an expensive technology affordable for everyone. We brought SONTE Film to the 2013 International CES and received extremely positive responses and feedback. SONTE Film is based on smart film technology that allows the color of the film to go from non-transparent to transparent when you apply an electric current through it. SONTE Film is also Wi-Fi enabled and simple to use. Once installed, SONTE Film will have a slight affect on the general appearance and clarity of your windows. SONTE Film is designed to be DIY. So the installation procedure is simple: 1. 2. 3. The benefits are also wide-ranging:

Features overview - tado° - The Heating App The tado° Smart Thermostat This box contains everything you need if you already have a wired thermostat. Simply replace it with tado° and start saving right away. You have more than one thermostat? Learn more Get started If you have more than one thermostat for multiple heating zones, you'll need to replace each of these with a tado° multi-zone thermostat. Buy 79£ or Rent 2.99£ per month SmartThings: Make Your World Smarter by SmartThings Extra SmartThings for all! See Update 16 for details. SmartThings makes it easy to connect the things in your physical world to the Internet. We've made it possible to install apps that interact with your SmartThings, as well as online and other services. SmartApps are able to mash up and interact with connected things in your physical world, as well as online and other services, allowing for incredible creativity. Get notified immediately if your pet runs out of your yard without you with the "Oh No, My Pet Is Loose!" Even more SmartApps... Think about all the things in your home: doors, desks, lights, stereo, pet food bowls, basement floor... isn’t it time they started to chip in and do a little more around the house on their own? We built SmartThings as an open platform, because we knew there would be a world of useful, beautiful and creative products that could be made smarter with SmartThings. If you love SmartThings, please consider backing Instacube. More info in Update #9.

Control This LED Light Bulb From a Smartphone SmartLabs Technology company Insteon has figured out how to get us out of the worst predicament ever — lying comfortably in bed, on the edge of sleep and realizing the light is still on. Insteon's first dimmable app-controlled light bulb lets home dwellers turn lights on and off from a smartphone app. The bulb works instantly once it's screwed into any light fixture. The remote control system's built right into the bulb's hardware. The energy-efficient LED light replaces and shines brightly like a 60W-100W incandescent bulb. The light can be turned on and off with a lamp's native light switch or remotely by connecting it to the company's SmartLinc Hub. The Insteon LED bulb with the SmartLinc Hub, costs $29.99 and will be available here. This is one step in the direction of future home automation.

Introduction SONTE Monitor and Find Everything in Your Home or Office from the Internet - Wireless Sensor Tags Doorbot: enfin un portier vidéo connecté ! Je vous ai présenté il y a un peu plus d’un an le portier de la société Linkcom, un portier vidéo IP permettant d’être prévenu du passage de visiteurs sur n’importe quel téléphone IP, chez soi ou même absent. Une solution couteuse (près de 800€) et qui peut paraitre compliquée à mettre en place (cable réseau à passer jusqu’à la rue), surtout si on veut pouvoir communiquer avec son portier quand on est absent. Le marché n’a pas tellement évolué depuis, et les solutions sont toujours aussi rares et couteuses. Mais la toute jeune société Edison Junior pourrait bien avoir trouvé la solution avec son produit Doorbot, un portier vidéo, connecté en wifi et fonctionnant à l’aide de 4 piles, ne coutant que 189$ ! Ce projet a été lancé sur le site de financement participatif ChristieStreet (même principe de Kickstarter) il y a quelques semaines, et a très vite atteint son objectif: 250 000$ étaient demandés pour lancer le projet, à ce jour il en a regroupé plus de 361 000 !

home automation for a newbie Zigbee vs Zwave vs hardwired I just got back from CES where I had a chance to speak with both the ZigBee Alliance and the Z-Wave Alliance. The two technologies have almost nothing in common although they are both being used for home automation. Z-Wave is here today and I think they have something like 300+ devices, if memory serves me correctly. That is good, but I will caution you that Z-wave is a proprietary protocol with only one company making the chips. ZigBee is completely different, uses standards, many companies are making chips and products, but like a big truck picking up steam, it takes a long time to get going. I think, if memory serves me, they are reporting 145 products. Which Z-Wave is very focused, home automation, ZigBee is very wide, with applications from smart meters, and lighting control to security, healthcare, even as a replacement for IR in remote controls with the RF4CE standard. As always, if you are building a system TODAY you can't worry about all that.