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EVRYTHNG - Every Thing Connected SONTE FILM: Easy-to-use and affordable Wi-Fi digital shades by SONTE Our reason for starting this project is simple: curtains have been around for thousands of years without much improvement. There are some nice ideas like motorized shades or smart glass, however, take up of these products have been very low due to their high cost and complex installation. With SONTE Film, we want to revolutionize the industry of windows and curtains. Our goal is to make an expensive technology affordable for everyone. We brought SONTE Film to the 2013 International CES and received extremely positive responses and feedback. SONTE Film is based on smart film technology that allows the color of the film to go from non-transparent to transparent when you apply an electric current through it. SONTE Film is also Wi-Fi enabled and simple to use. Once installed, SONTE Film will have a slight affect on the general appearance and clarity of your windows. SONTE Film is designed to be DIY. So the installation procedure is simple: 1. 2. 3. The benefits are also wide-ranging:

Features overview - tado° - The Heating App The tado° Smart Thermostat This box contains everything you need if you already have a wired thermostat. Simply replace it with tado° and start saving right away. You have more than one thermostat? Learn more Get started If you have more than one thermostat for multiple heating zones, you'll need to replace each of these with a tado° multi-zone thermostat. Buy 79£ or Rent 2.99£ per month Introduction SONTE Monitor and Find Everything in Your Home or Office from the Internet - Wireless Sensor Tags

Tagxedo - Word Cloud with Styles WigWag Battery-board-DHT22 This board is similar to our Battery-board-DHT11 product but replaces the DHT11 sensor by a more accurate DHT22 dual temperature/humidity sensor, also made by AOSONG. This sensor can read positive and negative temperatures (from -40°C to 125°C) with 0.1°C precision and ±0.5°C accuracy. It also reads humidities in the whole 0-100% range with 0.1% precision and 2-5% accuracy. Figure 1 : panStamp Battery-board-DHT22 for wireless applications In order to use Battery-board-DHT22, you only need to program a panStamp with our sample temphumpress application compiled with the TEMPHUM definition enabled from sensor.h. * Type of sensor. //define TEMP 1 // Temperature sensor (TMP36) #define TEMPHUM 1 // Temperature + Humidity sensor (DHT11 or DHT22) //#define TEMPPRESS 1 // Temperature + Pressure sensor = BMP085 #ifdef TEMPHUM //#define DHT11 1 // Temperature + Humidity sensor = DHT11 #ifndef DHT11 #define DHT22 1 // Temperature + Humidity sensor = DHT22 #endif * Uncomment if you are reading Vcc from A7.

5 Tools For Creating Your Own Infographics Five years ago, almost nobody knew what the heck an infographic was. (I sure didn’t, and I was a graphic design major in college at the time.) Now that the infographic craze has saturated us with new visual knowledge (and marketing gimmicks), something interesting has happened: The creation of infographics has become democratized. No longer is the act of creating a visual data story confined to professional designers using professional tools like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. Now anyone with a data set can build an infographic. (See also 5 Business & Design Tools Every Tech Freelancer Should Learn.) Trust me when I say that with these tools, you don’t have to be a designer to create a high-quality, effective infographic. With that in mind, I’ve cobbled together a list of five services/methods that even non-designers can use to create or commission great infographics. All The Bells And Whistles is free, and free is good. Piktochart: Drag-And-Drop Templates Galore

WigWag: Scan it. Control it. Rule it. Share it. by WigWag What is WigWag? WigWag lets you build intelligent environments anywhere with Internet-connected sensors and devices by letting you graphically write rules, "When" [this] happens "Then" do [that]. No complicated programming languages or computers necessary, rules are easily built on smartphones and tablets. The more WigWag and third party devices in your account, the more you can do! (Makers & Developers: Also works with Arduino and the Raspberry Pi. Example Rules Turn on a fan when the humidity rises.Get notified when kids are messing around with stuff they shouldn’t be.Receive a “thirsty” tweet from your plant, or even better, turn on the water! Rules can happen anywhere, and can be easily shared with your friends and family: It's just the beginning, so we made three devices so you can get started making your environment listen, react and talk to you... One WigWag Relay can cover a house. Free lifetime WigWag Cloud subscription with each Relay purchased in this Kickstarter campaign!