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Tlaxcala the international network of translators for linguistic diversity

Tlaxcala the international network of translators for linguistic diversity

Article11 Translation and drafting resources | European Commission Skip to main content Translation and drafting resources Page Contents Guidelines for translation contractors Translation guidelines and resources for contractors Language recognition Our Field guide to the main languages of Europe will help you identify which language a text is written in. Clear writing — translation quality Translation quality info sheets for contractors How to write clearly — European Commission booklet (all EU languages) Claire's clear writing tips — practical tips (in English and French) expanding upon How to write clearly [November 2016] Special character sets Need to type special characters or accents but can't find them on your keyboard? Unicode special character sets (the Cyrillic, Greek and Latin sets cover characters from all EU official languages) Languages, countries and currencies Language codes for EU languages (639-1) Country codes for EU countries (ISO 3166) Country names and currencies Departments Translation

BELLACIAO Spiil R. Wooldridge, Traduction et m ta-traduction R. Wooldridge, Traduction et méta-traduction Quelques ressources sur Internet Méta-traduction Rosemary Lombardi, La compétence, le dictionnaire et Internet comme outils de compréhensionAurélie Névéol, Using the World Wide Web as a Resource for TranslationRusson Wooldridge, Traductio: la traduction avancée français-anglais; la métatraduction et le WWW.

Actualité à la Une LA BRIQUE TROODLE Free Translation Tools, Dictionaries and References - Multilingual Search Directory agencebretagnepresse Paris s'éveille - L'actualite des luttes Société française des traducteurs : syndicat national des traducteurs professionnels (SFT) Politique Actu Welcome to RedIRIS