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Lesson Pathways: Building Paths for Online Learning

Lesson Pathways: Building Paths for Online Learning
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Khan Academy GreatSchools - Public and Private School Ratings, Reviews and Parent Community Easy Peasy — All in One Homeschool The Saylor Foundation 21 Skype Lessons For Active Learning, Sorted By Topic Continuing our mini-series on using Skype in the classroom, I wanted to present a few of the many Skype lessons that are currently available for classrooms and everyone else to try out. What is a Skype lesson, you ask? It’s simply a pre-planned ‘call’ where you can watch and learn from others via Skype. Like a Google+ Hangout or other live video-based lesson. Below are just a very small number of Skype lessons you should consider checking out over at the official Skype in the Classroom website. The lessons below are sorted by topic and feature the title (linked) and the provided excerpt about the lesson: Careers Skype A Career Students will Skype with professionals on the job. VerbalizeIt, a human-powered platform for translation and interpretation based in Boulder, CO and Manhattan, NY, knows what it’s like to go through the trials and tribulations of building a digital startup. 2022 – What will it mean for you? Culture Read Across America 2013 Hello! Geography Classrooms in Great Britain

Free Online MIT Course Materials for High School | Highlights for High School 100s of Preschool and Kindergarten Worksheets for Printing and Projection on Interactive Whiteboards or Computer Uses "Jazzles utilizes a multi-sensory approach, emphasizing visual, auditory and kinetic activities and Jazzles is consistent with the latest brain research on learning. It takes the traditional activities of early childhood education and integrates them with 21st century literacy benchmarks and classroom technology advances - particularly interactive whiteboards." James J. Harrigan James J. Harrigan is one New York City’s most distinguished public school principals; a recipient of a 2006 Cahn Fellows Program for Distinguished Principals at Teachers College, Columbia University.

Brightly Beaming Resources Free video lectures,Free Animations, Free Lecture Notes, Free Online Tests, Free Lecture Presentations Interactive Learning Sites for Education - Home UC College Prep Open Access Home Page : SEN Teacher ~ Free teaching resources for Special Needs. Ambleside Online Checklist and Links for High School Graduation (This article was last updated on 1/11/13. For continued updates, please sign up for my free monthly newsletter.) I've been compiling a list of links to free resources on the web that I use myself or that have been recommended. As I'm sure you all know, buying curriculum, especially at the high school level, can amount to hundreds of dollars per course. I try to mix and match as much as possible, carefully picking and choosing what I buy, and using free material if I can find it. Fortunately, "free" does not mean you have to compromise on quality. I thought I would share what I have to try to cut down on the time we all spend searching. First, some links to sites that offer free material in a wide array of core and elective subjects. For a list of 150 free textbooks, click here. The Wake County Public School System has a series of online video lessons called the "Success Series," which provides a review of most of the core subjects and foreign language. English II - World Literature survey

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