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Pixelart_method_photoshop_Dan Fessler

Pixelart_method_photoshop_Dan Fessler
If you remember from last time; Index painting involves using "dirty" tools (tools which lay multiple colors at once) within a pre-defined indexed palette. Photoshop doesn't inherently allow for this behavior. If you index an image in Photoshop all of the "dirty" tools become locked or reduce their functionality to not be dirty. No more soft brushes, smudges, gradients, etc. HD Index Painting Why "HD?" You can download the PSD used to create the following gifs HERE So what can it do? Setup The first thing you'll want to do is make sure your eyedropper tool is set to sample "current and below." Second thing you'll want to do is make sure you have your dither patterns defined. That's pretty much all the settings you'll need to change actually. Basic Layer Stack This is where all the magic happens. Paint layer This is the layer you are actually painting on when you pixel. This layer is filled with a dither pattern representing various percentages of dither superimposed. Examples: Take-Aways: Related:  TUTORIAL

20 Questions-réponses fréquentes sur le Digital Painting Le digital painting ou « peinture numérique » continue son essor. De plus en plus de monde est attiré par cette discipline et aimerait devenir un adepte du stylet ou un pro du digital painting. Bien souvent, on me pose des questions à ce sujet et ce sont souvent les mêmes qui reviennent. J’ai pensé qu’il était temps de faire un article regroupant les questions fréquemment posées sur le digital painting. 1. La palme de la question la plus posée revient à celle-ci. Voici un bel exemple de digital painting : « Don’t be afraid, monsters » par MartaNael 2. Oui et non. En revanche il est très dur de devenir un véritable as du digital painting si on est débutant en dessin et/ou en peinture, même traditionnels. 3. Oui il faut savoir dessiner. 4. Non, on peut très bien progresser soi-même ou entre amis. 5. Oui une tablette graphique est absolument nécessaire. 6. Non, c’est même quelque chose que je déconseillerais. 7. La réponse dépendra de votre niveau, de votre budget et de votre écran. 8. 9.

ProductBio - Sustainable Procurement Worldbuilding with Maps Concept artist Lorin Wood has launched a new group blog called "Nuthin' but Worlds," about concept art and worldbuilding, an offshoot of his successful "Nuthin' but Mech" blog and books. I'm a contributor, and here is what I contributed for my first post: For me, making a map is the best stimulant for building worlds and telling stories. But there are many kinds of maps. Physical geography map, with emphasis on landform relief. Seafloor relief, shown in perspective, with the island lifted up to show the caves. Expedition route map. Another route map showing a close-up section of the eastern coastline. Antique maps are more convincing if they're made with antique tools. Here's a close-up of the map above to show the graded hatching of the mountain reliefs, typical of engraved maps of the 17th, 18th, and early 19th centuries. Here's a hand-drawn and hand-lettered city map drawn in ink, with a flourished title block and a "rubber stamp" suggesting its provenance in a museum collection.

Phil Straub Composition Tutorial Sun 4th Dec 2005, by Phil Straub | Tutorial This article was written by Phil Straub back in 2005, and it is as fresh and vital today as it was then. Phil’s tips and trick are timeless, and can help you make your images pop! Composition is everything! No amount of detail in an illustration or Concept Painting will be successful without a strong composition foundation. Composition in Environment Concept painting can be quite difficult since your focal point usually isn’t as obvious as in a character piece. DIVINE PROPORTIONS: The Golden Rule and Rule of Thirds When you take the canvas area and divide it into ‘thirds’ Horizontally and Vertically, where the lines cross in the picture area is a ‘Golden Mean’, or the best spot in which to place your Main Subject or Object of Interest as it is the Focal Point of your picture. The golden rule can and usually is applied to a paintings canvas proportions. The Rule of Thirds Implied Forms The Circle Another example of circular composition! The Radii

Collect files from friends, family and colleagues. | Trunk Simon Stålenhag Art Gallery Some more thoughts about thinking...about things This is the not-so-long-awaited follow-up post to the 12-step program [i had too many coffees]...I’ve been wandering around…going to faraway places, riding airplanes, avoiding the touch of strangers... Back in June I quit my job in Singapore and moved to San Francisco to study at the Safehouse Atelier, then realized how expensive San Francisco is...and went back to Maine while I did some job interviews and more freelance work, and then in February moved [back] to Shanghai…I need to stop moving so much. Every time I move, I’m telling myself this, and then I end up moving again and again and again. So I made a post that was geared more towards getting presentable thumbnails and then I started wondering… if I could take it a bit further and make a final image with a similar approach. This has been sitting on my SSD since October already, and overall, I suppose I’d consider it a half-success at best. Layers breakdown~! And just to give you an idea of what it looks like at 100%

Piccolo, the tiny CNC-bot lukasrenlund Ambient Occlusion Painting Tutorial, sorta Newest Update: I made a new video tutorial about How to Paint Ambient Occlusion for Digital Painting. You can download it here: Ambient Occlusion Tutorial It's affordable and very cheap! Hey guys! Why Ambient Occlusion or AO painting? 1. I sketch it in photoshop. 2. So, I started with blocking the character with light grey color, and in that light grey, I painted the shadow. 3. Okay, here is the tricky part. Make your painting looks almost like a 3d sculpt in this process. 4. So, when you satisfied with your shadow and AO layers, you may proceed to the next level which is awesome. 5. Actually this process could be done before you start the shadowing. 6. As you see, the painting would looks flat, so you should add more color temperature on each of your colors. 7. Here is the final Image. 8. This method is fun and really technical. You can ask me anything about this tutorial, I'll gladly answer it :)

Conceptos básicos para entender a San Agustín Twitter332 332facebook378 378pinterest1 1google plus65Share65linked in0 0email0 0stumbleupon0Share0meneame0Share0 Agustín de Hipona nació el 13 de noviembre de 354 en Tagaste, pueblo que hoy se conoce por Souk-Ahras (Argelia). Fue hijo del pagano Patricio y de la cristiana Mónica. San Agustín es el máximo exponente de la filosofía cristiana durante el período patrístico y uno de los más geniales pensadores de todos los tiempos. Influyó en todos los ámbitos posibles: político, místico, religioso, moral, entre otros. Aquí presentamos algunas de sus ideas más importantes y que han marcado al mundo del pensamiento. Entre sus obras destacan las “Confesiones” y “Ciudad de Dios”. En cuanto al hombre él explica que, de todas las sustancias finitas, las más perfectas son los ángeles; después viene el hombre, compuesto de alma y cuerpo. El problema de la moral también es un tema importante para él. Por último, entre sus múltiples temas, presentaremos el problema del conocimiento.

Nicolas Weis Quelques croquis réalisés récemment à Paris et dans ses environs. Hormis les toits de Bourg la Reine et la Mairie d’Asnières sur Seine, il s’agit principalement du quartier de Passy dans le 16ème arrondissement, que j’ai eu l’occasion de découvrir pour la première fois. Tous les dessins sont realisés au crayon avant un passage au marqueur gris. A few recent sketches from Paris and its surroundings. Introduction to Zbrush | Sculpt Cookie ZBrush is THE digital sculpting application that first revolutionized the concept of ‘sculpting’ in the computer. With the unorthodox “2.5D” technology at its core, intuitive sculpting “brushes”, and record-breaking poly counts, the application quickly became the industry-standard sculpting application. And while several competing apps have garneredd respect in the industry, ZBrush arguably maintains its lead as new ground-breaking features are consistently added. Since ZBrush pioneered such a radical new approach to manipulating 3D geometry, Pixologic had the difficult task of establishing efficient user-interaction with its technology. “In this tutorial, we will be discussing how to quickly begin sculpting in Zbrush, using 5 basic sculpting brushes and a few basic user pallets.