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Minimal Design Website Gallery and Community

Minimal Design Website Gallery and Community

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10 libros online gratis para diseñadores web A Practical Guide to Designing for the Web Getting Real The Elements of Typographic Style Applied to the Web jQuery Fundamentals iPhone and iPad Development GUI Kits, Stencils and Icons Apple don’t have any comprehensive pre-built GUI resources for app development, making it very hard to match the uniformed style of the iPhone or the iPad. You will need to create your own. To help streamline your iPhone app design and development, we have put together a fairly comprehensive collection of iPhone & iPad GUI kits that will allow you to focus on developing rather than having to design everything from scratch. Within this post you will find complete GUI kits and stencils, iPhone GUI elements and PSDs and finally a collection of the best icon-sets perfectly suited for the iPhone.

When Less is More As designers, we all know that a minimalist design can achieve beautiful results. Still, many designers have trouble creating one; either they have a hard time making a page with so few elements look good or the final result just doesn’t look “complete.” There are many articles on the Web about minimalism and this article aims to help you achieve a minimalist design that is beautiful but not bare. To top it off, we’ll present a small showcase of minimalist designs, so that you can analyze why some designs work and others don’t. What Is Minimalist Design?

Step by Step UI Design eBook In this eBook, I’ll take you through my process for designing Kandan (an open source chat app) from start to finish. I’ll explain every iteration (including mistakes and wrong turns), and you’ll learn the reasons behind every design choice. It‘s just like watching over my shoulder while I work, except without having to listen to Lil’ Wayne! Note: Kandan itself is not out yet, but you can sign up to know when it's ready!

15+ Best jQuery Page Flip Book effect with examples In this Article we are providing best jQuery html5 page flip book with examples and demo.Page flip book are one of the most popular ones of them in web design. They are implemented very successfully in Flash, many websites, documents, magazines are being created/published each day. Here you will find 15 jQuery page flip Book plugins that that offer good page-flip experience and help creating book-like interfaces. jQuery that adds a beautiful transition similar to real pages in a book or magazine for HTML5. 1. BookBlock: A Content Flip jQuery Plugin the professional association for design The complete set of 50 passenger/pedestrian symbols developed by AIGA is available for all to use, free of charge. Signs are available here in EPS and GIF formats. Additional symbol signs are available free of charge at The Noun Project. Download the complete set of Symbol Signs (ZIP archive, 377 KB)

How Minimal is Too Minimal? Minimalism, interestingly enough, is usually born out of excess. In all arts, in all ways of life, we start out by taking and adding whatever we can. When we start to realize that more is not necessarily better, and that we can get by with less stuff, we try to simplify by removing unnecessary elements so we can focus on what’s truly important. The Curator: Premier WP Timeline Theme for Artists The Curator is a premier timeline theme for WordPress. This theme was built for artists and/or museums that want to display their work with a chronological focus. Even if you’re not an artist and just want to show historical content in a timeline, this theme is for you. What buyers are saying:

75+ Best Responsive Restaurant WordPress Themes WordPress long a staple of food and drinks, recipes restaurant, is also powerful enough for that elusive corporate necessity: the company website. While uniqueness is key in a world of constant change and innovation like the corporate one, nothing about using WordPress restaurant themes runs contrary to this uniqueness. In fact, the super-customizable nature of these popular layouts ensures a fast, easy and professional solution to the problem of creating and personalizing a website for a business of any size. These wp restaurant themes are creative, forward-thinking and will have great appeal to your customers. 60 Clean and Minimal Websites for Inspiration During the last few months we have looked at using negative space and minimalist design. Today we bring you 60 of the best-looking minimalistic sites currently on the world wide web. Sit back and get inspired…

Blueprint: Responsive Product Grid Layout Rotate Item Compare Favorite XL XL L M S Blue Blue Pink Orange Green Save my trees $29 Rotate Item Compare Favorite XL XL L M S Pink Blue Pink Orange Green Nature Lover $19 Rotate Item Compare Favorite XL XL L M S Orange Blue Pink Orange Green Forrest Walk $39 Rotate Item Compare Favorite XL XL L M S Green Blue Pink Orange Green Land of Trees $35 Rotate Item Compare Favorite XL XL L M S Orange Blue Pink Orange Green Tree Shirt $29 Rotate Item Compare Favorite XL XL L M S Blue Blue Pink Orange Green Greenhouse $19 Effective Minimalism in Experience Design Minimalism. It’s not easy to complete a study of successful minimalism. For starters, the more effective examples there are of “minimalism in action,” the less material there is for us to study. Nevertheless, minimalism is a guiding aesthetic behind some of today’s best websites.

PFold: Paper-Like Unfolding Effect The Professor by Dan Matutina Angry Nerd Blofeld by Dan Matutina Ero Senin

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