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Register a free account and get access to all the iCivics features! Register Features Include: Lesson Plans Grab-and-go lessons rooted in clear learning objectives. Support Materials Teacher guides with pre- and post-discussion questions, and activities for your students. My iCivics Keep track of student learning with assignment, tracking, and reporting tools.

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Digital E-Text-Language Arts Structured and balanced, these lessons develop reading, handwriting, creative writing, spelling vocabulary and communication skills. There are 180 lessons contained in this E-Textbook. Click the picture to PREVIEW this book! Game Plan Level: Upper intermediate+/mature students Location: Computer room Skills Focus: Reading/writing (reading comprehension check) Language focus: Reading GlassLab Today we launched an exciting new research and development initiative in partnership with Electronic Arts that aims to transform learning and assessment practices through digital games. Named GlassLab, the effort will explore the potential for digital games to serve both as potent learning environments and as real-time assessments of student learning. The Lab’s work is focused initially on assessments that track learning gains in middle school students against the Common Core State Standards and key twenty-first-century skills, like systems thinking, perseverance and creative problem solving. Located on the Redwood Shores campus of Electronic Arts near Redwood City, California, the Lab will draw on top Silicon Valley talent to produce innovative digital games, both modifications of existing commercially successful titles as well as original mini-games designed and developed at the Lab.

Hands-On Geography Activities for Ages 4-10 - Homeschool Den There are so many fun things you can do with your kids to help them gain an understanding of the geography of our amazing world! Here are some of the geography activities we use in our homeschool. Over the years we have made maps… with sand, dirt and grass seed like our Nile River Valley Out of clay, like our Ancient Greece (and Mediterranean Sea) map (Ancient Greece Geography Project, Ancient Greece Geography Project, Part 2) Made With Play: Game-Based Learning Resources Resources by Topic: Intrigued by game-based learning, but not sure where to begin? Edutopia's series takes a look at game-like learning principles in action and commercial games in real classrooms -- and offers tips and tools for bringing them into your own practice. The Made With Play series is a co-production with Institute of Play; visit their website for many more resources around game-based learning for both educators and parents, including a comprehensive games and learning reading list (PDF). These videos were made possible through generous support from the Carnegie Corporation of New York, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.

Member Benefits For new subscribers, a one-year subscription is only $39.95 USD and includes: DK Instant Expert: A collection of high-quality teaching guides perfect for projecting onto your Interactive Whiteboard. Based on the beautifully illustrated and intelligent reference books published by DK, the guides will help you inspire and educate your students with background information, mini-lessons, and extension activities on a variety of topics. Big History Project The Big History Project is not a for-profit program. Your engagement will exclusively benefit teachers and students around the world. Teaching the courseIt's easy to teach Big History — all you have to do is register, set up a class, and go! Start a pilot

Attending College Without Standard K-12 Schooling - Alternatives to School A student of any age has many opportunities for getting into college without standard K-12 schooling. The books, materials and services listed in this section can help students compile their nonstandard studies, life and work experiences into a transcript to be used for college applications. Many colleges want self-starting, independent learners, and if students can prove through essays, work history and recommendations that they are capable and willing to do college-level work, they are very likely to be admitted somewhere. This is especially true if they have transcripts showing the successful completion of some community-college, adult-education or other academic courses. There are also colleges that advocate a do-it-yourself approach to education, seeking to enroll students who want to develop their own curricula. Free College Courses Online

How and Why Did We Get Started Homeschooling? - Homeschool Den As I start off this series, I realize there might be some readers who are fairly new to our blog. I thought I’d share how we got started homeschooling (and blogging about our adventures). Homeschooling was on our radar even before we had kids. My older sister had kids before we did. Parapara Animation - Create Stopmotion Animations in Your Browser Parapara Animation is a free animation creation tool developed and hosted by Mozilla. The tool is easy to use and it does not require registration in order to use it. To get started simply visit the Parapara Animation website, select a digital crayon, then start drawing. Click the large "+" icon in the top of the screen to add a new frame to your animation.

12 Outside Engineering Projects for Kids - Planet Smarty Pants Last year, I shared 12 Amazing Engineering Projects for Kids, and you, my readers, really enjoyed this post. Here is a sequel to this post, but, with the weather turning to spring, I want to focus on 12 Engineering Projects for Kids to do Outside. 1. Protect an Egg This engineering project is great for Easter time. Last year, my daughter devised several methods to protect an egg from being dropped from the height using materials from our recyclables bin.