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Application Performance Monitoring and Management from AppDynamics - Java/.NET apps

Application Performance Monitoring and Management from AppDynamics - Java/.NET apps
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7 A/B Testing Resources for Startups and Solo Developers This post originally appeared on, a world leader in managed DNS, powering the best brands on the web including Gowalla, Mashable, Twitter, Wikia and more. Follow @DynInc on Twitter. If you need a simple, inexpensive way to figure out what's going to make your website's users click on that big, red button, you've come to the right place. A/B testing is one of the easiest ways to figure out whether one specific variable of your website is working. In an A/B test, the variable changes as users visit the page; user actions are recorded and analyzed; and the developer (or startup) is able to take action based on the results. A/B testing is generally faster and simpler than other types of testing, allowing a fast-moving startup or solo developer to quickly iterate and improve without wasting too much time on guesswork or esoteric design decisions. What is A/B Testing, Exactly? What's the Best Way to A/B Test? Also, make sure you've got enough traffic to make an A/B test worthwhile. 1. 2.

Server & Application Performance Monitoring for DevOps and Cloud Natives | ruxit Counting & Timing Here at Flickr, we’re pretty nerdy. We like to measure stuff. We love measuring stuff. Counting Our best friend, when it comes to stats collection and display is RRDTool, the Round-Robin Database. The problem with RRD is that you often want to count some kind of event that doesn’t have a natural counter associated with it. The easiest way to do this is to use a database. There’s luckily an operation which we can perform that’s cheap enough to do very often while allowing us to easily collect data from multiple servers at once: UDP. In our client code, this is very easy to do. Perl my $sock = new IO::Socket::INET( PeerAddr => $server, PeerPort => $port, Proto => 'udp', ) or die('Could not connect: $!') $fp = fsockopen(" $port, $errno, $errstr); if ($fp){ fwrite($fp, "$valuen"); fclose($fp); } The trickier part is the server component. The next stage was to change our simple counters into ones which recorded state. The red area on the left shows some failures. Timing Like this:

Promo : Un Micro Serveur HP Proliant Gen8 G1610t à 196.54€ Ce Micro Serveur HP Proliant Gen8 est un petit monstre potentiel, si vous vous accordez le temps nécessaire à l’optimisation de celui-ci. Que vous soyez un habitué des systèmes réseau ou un néophyte, l’engin a un excellent potentiel. La machine est ici proposée en version Intel Celeron G1610T, un double coeur cadencé à 2.3 GHz avec 2Mo de mémoire cache. Il embarque 2 Go de mémoire vive DDR3 pour un maximum de 16 Go sur 2 emplacements. Ce gros bébé pèse 6.8 Kg et n’est pas vraiment une minimachine dans le sens PC pour particulier. Unboxing de Sysadmin <3 Un réseau Ethernet gigabit double port est présent avec un contrôleur Broadcom BCM5720. La connectique propose un lecteur de cartes MicroSDHC, 4 ports USB 2.0 distribués par paires à l’avant et à l’arrière. 2 ports USB 3.0 supplémentaires sont situés à l’arrière. Le HP Proliant Gen8 est bien sur livré sans stockage et il faudra acheter des disques pour profiter de l’engin.

Localytics Adds Features To Complete The Picture For Mobile App Developers And Marketers Boston-based Localytics is fleshing out its mobile app analytics and marketing platform in a major way today with a variety of new features to help not just with customer acquisition, but also with monitoring and maintaining customer relationships over the lifetime of an app. The three big new areas Localytics now addresses with its platform are Lifetime Value Tracking, Customer Acquisition Management and Real-Time Funnel Management, all of which serve to help determine long-term engagement value. Localytics is introducing these new features based on the theory that most marketers spend all their time and money on the front end of the sales cycle, getting people to download the app, and then aren’t really concerned about whether that person will become a quality user over the long term. This isn’t just good for companies, Localytics argues, but ultimately benefits the consumer, too, since it enables developers to create a better app experience that’s more likely to meet a user’s needs.

LogicMonitor Monitoring at Spotify: Introducing Heroic | Labs This is the second part in a series about Monitoring at Spotify. In the previous post I discussed our history of operational monitoring. In this part I’ll be presenting Heroic, our scalable time series database which is now free software. Heroic is our in-house time series database. We built it to address the challenges we were facing with near real-time data collection and presentation at scale. At the core are two key pieces of technology are Cassandra, and Elasticsearch. We are aware Elasticsearch has a bad reputation for data safety, so we guard against total failures by having the ability to completely rebuild the index rapidly from our data pipeline or Cassandra. A key feature of Heroic is global federation. Every host in our infrastructure is running ffwd, which is an agent responsible for receiving and forwarding metrics. This setup allows us to rapidly experiment with our service topology. In the backend everything is stored exactly as it was provided to the agent.

Installation d’un serveur personnel sous Proxmox et OpenMediaVault | | label.geek Après m’être contenté d’un excellent NAS Synology 2 baies pendant plus de deux ans, j’ai décidé de franchir le pas et de m’orienter vers une solution semi-pro pour la gestion de mes partages à la maison. Sans doute quelque chose d’un peu « trop gros » pour mes besoins mais j’avais envie d’apprendre…et j’ai été servi ! Le guide qui suit me sert avant tout de pense-bête, récapitulant les trouvailles et erreurs que j’ai engrangées pendant plusieurs jours avant de m’arrêter sur la configuration qui me convient. Un serveur opérationnel 24h/24Partage de fichiers auprès de tous les appareils du foyer (ordinateurs, minis-PC, smartphones, tablettes, etc.)Gestionnaire de téléchargementsBack-Up réguliers vers des disques tiers et le cloudBack-Up complet du système en place, en cas de crashÉvolutivité, tant au niveau hardware que software Cet article me sert principalement de pense-bête pour retrouver mes pas si j’ai à reconfigurer le serveur dans quelques temps. Le serveur Le système d’exploitation

Exceptional: an exception tracker for web apps Packetbeat - Application Monitoring - Open Source Use Beats & X-Pack to monitor infrastructure. Watch Video New Filebeat modules are here. All kinds of shippers for all kinds of data. Filebeat Log Files Metricbeat Metrics Packetbeat Network Data Winlogbeat Windows Event Logs Heartbeat Uptime Monitoring 80 Linux Monitoring Tools for SysAdmins It’s hard work monitoring and debugging Linux performance problems, but it’s easier with the right tools at the right time. Here’s the most comprehensive list of Linux Monitoring Tools on the Internet. Command Line Tools Top This is a small tool which is pre-installed on many unix systems. htop Htop is essentially an enhanced version of top. atop Atop monitors all processes much like top and htop, unlike top and htop however it has daily logging of the processes for long-term analysis. apachetop Apachetop monitors the overall performance of your apache webserver. ftptop ftptop gives you basic information of all the current ftp connections to your server such as the total amount of sessions, how many are uploading and downloading and who the client is. mytop mytop is a neat tool for monitoring threads and performance of mysql. powertop powertop helps you diagnose issues that has to do with power consumption and power management. iotop Desktop Monitoring ntopng iftop jnettop bandwidthd EtherApe ethtool ss

Les options pour un site bilingue ou multilingue WordPress Dans cet article, je parle de sites bilingues et multilingues WordPress. PUBLIÉ LE 6 juillet 2010 MISE À JOUR 20 janvier 2014 MISE À JOUR 25 juillet 2014 Les sites bilingues ou multilingues dans WordPress Je connais plusieurs méthodes de faire un site WordPress bilingue ou multilingue: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 1. Depuis 2012, je suis une adepte incontournable de l’extension WPML. C’est vrai, WPML n’est pas gratuite – mais quand on veut des extensions de qualité – il est parfois préférable d’investir 29$ US par année que de se casser la tête avec des extensions qui ne sont pas entretenues. WPML vous permet de créer un site dans la langue de votre choix et d’y ajouter les langues suivantes : 2. J’utilise Polylang sur plusieurs sites WordPress présentement (septembre 2015). 3. L‘extension qTranslate est une extension WordPress qui permettait la publication d’un site bilingue ou multilingue. 3. Les extensions Translate This Button et Google Translate sont surprenantes. 4. 5. Conclusion