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ROLEPLAYS-ESL speaking activities: communicative activities for oral fluency

ROLEPLAYS-ESL speaking activities: communicative activities for oral fluency
These speaking activities include ESL role-plays (roleplays), Find someone who... speaking activities, information gap activities, examination rubrics for ESL oral tests, and discussion questions. Most of these are ESL speaking activities that I've created, used, and liked. Brazilian & American cultural difference - a roleplay in which a cultural misunderstanding must be overcome in order for the speakers' relationship to move forward. Intercultural communication conflict resolution - a roleplay for introducing and practicing the 4 cross cultural conflict resolution steps. Personal questions - students practice conflict resolution when one asks questions that are considered personal in the other's culture. Eating in Korea - an American is surprised to find that in Korea people share one bowl of soup. First date - A Canadian man and a Korean woman face some cultural differences about who should pay for he first date. vacations like you! is continuously progressing! Related:  AnglaisSpeaking

11 Steps Of Effective Project-Based Learning In A Blended Classroom - In part 1 of this 6-part series, Thomas Stanley looked at an overview of blended learning, specifically the critical interactions of a blended learning model. In part 2, he looked specifically at student-to-student interaction, and the reality of synchronous and asynchronous access. In part 3, he looked at student-to-teacher interactions, and moving from instruction to becoming the “guide on the side,” and in part 4 he explored the idea of student-to-community interactions. Student-to-Material Interaction: Effective PBL Learning in the Online or Blended Classroom What is the most effective way to get students to grapple with the subject matter? The projects should be designed to meet state and local standards. To develop PBL online lessons a teacher may have to create a theme or allow the students to choose a topic. Here is one example of how to integrate synchronous, asynchronous, and real-time activities in an online lesson. Implementing The Project-Based Learning Approach Step 1 Step 2

Split Infinitives : Grammar Girl You may have heard a rule that you shouldn't split infinitives, but I'm here to tell you it's not a real rule, and the idea itself is based on a shaky foundation. What Are Infinitives? To understand split infinitives, we first have to clearly define the word “infinitive.” Wikipedia defines “infinitive” as the unmarked form of a verb (1), but you really need examples to understand what that means. In English, there are two kinds of infinitives: bare infinitives and full infinitives. go sprinkle run split Full infinitives are made up of two words, usually putting the word “to” in front of the bare verb: to go to sprinkle to run to split What Is a Split Infinitive? The safest choice is to avoid splitting infinitives. A split infinitive puts an adverb between the two parts of the full infinitive. If you want to remember what a split infinitive is, just remember what might be the most famous example: Star Trek's “to boldly go where no one has gone before.” Should You Split Infinitives?

Keeping your child safe online | For parents Advice for parents about keeping your child safe when using the internet, social networking websites and online gaming. Cyberbullying 38% of young people have been affected by bullying online, through social networking websites or mobile phones. Our advice for parents can help. Find out more Sexting Creating, sending or receiving explicit images is increasingly common among children and young people. Find out more

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Super Teacher Worksheets Copyright 2013 - Super Teacher Worksheets Printable Worksheets for Teachers and Homeschool Families Fraction strips, fraction circles, and fraction worksheets. Lots of grammar worksheets that cover a variety of topics. Measure and calculate the perimeter of polygons. Learn about place value for 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7-digit numbers. Help Inspector Numerico solve these mystery number challenges. Solve the problems on each page and color according to the key to reveal a fun, colorful mystery picture. Use these quizzes, games, and worksheets to teach basic multiplication facts (0-12). Practice reading and writing basic sight words with these worksheets, flashcards, and word wheels. Spelling Lists & Worksheets Featured Science Printables Welcome to Super Teacher Worksheets! We have thousands of worksheets for teaching reading and writing. Learn about perimeter, area, polygons, solids shapes, angles, symmetry, and tessellations. Challenge your students with these puzzles and brainteasers. Question?

OWL Writing Exercises Welcome to the updated OWL exercise pages. For the past year and a half, we have been working on updating the OWL page design and OWL navigation based on our OWL Usability Project findings. As part of this process, we have also been working on correcting and updating our exercises. To navigate the OWL exercises, please use the navigation bar on the left. If you cannot find an exercise you have used in the past, or if you have a suggestion for adding an exercise, please let us know. Note: Users may notice that the OWL exercises no longer offer the dropdown option.

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Free English Grammar Lessons and Tests Online Confusing Words and Homonyms | Misued Words in English | Letter A Letter A - B - C - D - E - F - G - H - I - J - K - L - M - N - O - P - Q - R - S - T - U - V - W - X - Y - Z Many words in English sound or look alike, causing confusion and not a few headaches. This section lists some of these words, and other troublemakers. a.m., p.m. | Download free Fiction, Health, Romance and many more ebooks Commonly Confused Words (Troublesome Verbs) Grammar-Quizzes › More › Writing Aids › Commonly Confused Summary of Practices Quick Link: Accept–Except | Affect–Effect | Another–The Other | Ashamed/ Embarrassed | As it were–If youvwill | Because–Though | During–In | Each other/One another | Farther–Further | Fewer–Less | For–Since | Get to–Go to | If–In Case | If only–Only If | If–Unless | If / When | If–Whether | Indeed–Even | Lie–Lay | Like–As | Little–Few | Loose–Lose | Make–Do | Much–Many | Much–More | Rise–Raise | Say–Tell | Sit–Set | So that–So…that | Some–Any | There–Their–They're | Used / (Be) Used To | When–While Accept vs. Except: Is the action one of approving or rejecting? Beginning–Advanced ESL, Native Speakers They accepted my 40% off coupon when I bought my TV. They excepted televisions on the back of the 40% off coupon. Affect vs. Seeing thin models affects a young girl's self image. An emotional effect may be self-hate or anorexia (not eating). Another vs. Beginning–Intermediate ESL She ate one. Then she ate another. ?

Best YouTube Channels Where You Can Learn To Speak Better English As I researched this article, I tried to find YouTube channels in which the list of tutorials are well organized, well produced, and incorporate both audio and visual lessons. EF podEnglish The EF podEnglish channel of videos stands out to me as the most accessible for English for beginners. Topics include Time, Families, Directions, Grocery shopping, Weather, Pets, School friends, Relationships, Films and Technology. The video productions are fairly high quality and the lessons are in sequential order. English with Jennifer Instructor Jennifer Lebedev offers a great free series of English video lessons, each under ten minutes. When you visit her channel, click on her playlists in order to access the videos in the most organized manner. The playlists include groups of lessons such as Basic English Grammar Lessons, English Vocabulary, English Pronunciation, and American Slang. The numerous positive feedback on her channel is testament to how useful her videos are.