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How to build a Facebook community

How to build a Facebook community
Here are 14 ‘levers’ you need to be pulling Like any social tool, Facebook needs to be worked in order to achieve specific marketing, event or fundraising goals. Yes, you need to have a an effective Facebook Page where fans can easily interact (see “11 Quick Tips to Enhance Your Facebook Fan Page” by @franswaa). However, even with all this, if you don’t consistently nurture your Facebook relationships, you’ll end up with visitors — potential fans — wondering, “Are they still in business?” What you get by working your Facebook levers You’ll grow your fan base organically, which means they’ll stick around.You’ll be able to identify your biggest supporters.You’ll stay current on what’s important to your fans (also called “market research”). Facebook levers (manual) Many of the levers you pull on Facebook require time, attention and consideration. 1. Facebook Pages and Groups allows you to send messages to fans. Your best fans are busy fans. 2. 3. 4. 5. Tag! 6. 7. Facebook levers (automatic) 8.

Use Wikipedia as a Marketing Tool -- Wikipedia -- RLM PR -- Wiki Only eight years old, Wikipedia, 'the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit' already has more than three million articles in English alone, covering nearly all major companies and a lot of minor ones as well. Should yours be among them? 'If you're consumer-facing, it's important to be in Wikipedia,' says Sharon Nieuwenhuis, account manager at RLM PR, a public relations firm that offers Wikipedia placement and article correction among its services. 'It's a way of proving legitimacy, and not being in there has become something of a stigma. People go to Wikipedia to find basic information about your organization, and if they don't find it, they think, ‘Why should I pay attention to you?'' Appearing in Wikipedia can contribute to the bottom line. Getting into Wikipedia If getting into Wikipedia is highly desirable, it also seems close to impossible to many companies who've tried it -- including PacketTrap. Begin with a general PR campaign.

7 Clear Ways to Boost Tag ROI Using Tags is super easy. And to get the most out of them for your mobile marketing campaign, you simply need to keep one byword in mind: Clear. If you follow these seven steps to clarity, your Tags will be compelling, easy to use and rewarding—for you and your user: 1. Clear appeal: We all know that dogs, kids, movie stars, fast cars and bling are pretty likely to grab attention. But if you’re like most marketers, you can’t just ring up Cameron Diaz or throw in a Porsche to jazz up your creative. What you can have, however, is a custom design for your Tag. 2. If you’re putting Tags in out-of-home locations, make sure they’ll be easy to see and reach. 3. 4. What would you scan? 5. In the old days that would mean figuring out a way to measure response rate, changing the campaign, running a whole new campaign and measuring again. 6. 7.

Facebook for Creative People – Best Practices | Davinci Dilemma (TM) In the previous article on this topic, we outlined the costs and benefits of Facebook for creative people. Today will be the first of two articles that describe Best Practices — written especially for creative people who haven’t yet taken the Facebook plunge, those new to Facebook and those who aren’t using Facebook to their full advantage. We’ll start with the basics. Best Practices – Facebook Tips for Creative People 1. Are you looking to keep in touch with a few trusted friends…or are you seeking to maximize your personal and professional network? 2. You do not have to fill in every bit of information in the various forms and blank spaces provided. 3. It’s worth taking the time to ‘customize’ all your privacy settings to meet your personal and professional goals. Note that this requires more than just going to the ‘Privacy Settings’ and setting them up accordingly. 4. Send ‘friend requests’ to the people with whom you want to connect. 5. 6. Play nicely. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.

Top 5 Budget Social Media Monitoring Tools Viralheat – our favourite low cost solution In the run up to Monitoring Social Media 09 I’ve been checking out some of the free or low-cost social media monitoring solutions. I’ve been hearing that many of the top marketing agencies still use free monitoring tools: but which ones? And how do they compare to the high-end paid-for solutions like Visible Technologies, Brandwatch etc? There are lots and lots of these services, but here are thumbnail reviews of 5 of the most best: SocialMention (Free) Often described as the social version of Google Alerts, SocialMention offers a really user-friendly interface. The big problem with SocialMention is that you can’t save your searches and come back to them. BrandsEye ($1 month) BrandsEye is more of an old-school reputation management tool than a social media monitoring service. Trackur ($18/month with free trial) This is one of those services that, thanks to it’s founder, Andy Beal, get’s a lot of online promotion and coverage. Ubervu (Free)

Demo - Download Now: How to Use Pinterest for Business Call us: 1-888-HUBSPOT Hi there. Here's your free download! Get free expert advice on how to use Pinterest effectively for your company. Are you getting the most out of your company's Pinterest and other social media tools? How do you make your social media presence stand out from the rest? Get advice from one of our marketing experts! In your free assessment, we'll talk about how you can: Optimize your social strategy to drive more traffic to your siteGrow your following and find influencersUse your social intelligence in the sales processMeasure the business value of your social media efforts Request your free assessment to the right, and let's get started! Yes, I'd like free social media advice: About Learn Inbound Software Support Jobs Contact

Der Facebook-Blog » Kathrin Passig 15. Januar 2010 Zwei Wochen ist es her, dass ziemlich still und mit wenig Melancholie das vorherige Jahrzehnt zu Ende ging. Zu viel ist danebengegangen in diesem verlorenen Jahrzehnt, in dem an den Aktienmärkten so viel Kapital wie nie vernichtet wurde, in dem der Terror ein trauriges Comeback erlebte und die Weltgemeinschaft mit kriegerischen Verstrickungen belastet wurde wie lange nicht mehr. Doch es war nicht alles schlecht an den Nullerjahren. Der ganz große Dekadengewinner war zweifellos das Internet. So scheint es denn, dass das Internet selbst für immer mehr Menschen zum Alltag geworden ist. 350 Millionen von ihnen sind inzwischen in Facebook, dem ersten wirklich globalen sozialen Netzwerk versammelt, ganz selbstverständlich so wie früher in der Schule oder der Uni. Aktualisierungszwang: Meine Facebook-Freunde bauen sozialen Druck auf Doch was ist inzwischen eigentlich mit uns – oder zumindest: einigen von uns – passiert? Plötzlich war es 2010, und “Daisy” war da.

Using Twitter To Manage Online Brand Reputation | SearchRank Blo Surely everyone that is somewhat in tune to world events has heard of micro-blogging service Twitter by now. If you haven’t, come out of your cave and catch up on what is going on around you! Twitter is quickly becoming a mainstream site where people not only communicate but gather their information. With Twitter’s popularity, brand managers everywhere are beginning to use the service to monitor conversations related to their brand and product names. This post examines some of the ways this is taking place and explores how you can use Twitter to manage the reputation of your brand online. Methods @ Tab on Twitter If you simply want to monitor references to your Twitter user name, the @ tab on or the @ reply function (if using third party application to utilize Twitter) will show every tweet that responds to you or mentions you. Twitter Search RSS Feeds From then on, any mention of that keyword or phrase will display directly in your RSS reader. Tools & Services

Social Media Optimization | Social Media Marketing Company | SMM | Webmarketing123 Integrated Social Marketing Strategy Many companies engage in Social Media without a clear sense of purpose and without determining how it fits into an overall strategy for digital dominance. Work with us, and you’ll have a social media strategy custom-designed to meet your specific KPIs, and one that can be fully integrated with your other digital marketing programs. Whether you’re looking for guidance and support, a competitor audit, or you want us to manage your entire social presence, we can drive your Social Media marketing to the next level. Content Creation and Community Management Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and company blogs have proven to be invaluable tools for branding as well as lead generation and sales. Tracking and Attribution No campaign is complete without metrics and analytics to measure results. Data-driven decision-making is at the center of Webmarketing123′s methodology. Paid Social Media Advertising

Flipboard: le prochain gros truc Je vous fais un pari. Flipboard va être la prochaine grosse grosse application du web social. Un truc au niveau d’un Foursquare. Pour faire simple, Flipboard est le premier magazine authentiquement social sur Ipad. Avec une UX proprement bluffante, Flipboard vous fait vivre l’expérience d’un joli magazine au coin du feu. Flipboard c’est comme ces applications qui créent une expérience utilisateur rupturiste. Une fois que vous aurez vécu l’expérience, dites vous que Flipboard vient de lever, en série A, 10,5 millions de dollars auprès d’Index, de Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers et qu’ils ont, entre autre, Jack Dorsey (fondateur de Twitter) et Ashton Kutcher comme business angels… Nous allons vivre une déferlante Flipboard qui risque de redessiner bien des pratiques sociales…. PS (25 juillet, 18h (Paris time): et là, je découvre que Nicolas Bordas (président de l’AACC et de TBWA France) a repéré l’application le jour de sa sortie. J'aime ceci: Be the first to like this.