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Say Goodbye to Adobe Creative Suite

Say Goodbye to Adobe Creative Suite
Adobe Creative Suite is a collection of applications for people who are, lets see….creative? Yes. Its a whole suite of applications that can be used to edit, enhance, beautify photos, create vector art, create vector animation, desktop publishing, website design, video editing, DVD menu designs and so on. Sounds like tasks you can or want to do? Did I hear you asking about the cost? Fear not because here is a compiled list of software that will not only allow you to do all the above mentioned work but it also costs less. So here I present the open source alternatives to the popular Creative Suite applications: Adobe Acrobat Reader ==> Sumatra PDF Sumatra PDF aims to create a small, simple and fast PDF viewer. Adobe Acrobat ==> PDFCreator No I didn’t write this twice by mistake. PDFCreator is an open source printer driver that creates PDF documents. Adobe Photoshop ==> Paint.NET Paint.NET is a bitmap drawing and editing application. Adobe Dreamweaver ==> Kompozer Adobe Flash ==> Synfig Related:  TipsComp geekIT

20 top character design tips | Character design Character design can be a tricky illustration beast to tackle. You may know how to draw dynamic characters, but designing your own character from scratch involves a lot of creative thinking. Although many of the classic characters familiar to us all through cartoons, movies and advertising look simple, that simplicity usually belies the many hours of work that have gone into their development. From Mickey Mouse's famous three-fingered hands – drawn to save production time when he was first developed for animations in the 1920s – to the elegant simplicity of Homer Simpson, character design has always been about keeping it simple. Get Adobe Creative Cloud But aside from clean lines and easily readable features, what else are you going to need to know about character design? Getting started can be the trickiest part in any character design project, but once you've got some ideas these tips will help you breath life into your creation. 01. Think about your audience. 02. 03. 04. 05. 06. 07.

30 Free Seamless Background Textures I get a lot of requests to release more seamless textures here on L&T, so this set is for you guys. It includes a giant selection of thirty repeatable textures ranging from paper to fabric to subtle grunge and noise. Each one of them is fully tile-able and will work perfect for website background or pattern overlays in photoshop. The zip file includes each texture in both 1200px and 500px sizes as well as a Photoshop .PAT file for easy integration.

Inkscape. Draw Freely. HTG Explains: Do You Really Need to Safely Remove USB Sticks? You’ve probably heard that you always need to use the Safely Remove Hardware icon before unplugging a USB device. However, there’s also a good chance that you’ve unplugged a USB device without using this option and everything worked fine. Windows itself tells you that you don’t need to use the Safely Remove Hardware option if you use certain settings – the default settings – but the advice Windows provides is misleading. Quick Removal vs. Better Performance Windows allows you to optimize your USB device for quick removal or improved performance. Expand the Disk drives section in the Device Manager, right-click your device, and select Properties. Select the Policies tab in the Properties window. Data Corruption Danger The Windows dialog shown above is misleading. However, even if the USB device doesn’t appear to be in-use, it may still be in-use. Write Caching If you select the Better Performance option, Windows will cache data instead of writing it to the USB device immediately.

Ultimate List of Free Windows Software from Microsoft - Windows Live Microsoft has over 150 FREE Windows XP, Windows Vista & Office Programs available for download — finding them all is extremely difficult . . . until now. Alt-Tab Replacement in addition to the icon of the application window you are switching to, you see a preview of the page. ConferenceXP enables you to see & hear others in a virtual collaborative space, called a venue. You collaborate on an electronic whiteboard or PowerPoint presentation, send messages and more. Feeds Plus is an Internet Explorer 7 add-on for RSS pop-up notifications. FolderShare keeps important files at your fingertips – anywhere. Optional Reference & Dictionaries ActiveSync synchronization of Outlook information, Office docs, pics, music, videos and applications from your desktop to Windows Mobile-based Pocket PCs & Smartphones. Bootvis – Microsoft states this tool is not available, but they still “support it”. Port Reporter Parser Tool is a log parser for Port Reporter log files. Like this: Like Loading...

Infografía: La importancia de saber cuándo usar JPG, GIF y PNG Hay chistes sobre petición de los 3 formatos,y es que el desconocimiento de muchos hace que soliciten cosas que son imposibles, es por eso estimados diseñadores que los invito a que compartan la infografía en sus páginas, entre más allegados sepan de lo que se trata su trabajo menos imposibles solicitarán. Y bueno una resfrescada de conocimiento no le cae mal a nadie. Saludos a todos. Free Software [ Home | What's New | Public Pages | Tell Friends | Privacy Policy | FAQ | Help | About myHq ] Questions?/Suggestions?/Enquiries? Contact the webmaster@myhq.comv2.0 Last updated :- 22:53 07-12-2011 EST myHq was created by eMason, also the creator of bookHq Free Windows Downloads - Softpedia

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