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The Cave of Dragonflies

The Cave of Dragonflies
I care about the truth, and I strive to keep the information on this website accurate and up-to-date. For instance, where possible, I have taken pains to personally test claims about the video games before making them. However, doing so is not always feasible, occasionally I manage to be wrong even when I think I've confirmed something, and with a website of this size, it's difficult to keep track of every single piece of information anywhere on it that might need to be changed or updated. Thus, if you spot any errors, mistakes or out-of-date tidbits - or even just typos - I'd be thrilled if you would report them via this form. Pokémon, Pikachu and all other Pokémon characters © 1995-2015 Nintendo, GAME FREAK and Creatures, Inc. This is a fan-made website. Related:  Pixel Art, Sprites, ect.

s pixel art tutorial :: learn how to create pixel art, the workflow, how to create pixel characters and pixel artwork, shading, dithering, isometric projection and all techniques involved Images that are used by the computer can be roughly divided into two groups. The first type of images is the so-called bitmap graphic or raster graphic image; the second type is the vector graphic. The fundamental building blocks of vector graphics are vectors, hence the name. A vector is a mathematical description of a line or a curved line. Bitmap graphics describe an image as a collection of colored dots, or so-called pixels. Reducing the size of a bitmap image means less pixels. Resizing your crisp pixel art illustration will result in a blurred image, so be sure to start with the right dimensions. The image on the left is a vector graphics, the image on the right is a bitmap graphic. To make it a little bit more complicated, the left vector graphics is displayed as a bitmap graphic. The original image is an Adobe Illustrator vector graphics, but these kinds of images can't be displayed directly in your browser. Let's forget vector graphics for the moment and focus on bitmap graphics.

30 Excellent Pixel Art Tutorials For Pixel Lovers If you’re born in 90s, I am sure that you have witnessed the glorious age of the pixel art. It exists on the old-school gaming platform, mobile phone and other digital devices. It’s one of the greatest technological inventions that dominate the digital world for several years, and now it rises again as a definitive art form within the artist community. Doing the pixel art could mean that you’re striving for perfection, as you even need to manually craft out the shading, dithering and even anti-aliasing. That means you have to draw the artwork pixel by pixel! Today, with the aim to provide you a solid understanding of the pixel art and its essential techniques, we want to showcase to you 30 detailed and inspiring tutorials by talented pixel artists to help you carve out possibly one of the most detailed works in your life. Try on them and you’ll know, full list of tutorials after jump! Recommended Reading: 50 Beautiful and Creative Pixel Arts Shading Of A Rock Textures Tree Adding Pattern

Make Games - Pixel Art Tutorial How to Train an Animator, by Walt Disney It's difficult to overstate the importance of the following eight-page memo. Written by Walt Disney in December of 1935 to Don Graham — a highly respected art teacher from Chounaird Art Institute tasked with helming art classes for Disney animators — this missive signalled the birth of a structured training program that would subsequently enable Walt's studio to produce hit-after-hit during the Golden Age of Animation. For aspiring animators, this is absolutely essential reading; for everyone else, assuming you have even the slightest interest in the development of one of the world's most influential entertainment companies, this is simply an engrossing, inspiring read. Transcript follows.

MS Paint Tricks | Tutorial MS Paint Tricks by Messenjah MSPaint is actually a very powerful image editor. Here's all the things about MSPaint you probably didn't know. Chapter 1 - Brush Scaling This is pretty much the most basic thing here. You may think that the standard brush sizes in MSPaint only come in the three sizes, right? Open up a new document in paint, select the paintbrush tool, hold Ctrl and press the + button on the numpad. This technique also works with the line tool, the spraypaint tool, and the eraser tool. Chapter 2 - Custom Brushes This is the one that NOBODY knows - You can make your own custom brushes in paint! Here's what I did: Now, select that little image, turn transparency on, hold shift, and drag it around! Cool, huh? Chapter 2 1/2 - The 'Stamp' Tool This is something I improvised. So, I have this image of an old lady: And I want to put these leaves in her hair. Now, I could copy and paste all day, but there is an easy way around this. :O! Chapter 3 - Image Scaling Now, say you want it smaller.

Living Lines Library Download Microsoft Paint / Recover Missing Copy This guide is for people who removed or accidentally un-installed their Microsoft Paint on their Windows, but now want them back. I lost my MS Paint too two days ago, poking at the wrong place of my Add/Remove Windows Component and there goes my mspaint. It can only be re-installed with a Windows XP CD in my case, but I don’t have any with me. I have a Windows XP CD If you are 100% sure that MS Paint does not exist in your system anymore, there are three ways to get it back. Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs > Add/Remove Windows Components > Double click on "Accessories and Utilities" > Double click on "Accessories" > Check "Paint" > OK > Next.. Download mspaint.exe Worse comes to worst, you don’t have a CD, nor a friend or relative with Windows XP, and your pet dog is using a MacBook, you are left with no choice but to download it. [Download mspaint.exe] (mirror) Download Windows XP System Apps (mirror) Happy painting

The Spriters Resource | Main Page The Big List Of Pixel Art Tutorials The Big List Of Pixel Art Tutorials On this list you will find a few links to pixel art related stuff…Update: All below mentioned tutorials can now be found on PixelArtus moreover there is also another big list about Drawing and Animation. Pixel Art Freelance Guide Pixel Art Freelance Guide (Adam “Atomic” Saltsman) Graphic Style Analysis Tutorials About Glowy Graphics

Anatomy Nude from Hillary Bachelder on Vimeo. Create 3D Art for Free Game Developer Art Assets New - Selections from Anatomy for Art Students by Arthur Thomson New! Anatomical Atlas - Six Hundred and Thirty Six Figures in beautifully detailed engravings. Anatomie pour le mouvement The Nude Figure See more examples and a review of the book click here. Figures - A Series of Poses to Aid in Your Sketches of Female Anatomy - Published November, 2010, Photos By Richard Kern, Models: Yesenia and Deanna. Lecci—n de anatom’a Naked Series: African-American male, poses 1-7, ca. 1883 Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts Eakins and the Photograph: Works by by Thomas Eakins and His Circle in the Collection of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts by Susan Danly, Cheryl Leibold Albert Arthur Allen on the web The Nude Figure : A Visual Reference for Artists by Mark Edward Smith Atlas of Foreshortening, 2nd Edition The project duration is not specified. Human Anatomy Made Amazingly Easy Pose Maniacs Posemaniacs S.

Palette Extractor - © The Sun Walkers Hello and thank you for using Palette Extractor ! As there is a lot of people using it each month, I'm working on improving this tool. Here are some features you'll find in next updates : Statistics (total number of colors, average number of colors per extraction, mean hue, ... etc) Creating an account so you can save your palettes in your own space. For now Palette Extractor has moved on another server. - nakwada (14.10.2013) Bonjour et merci d'utiliser Palette Extractor ! Voici un aperçu des fonctionnalités à venir : Statistiques (nombre global de couleurs extraites, nombre moyen de couleur par extraction, teinte moyenne, ... etc) Création d'un compte afin de vous permettre de sauvegarder vos palettes dans un espace personnel. Pour le moment, Palette Extractor a changé de serveur et est désormais accessible par ici :)