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Making a Print-Ready Business Card Using Only Photoshop

Making a Print-Ready Business Card Using Only Photoshop
In this tutorial, we are going to design up a simple business card in Photoshop and get it ready for print with crop marks and bleed. Normally you'd do some of this with a tool like InDesign, but it is in fact possible to get by with just our trusty old Photoshop. Calling Card Competition Over at our sister site FreelanceSwitch, there is a competition to make business cards using vectors from a special Arsenal sample pack. So if you'd like to Win $370 worth of vector gear, head over and put in your entry! I actually had to make an example card for the write-up, and while making it, decided to write a tutorial for what I was doing (which is what you are about to read :-) ) Step 1 Ok, so the very first thing we need to do is create a New Document. When sending things off to printers however, you need to add a sort of border around the image called a Bleed. Because of a quirk of Photoshop (which you'll see later) we're going to use a value of 3mm. Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Step 6 Step 7 Step 8 Related:  Tutorials and TipsTypographic

Jellyvampire 09.05.2011 :: Jellyvampire This was my entry to a contest held by Yuumei, at! I hope you like it c: My deviantart: My blog: Will you vote for me in this design contest? 64 kommentarer MudasDreadnought skrev: Utrolig kul! Grimmy666 skrev: Jeg bare digget denne! Rigmor skrev: Ida Ida <3 Catya skrev: Denne var VELDIG bra, en av de beste og den er kreativ til tusen :) Bra jobbet. Emil skrev: Hissig. Biseps skrev: Fin stemmning, bra stil og alt det der. Gambit skrev: Begynte å lure hvorfor scrollemarkørtingen plutselig ble mikroskopisk tynn. Bogskinke skrev: Det beste med denne er de sære søte kattestripene du hadde før den. Ida nr.1 skrev: Enig i at den siste setningen er litt cheesy. WaterWill skrev: Nemlig; 17 år og allerede godt på vei en kunstner. VivalaOpium skrev: Dette er det beste som noensinne er lagt ut her på siden, minst. InKraBid skrev: Utrolig flott :) Leseren skrev: Den. Og hva er galt med å blomstre som en artist? InvalidASS skrev: Frk.

15 Fresh and Quality Text Effect Tutorials Text effect tutorials have always been popular amongst Photoshop users. However, many roundups tend to focus upon the same old classic posts. This post hopes to expose some fresher text tutorials to inspire you today. I’m sure you may have seen some of these before, but hopefully you haven’t encountered all of them (I know I hadn’t before compiling this post). Enjoy! How to Create an Impressive-Looking Text Effect Create Gloomy Text By Utilising the Amazing Cloud Filter in Photoshop How to Create a Silver Text Effect with Photoshop Photoshop & Illustrator Tutorial: Create Mile-High Type Art How to a Create Great Typographic Wallpaper in Photoshop Create a Fancy Neon Text Effect Create a Steam Powered Typographic Treatment How to Create Gross Evil 3D Text Create a Unique Burning Text Effect Photoshop Tutorial: How to Making Flaming Text Tutorial Design an Awesome Geometric Shaped Typography with Grunge Background in Photoshop Create a Stunning Text on Wild Fire Effect Floral Text Wallpaper

NEW Commission Information- WAITING LIST OPEN! by *Tsubasa-Mine on deviantART Photoshop 101: How To Create and Use Clipping Masks A clipping mask is a quick way to create masked effects that show and hide parts of images or photos. In this tutorial we will create a clipping mask with text and an image. Step 1: Find an image with some interesting texture. I’m going to go with a grass background. Step 2: Add text to the image Open the image in Photoshop and use the type tool and type some text on top of the image. Step 3: Drag the text below the grass layer Step 4 Create the clipping mask With the grass layer selected go to Layer > Create Clipping Mask. And there we have it! Step 5 Add a drop shadow Add some nice shadow to the text by right clicking on the layer effects icon and adding a drop shadow. Step 6: Add More Grass Next lets duplicate the grass layer and drag it below the text layer. Step 7: Change the color of the grass With the top grass layer selected go to Image>Adjustments>Hue Saturation. And there we have it… Purple grass! Download the PSD Simple Clipping Mask PSD (ZIP)

THE ART CENTER / Sharing Ideas And Tips From Artist To Artist Let me start this by saying that you will never get what you want out of your brushes in a digital art program (at least not with current technology). You'll save yourself a lot of frustration if you accept this fact and learn to be happy with what is available. Also, I'm not going to do a tutorial on Photoshop brushes because I haven't found anything I love yet (though CS5 might change my mind). I'll start with the brushes I like to draw with: The markers make ugly, soft, messy-looking drawings, but they're great for roughing things in, especially because of the way the marker strokes build on top of each other. Next up, my favorite cover brushes. "Custom 1" (settings below) is essentially an airbrush with the tip changed to something a little harder. The captured acrylic is my most used brush. My favorite "painterly" brushes have heavy blending at low pressure and apply color at high pressure: There are two other brushes I occasionally use: The Glow Brush is great for glowing things.

How to make a see-through to image text effect in Photoshop This is a really simple trick to creating an ordinary photograph with some text into an engaging image. I also have a GIMP version! See-Through Text Effect in Photoshop 1. Open your chosen image in PhotoshopNow, add a New Layer – Fill with a colour that matches:I used a Dark Blue: 1a2932 Starting-Photograph and Colour (Click to view larger) 2. Grab the Text Tool – make a text box, same size as imageType your ‘text’ in capitalsSettings: Font: Gill Sans Ultra Bold, Size: 720px, Justify: Right, Spacing: 600, -100, (Dependent on image size, mine is: 4592×3506 pixels)Space out your text best as possible, as shown:Click the image to check settings: Adding Text (Click to view larger) 3. Now on Text layer, go Right Click –> Rasterize Layer Then, go Select –> Color Range… Click on text, with 0 Fuzziness: Selecting Text (Click to view larger) 3.b. Add Vector Mask 3.c. Create Clipping Mask on Photo 4. Deleting Text (Click to view larger) That’s it! Download the PSD! Written by Mike

Helmet Design with Joseph Drust Painting-Spotlight Texturing Spotlight allows the use of images loaded directly into ZBrush to apply texture information to your model. Joseph demonstrates how he uses this method to apply refined texture details. Painting-Alpha Texturing Alphas are one of the easiest ways to apply texture or sculptural details. Watch how Joseph utilizes this feature to add texture details to the helmet. How to Create a Steampunk Type Treatment in Photoshop I don’t know what it is about steampunk style that’s so appealing. Maybe it’s the mix of old world and imaginative technology, or the distressed grungy style that attracts me. Either way, it’s a lot of fun to create steampunk imagery, and in this tutorial, I’m going to walk through the techniques I used to create this steampunk type treatment in Photoshop. I’m not going to walk you through step by step on this one because there are so many repeating steps and processes. Here’s a look at the finished type treatment. Pipes First up, lets take a look at the technique used to create the pipes. This is the same style I applied to all of the pipes. The shine applied to the pipes in the above image, are simple selections that are filled with a white to transparent gradient. Clamps and Rivets For the clamps I created a more horizontal rectangle and placed it over a group of pipes as though it’s holding them together. For the rivets I used a single pixel pencil brush with spacing set to 400%.

CharacterSculpting Character sculpting is the process of creating a high-resolution 3D model with a series of painting strokes, using a pressure-sensitive tablet or screen. Usually the details from these models are baked into a NormalMap for a lower-resolution in-game model. Sculpting Tutorials These tutorials cover hard-to-find subject matter, or they offer in-depth explanations of reasoning and technique. New Maquette Sculpting Workflow in ZBrush 4R4 by Ryan Kingslien of ZBrushWorkshops. Hard-Surface Sculpting Most mechanical modeling is done with Subdivision Surface Modeling but digital sculpting apps can also be used for mechanical work. More Information CategoryCharacter CategoryCharacterModeling

Create a Crisp Metallic Text Effect in Photoshop In this quick tip tutorial, we will explain how to create a crisp, metallic text effect using just a couple of layer styles in Photoshop. Let's get started! Tutorial Assets The following assets were used during the production of this tutorial. Step 1 Before opening Photoshop, install the font Rothenburg Decorative and these grunge brushes.Open Photoshop and Create a New Document, 1800 x 1300 pixels in RGB mode, 72 DPI and finally then Fill the background with this dark grey color #1f1f1f. Step 2 Create a New Layer, name it 'texture' and using these Grunge Brushes click a couple of times in the center of the document using a white color. Step 3 Double-click on the thumbnail of the Layer 'texture' to open the Layer Style panel. Step 4 Click on the 'Add Layer Mask' icon, then click Command/Ctrl + (I) to invert it. Step 5 Using the 'Type Tool' (T) and these settings, type the word 'Othello' or whatever you want. Step 6 Open the 'Layer Style' of the 'Othello' Text Layer and apply these settings.