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VERFHOND - Research In Progress: 2014 | Featuring a List of A Thousand Living New Masters of Painting from all over the World Content Curation Primer Photo by Stuck in Customs What is Content Curation? Content curation is the process of sorting through the vast amounts of content on the web and presenting it in a meaningful and organized way around a specific theme. Content curation is not about collecting links or being an information pack rat, it is more about putting them into a context with organization, annotation, and presentation. People and organizations are now making and sharing media and content all over the social web. Content Curation Provides Value from the Inside Out What does that mean for nonprofits and the people who work for them? For some staff members, content curation can be professional of learning. The biggest challenge to becoming a content curator is getting past the feeling of “content fried” or so much good content and so little time to digest it. The Three S’s of Content Curation: Seek, Sense, Share Content curation is a three-part process: Seek, Sense, and Share. Getting Started

StoryCreator - Building your book online. 1. Create a new book Try it (FREE) 2. Finish your book Not sure how to finish the story you started? For inspiration, take a look at other books that StoryJumper members have written. When you're finished, click the "I'm Finished" button and your book will move to the "Books I Finished" section. 3. Sharing your book with others is a big part of the fun on StoryJumper! Publish When you "publish" your book, it'll be added to the StoryJumper public library so long as it meets some minimum requirements. Share with family and friends If you want to email a link to your book to your friends and family, just copy the "Link" shown and paste it into an email. Embed on websites You can further promote your book by "embedding" it on other websites so it can be read on those sites (kind of like watching YouTube videos on different websites). Here's an example of an embedded StoryJumper book on The Kitten Who Got Lost Remix 4. 5.

Collection : CNRSMH_E_1996_013_001 - Sound archives of the CNRS and the Musee de l'Homme. Research Centre of Ethnomusicology (CREM), University of Paris 10 - Telemeta Title Les voix du monde, une anthologie des expressions vocales Original title / translation Voices of the World, an Anthology of Vocal Expression Depositor / contributor Zemp, H.; Lortat-Jacob, B.; Léothaud, G. Document status Published Recording context Terrain Recording period Year published Access type full Corpus Editions Musée de l'Homme-CNRS, Les disques compacts (CD) Geographic and cultural informations States / nations Populations / social groups 'Are'Are, ABELAM, Amis, Antandroy, Arabe, Banda Linda, BANDA NGAO, Baoulé, Bateke, BEDIK, Berbère, Berbère; Ben Aissa, BOCHIMANS JU'HOANSI, Bunun, Dan, Dorzé, Eipo, Ema, Fon, Gbaya, GUEGUES, GUERE, Guji, Han, Huli, Iatmul, Inuit, Kaluli, KANAKS, Khmu, Kurdes, Labs, Lakota Sioux, LLAMERO, Malinké, MANG'ANJA, MBENZELE, Miskito, Mitsogho, Nung An, Peuls Bororos, Pygmée Aka, Rashaida, Selk'nam (Ona), Shuar, Teda, Tomaraho, Toraja, Toskë, Touaregs ; Kel Ansar, Xhosa, Yafar, Yakoute, YAWALAPITI Legal notices Recordist Publisher Le Chant du Monde, Paris. Code Items

3s of content curation business card 15 top-notch content curation tools Content curation tools play an important role in the content planning and publishing process. Before we provide you with our picks for the Web’s best content curation tools, let’s go back a step revisit the origins of content curation and the specific role it plays. The role content curation plays across the social Web Content curation has risen in significance for a number of reasons: 1. There are associated benefits of curated content, including the ability to serve up frequent content and increased opportunities for interaction, which can help exposure over time. How content curation works Content planning varies by channel. The best forms of curated content are evergreen, as opposed to news-based content, which has a shorter shelf-life. Examples of evergreen content include FAQs, how-to guides and tutorials, industry definitions, and resource lists (such as this one). Imagery also plays a key role in the curated content you locate and repurpose (as images don’t have to be time sensitive).

picjumbo — totally free photos for your commercial & personal works 7 Tips To Help You Focus In Age of Distraction: Are You Content Fried! Mindmap by Jane Genovese This morning I learned a new word for information overload – “content fried” from a colleague at the Packard Foundation. It resonated. Then there’s the whole other world of organizational content that you need to consume or create to get stuff done! For those of us who work on social media and networks, “content fried” is an occupational hazard. I’m finding that my learning and online work is a fast forward, swimming in the stream experience. Howard Rheingold calls this process managing your attention or “Infoattention” and it is what he has been teaching in his courses. I decided to spend a little bit time reflecting on the diagram and pull out some tips for re-learning focus: 1.) 2.) 3.) 4.) 5.) 6.) 7.) What are your tips to help you focus in an age of distraction?