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Instructions: How to Spring Clean With Nontoxic Home-made Products - Environment

Instructions: How to Spring Clean With Nontoxic Home-made Products - Environment
Tackling spring-cleaning this month? Us too. But there's no sense in doing it if you're going to create a big mess for the planet (and your body) in the process. Cleaning up your act isn't as straightforward as running to the pharmacy and picking out a bottle covered in claims of eco-friendliness and biodegradability, however. When it comes to home cleaning products a lot of eco claims are unverified and—worse—unverifiable, with rare exceptions like Seventh Generation. Instead of wondering what kinds of toxic chemicals you're flushing down the toilet or dumping down the drain every time you decide your apartment's gotten a little grungy, stock up on a few things listed below, and keep these easy recipes handy. All-purpose cleaner. Windows and mirror cleaner. Floor soap. Carpet deodorizer. Tubs, countertops, and sink scrub. Oven cleaner. Natural drain cleaner. Wood cleaner. Moldy grout remover. Shower spray. Toilet. Stainless steel polish. Marble, granite, or stone countertop cleaner.

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Make Your Own Homemade Cat Toys Kitties Playing with Pumpkins One Halloween, after I carved the pumpkins, I realized here was yet another kitty toy. Hollowed out pumpkins make fun and different playthings for the kitties and my kitties definitely enjoyed a chance to play with them and one of them even enjoyed nibbling on them. Print Version - Five Tibetan Rites By Mary Kurus Copyright Mary Kurus 2001, All Rights Reserved Background In 1985 a book called The Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth written by Peter Kelder was published which for the first time fully described an exercise program for "youthing".

Olive Oil Benefits &150; Olive Oil Uses &150; Olive Oils - The Da... Olive oil is more than a cartoon character, historic symbol of peace and glory or food staple of the much-vaunted Mediterranean diet. It is actually tremendously useful stuff, finding applications in personal care, home improvement, green cleaning, natural remedies and other areas. It's long been reported that there are a number of health benefits of olive oil. Snake Oil? The scientific evidence for health supplements See the data: See the static versionSee the old flash version Check the evidence for so-called Superfoods visualized. Note: You might see multiple bubbles for certain supplements.

How to Manage a Home Budget You laugh at the same jokes, you love the same pizza toppings, and you both agree that dogs are better than cats. Once you and your honey start sharing a roof, however, your respective views about managing a home budget may be light years apart. Budget management can be a source of fractious friction for even the most starry-eyed romantics, but it can also be a wellspring of interactive fun if you start it off right. Items you will need Spreadsheet software (such as Excel, Quicken, or My Budget Planner)Calendar Real Estate Portal To Homes For Sale Home Houses Buildings and Land Farms International Real Estate

Easy Enema Kits for home enema kits with fountain enema bags for easy mixing of the enema solution and easy cleaning of the enema bag. These economical enema kits come with a choice of a 2-quart or a 4-quart enema bag. Our economical Easy Enema Kits, with open-topped fountain bags, allow easy mixing of the enema solution and easy cleaning of the bag. These enema kits come with a choice of a 2-quart or a 4-quart latex enema bag or a 3-quart silicone enema bag and a choice of a Flex Tip Nozzle, Silicone Colon Tube, or Enema Retention Flexible-Inflatable Nozzle. The 2-quart enema bag makes an inexpensive excellent starter colon cleanse kit.

Permaculture Fast Track Special - Permaculture Design Course “The instructors here are top notch. They brought together a wide variety of ideas dealing with not only the treatment of the land and the design of farms, but with the treatment of people and the planet.” ~Brett M., Permaculture Designer Program Graduate: Top 10 Natural, Eco-Friendly and Anti-Pollutant Houseplants – Get rid of indoor pollution in a natural way You must have spent practically thousands of dollars to buy the latest vacuum cleaner and the latest floor cleaners that help you keep your house clean. However, there comes a time when these machines fail to work leaving you to the unhealthy dust particles and other pollutants in your house.

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