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The EX¹ - rapid 3D printing of circuit boards by Cartesian Co.

The EX¹ - rapid 3D printing of circuit boards by Cartesian Co.
Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for live updates. Check the updates tab above for more cool stuff! The Cartesian Co. printer EX¹ transforms electronics and prototyping in the same way that 3D printing has made things possible that were inconceivable even 5 years ago. The EX¹ printer is not designed to create any 3D object like normal 3D printers. The process is as easy as clicking File > Print. Breadboards or sewable circuits are great ways to get into electronics but where do you go after that? In addition to more conventional circuit board materials the EX¹ can print on a variety of different substrates you might not associate with circuits. Cartesian Co. wants to change the way you think about electronics in the same way that 3D printers fundamentally changed the way we think about making physical objects. One capability of the EX¹ we're really excited about is the ability to print straight onto fabric. The reason we created the EX¹ is simple; we got sick of making PCBs by hand. Related:  Arduino&Hardware3Dprinting

LoccaMini & LoccaPhone: the world's smallest and most sophisticated GPS-locators For this communication and locating service we have to charge you a small monthly fee. The monthly fee is a flat rate service fee and includes unlimited locating service and up to 100 minutes of voice connection nationally. There are NO further roaming costs for data traffic! For the last 2 years we have been working together with the best engineers, designers and software developers to create world class locators with an intuitive handling and that you can use for any field of application. We have fully functional prototypes of the LoccaMini and the smartphone apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone will be available in the App Store in November 2013. We are now ready for mass production of the LoccaMini (for pets, bike, stuff) and this requires us to raise money from the incredible IndieGoGo platform, which has helped many companies to successfully launch their products and services. We need to raise a minimum of €75,000 ($100,000) to manufacture the first production run. 1. 6. 7. 10.

Comparateur d'imprimantes 3D : Les meilleurs prix, les dimensions, les fabricants... |3dnatives Accueil > Comparateur d'imprimantes 3D Premier comparateur de prix pour imprimantes 3D avec plus de 200 modèles Vous trouverez plus de 200 modèles regroupant tous les types d'imprimantes 3D et d'équipements de fabrication additive, que ce soit les imprimantes 3D pour particuliers ou des machines de production. Nous y avons aussi inclus les stylos 3D et les imprimantes 3D avec des matériaux très différents comme le chocolat ou le bois. N'hésitez pas à utiliser les commandes à gauche pour sélectionner l'imprimante 3D qui correspond à votre budget et au type de technologie qui vous convient. Comparer : Sélectionnez jusqu’à 4 Imprimantes 3D pour les comparer Trier par : Populaire | Prix | Note | Nom 218 résultats trouvés L'imprimante 3D Hephestos de chez BQ est une évolution ... L'Ultimaker 2+ est la nouvelle version de l'imprimante ... L'imprimante 3D Zortrax M200 du polonais Zortrax est un... L’imprimante 3D Dom Pro fabriquée par le français Dood ... La Up! La UP!

Helix 3D Printer: Upgrade your business! by Acuity Design Helix is the best investment you will make in your business this year. With an attainable price, versatile materials, and unmatched quality, Helix takes the guess work out of integrating professional 3D printing into your business. Architects will benefit from quick, inexpensive scale models, captivating their clients' imaginations and converting more sales. Engineers and manufacturers will save thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours annually by printing in-house what they once had to outsource. Helix is a perfect tool for architects looking to win more contracts. Typical Auto-CAD drawings can be readied for printing in under an hour. Helix allows mechanical engineers to save both money and time in the development process, often paying for itself in the first month of operation. Outsourcing large-size, multi-material, or exotic-material prototypes is no longer necessary since Helix can accommodate with ease. Have questions about how Helix can upgrade your business?

Electrodes and Electrolytes - chipstein By far the most important step for recording decent signals is to make proper electrical contact with the skin. If you don't take this statement seriously, you are likely to get nowhere. Especially for EEG. Just putting bare metal on the skin doesn’t make an adequate connection. The skin must be prepared, and an electrolyte—a conductive interface—is needed, along with a metal electrode. Electrolytes and metal electrodes in turn are the basic components of batteries—a property which can cause serious trouble. Equally annoying is the 60-Hz electric field that permeates all of our bodies in electrified environments. (It might be possible to get by with lousier skin connections using active instrumentation amplifiers with feedback to the neutral electrode. Even after initial amplification, the EEG is so tiny that 60-Hz noise can be picked up from the preamp circuitry. Professional neurophysiologic recording is done with fancy electrodes made of gold or silver/silver chloride.

The Buccaneer® - The 3D Printer that Everyone can use! by Pirate3D Inc Manufacturing timeline and Stretch goals sections are at the very end for those who just want to go there. FAQ is also at the back, do check it out in case the questions you have are already answered there. Hi everyone! We have had many requests to see the internals of our 3D printer while it is printing. We ripped out the mechanics from our final casing and placed them into our prototype casing (which is transparent) for all of you to see! You may notice the internals are slightly different from our main video and the reason for this is the progress we have made from the time we applied for Kickstarter until the day it is launched. It's a bit messy because our prototype box doesn't have the compartments for proper storage but it looks great either way. The item printed is the Cute Octopus from Makerbot, Created by Jason Bakutis and is a creative common. We at Pirate3D are creating a full 3D printing solution for home consumers. Here is what we offer: Here is our baby, The Buccaneer. Why?

QU-BD One Up - Open Source Production Ready 3D Printer by Chelsea Thompson The QU-BD One Up is the world's first production ready 3D printer to break the $200 barrier. It uses industry standard technology and electronics and everything is OPEN SOURCE! The source files will all be released a couple days BEFORE the Kickstarter campaign ends! *** Please note that we are having a company that shares our warehouse with us handle all packaging and shipping so that we can continue to focus on our all metal 3D Printers*** We are thrilled to offer the One Up and Two Up for the Holidays as an easy to assemble kit. Heated Bed and Full ABS Support: Add $74 to your pledge to add an upgraded power supply, silicone rubber heater and basalt bed. Stretch Goals! What's in the Kit? (4) Super Torquey NEMA 17 Stepper Motors (1) Anubis Hot End for 1.75mm Filament w/ Thermistor (1) Laser Cut Black Melamine Coated MDF Frame (1) Precision ACME Screw and Nut for the Z-Axis (6) LM8LUU Precision Linear Bearings w/ 6 8mm Smooth Rods (2) Aluminum HTD Pulleys w/ 3 Ball Bearings as Idlers

What do you want to make today? L'allemand 3D Freesculpt lance son imprimante 3D à 800€ Pour une fois c’est un européen qui se lance, et plus particulièrement un allemand, du nom de 3D Freesculpt. La société commercialise depuis quelques jours un nouveau modèle d’imprimante 3D : la EX1-Basic. Disponible sur le site de Pearl, 3 packs sont proposés : une version avec l’imprimante seule à 799,90€, une version avec le logiciel de création 3D Trimodo « EX1-Plus » en complément à 899,90€, et enfin une version avec un scanner 3D « EX1-ScanCopy » pour 1099,90€. Une vidéo de présentation de l’imprimante et du logiciel 3D Trimodo, réalisée par les équipes de Pearl (en allemand toutefois) est disponible : Du côté des caractéristiques techniques, elle pourra imprimer des objets de dimension 225 x 145 x 150 mm (un peu plus petit que la MakerBot Replicator 2), à une vitesse maximale de 24cm³/h, 80 – 120 mm/s pour une épaisseur de couche de 0,15 à 0,4 mm. L’imprimante fonctionne avec du filament ABS, dont une bobine est fournie.

5 Color/Material 3D Filament Printer - WITH LIQUID COOLING! by ORD Solutions At ORD Solutions, we already manufacture a high quality, single nozzle 3D Printer. We have many happy customers in the industrial, commercial, and hobby communities. But we want more! What we want to do is provide a 3D Printer with as many as FIVE (5) extrusion nozzles. That is what we are offering in this Kickstarter. On top of the new features being introduced with this project, your printer will also have all of the features of our existing printers, including the fact that your printer is fully assembled and ready to print right out of the box. So how can you get one of these great printers? If you want to customize your nozzles, for example, to make one nozzle bigger for faster infilling, you will specify that at the end of the campaign in the survey we will send you. Here is a comparison of the 5 color version of our printer to our main competitors. You may be wondering why our price is so much lower than our next nearest competitor. Project Milestones:

bitalino | do more Organovo Holdings, Inc. Common Share Price Chart | ONVO Skip to search. Search for share prices Fri 25 Apr 2014 3:07 - UK Markets open in 4 hrs and 53 mins help More On ONVO Quotes Derivatives WarrantsInvestment Products Charts News & Info Company Analyst Coverage Ownership Financials <div id="javascript_disabled"><em>Javascript is disabled on your browser. Organovo Holdings, Inc. 0.21(3.32%) 24 Apr 21:00 Add to Portfolio Quotes delayed, except where indicated otherwise. Headlines No Headlines available for ONVO at this time. Quotes are real-time for NASDAQ, NYSE, and NYSE MKT. Fundamental company data provided by Capital IQ. Phoenix 3D Printer by Ez3D Missed the Kickstarter? You can still get a Phoenix! Visit our web site at Some of our updates are important! At the San Mateo MakerFaire, virtually everyone we spoke to asked us this question. So what makes our printer different? It's the software. Our software makes 3D printing easier. The Z Axis Most traditional 3D printers use threaded rods to drive their Z axis up and down. The Extruder Our extruder is designed to help prevent heat from traveling up the filament. A warranty. Yes, we have a one year on parts and labor. This spider house was printed using gray ABS and made up to look cool. We think the torture test above turned out very well, even when printed with the "low quality" profile! Build Area: 240 x 215 x 200 millimetersResolution: 0.1mm all around12-volt, 40-watt heater 0.35mm brass nozzleAccepts 1.75mm filamentHeated build platform, which means you can print with ABS! Parts Library Print Recovery Mode Mobile App Integrated Diagnostic Tools Delivery Dates

20 New Must-Have Products in the Maker Shed We’re in the midst of Maker Faire season here at Make, and are hurriedly (but calmly) preparing for the upcoming fourth annual World Maker Faire New York. We hope to start doing these posts on a more regular basis in the near future, but for now we’ll be announcing new products in large batches. Thanks to the beautifully round number of recent additions, all of the products discussed below are also on the first page of our New Arrivals category. Raspberry Pi Camera Finally, the Raspberry Pi Camera module has arrived! Micro Quadcopter This is one of my personal favorites, and what I believe to be one of the best bang-for-the-buck buys in multirotors today. GoldieBlox GoldieBlox and the Spinning Machine is a book series and construction set starring Goldie, the girl inventor who loves to build. USB Wifi Module This will work great for all you Raspberry Pi or BeagleBone users who’re sick of tripping over your 20′ Ethernet cables. TinkerForge Weather Station Skallops Artec Educational Kid’s Kits

Stampiamo tutto in 3D, anche i denti In un piccolo paese del Nord Est si nasconde la Dws Systems, innovativa azienda che prova a rivoluzionare la piccola industria italiana. Un documentario a partire dalla storia di copertina di Wired di febbraio Pubblicato Powered by Except In quel pezzo di Nord-Est che va dal lago di Garda alla laguna di Venezia vigono tre leggi non scritte. Le mappe di Mountain View mi spediscono in una via Lago di Levico che si trova a Schio, mentre io devo andare in quella che si trova nella vicina Zanè, che proprio non sembra esistere. Colpo grosso a Basilea«Visto che eravamo a Vicenza, patria dell’oreficeria, è venuto naturale pensare a una stampante per questo settore». Operazione dentiQuel piano terra da 300 metri quadrati viene convertito in laboratorio e, nel 2008, nasce Dws Systems. Dws Systems è un ecosistema autosufficiente.