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Icthyosaurs were giant reptiles who lived in the seas at the same time as the dinosaurs ruled the land. They gave live birth to their children. A fossil newly discovered in China, dating back almost a quarter of a billion years, shows the earliest known live birth of a reptile. The fossil literally captures the moment of birth, as there was an embryo still inside the mother, a newborn just outside her, and a third halfway between, in the process of exiting the pelvis. The headfirst posture of the second baby indicates to researchers that live birth may have evolved on land, not in the water in reptiles as previously thought. Icthyosaurs, although they lived in the same time period and could be mistakenfor them owing to their shared reptilian inheritage, were not dinosaurs. Although not a first per se, it still amazes me that, through fossilization, we can look back at a birth in progress that started 248 million years ago.

Image Search Engines - The Best Image Search Engines on the Web By Wendy Boswell Updated July 15, 2015. Images are one of the most popular searches on the Web, year after year. We use them as part of a project, to decorate our websites, blogs, or social networking profiles, and for so much more. Here is a collection of just a few of the best sites for finding images online StudentEdge ... But we're still here to help you on! check out Explore Zines - The Poetic A gallery of literary and visual arts showcasing the agonizing, the aesthetic, and the whimsical. We… Designism Designism covers the whole universe of design — print, digital, industrial, architectural — designers and those… • depth of field •

Download Squad Notational Velocity ALT, the supremo Mac note-taking tool, goes 1.0 by Jason Clarke on December 12, 2010 at 02:24 PM It's no secret that Notational Velocity is my favorite Mac note-taking application. Blog: 6 uses for Twitter lists and how to manage them using SocialBro As you probably know, In May Twitter announced that they were increasing the list limits to an allowance of 1000 lists per user (the old limit was 20) and each list can now contain up to 5000 people (which used to be 1000). As frequent Twitter list users ourselves, this announcement made us all rather excited here at SocialBro! Update to Twitter lists: You can now make up to 1,000 lists (up from 20), and each list can include up to 5,000 accounts (up from 500).— Twitter for News (@TwitterForNews) May 30, 2013 This improvement to Twitter lists brings many benefits to groups of people who use this feature, such as community managers, agencies and large companies as it allows for better community segmentation. For example in the past some users had to create four lists for the same segment of people whereas now these can all fit in one.

How To: DIY $10 Macro Photo Studio Today we are going to learn how to build a DIY light tent for product photography, for next to zero cost. Even saying it costs "$10" is a bit of a stretch, because you can probably build this mostly for free. The ten dollars assumes you cannot scrounge a cardboard box and some white tissue paper you have saved in the gift-wrap supplies box. You can get this stuff at an office supply store, but it is more fun to scrounge. Content-based image retrieval General scheme of content-based image retrieval Content-based image retrieval (CBIR), also known as query by image content (QBIC) and content-based visual information retrieval (CBVIR) is the application of computer vision techniques to the image retrieval problem, that is, the problem of searching for digital images in large databases (see this survey[1] for a recent scientific overview of the CBIR field). Content-based image retrieval is opposed to traditional concept-based approaches (see concept-based image indexing). History[edit] The term "content-based image retrieval" seems to have originated in 1992 when it was used by T.

What is The Memex? Xerox Presents Trailmeme Last week Google chairman and CEO Eric Schmidt wrote a guest article for the Wall St Journal, discussing the need for new forms of newspaper publishing to replace the old print paradigm. Another not-so-new paradigm, but one more suited to the networked computer age we live in today, is Vannevar Bush's 1945 pre-hypertext concept the Memex. Trailmeme is a product by Xerox that models itself on The Memex. It's a destination site for Xerox Trails, which is being promoted as "a new kind of Web-based publishing technology."

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