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Spime Watch: Internet of Things Landscape from TechCrunch *Every thing for every body, folks. *BergCloud is too out-there to even show up on this chart, which seems to be rather Silicon Valley centric. Where are the Chinese? The Chinese love the Internet of Things. At least, they love the firewalled internet of Chinese things with Chinese characteristics. About OpenRemote Choose Any Hardware. Design On Any Panel. Deploy On Any Platform. Control Everything. The Open Source Way. Will The Cloud be the Integrator in the Sky to Save Home Automation? A few weeks ago Amazon added support for the WeMo and Philips Hue lights to their Echo home speaker. Suddenly people who had the Amazon device plus the lighting products in their home could say things like, “Alexa, turn on the kitchen lights” and it would just work. Two disparate systems suddenly talking to each other, literally in this case, with little or no input or configuration from the user, all courtesy of the Cloud. Smart home bliss. The Echo now has its own IFTTT channel and late last year the Honeywell evohome heating system gained geofencing capabilities with the launch of its own IFTTT channel as well.

35 Open Source Tools for the Internet of Things 11. OpenPicus This company offers a line of programmable modules and kits for connecting devices to the cloud and the Internet of Things. Its platform and hardware are open source, but its products can be used to create closed source commercial products. The company also offers its development services for hire. 12.

welcome The revolutions in web 2.0 and smartphones were enabled by the creation of platforms, and the widespread innovation they made possible. The disruptive jump in complexity brought on by IoT devices, combined with the requirement for their development at scale means embedded development must enter the platform era too. We are creating a modern full-stack operating system, designed for ARM® Cortex®-M-based MCUs; the worlds leading 32-bit microcontrollers that already sell in the billions. Inspired by the highly productive programming frameworks and tools of the web, and optimised for energy efficiency, built-in connectivity, security and reusable software components, it will become the foundation that enables widespread innovation in the Internet of Things (IoT) space.

IoT Smoker - Yeeeeee Hawwwww!!! It’s summer time in Texas and with that comes outdoor cooking. One of the cornerstones of outdoor cooking is BBQ. Graphing Live Data With Google Charts There are plenty of services and JavaScript libraries that will allow you to graph your logged data. So instead of trying to reinvent one of those services on, we’ll show you how to connect existing services and libraries to your data streams. In this tutorial, we will help you graph live data from using the Google Charts JavaScript library. Making home automation simple Imagine we like our sensors and LamPI system to connect to the new Internet of Things (IoT). It is good to recognize that there are 3 important parts to the Internet of things and that (also dependent on technical skills) only two are interesting: Your Things. Where do you put them, and what sensible information do they gather. When and how often will they connect to the IoT and report their values.