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Dialnet Astrophysics Astrophysics People have gazed at the stars, given them names, and observed their changes for thousands of years. NASA joined the ancient pursuit of knowledge of our universe comparatively recently. Goals The science goals of Astrophysics are breathtaking: we seek to understand the universe and our place in it. NASA¹s goal in Astrophysics is to "Discover how the universe works, explore how it began and evolved, and search for life on planets around other stars." Current Programs Astrophysics comprises of three focused and two cross-cutting programs. Physics of the Cosmos Cosmic Origins Exoplanet Exploration Astrophysics Explorer Program Astrophysics Research Current Missions The Astrophysics current missions include three of the Great Observatories originally planned in the 1980’s and launched over the past 25 years. Near Future The near future will be dominated by several missions. The Future Since the 2001 decadal survey, the way the universe is viewed has changed dramatically.

Etymologically Speaking... From the old Arabic word "hashshshin," which meant, "someone who is addicted to hash," that is, marijuana. Originally refered to a group of warriors who would smoke up before battle. Aaron White adds: You may want to explore the fact that the hashshshins were somewhat of a voodoo-ized grand conspiracy scapegoat cult (the very fact of their existence is impossible to confirm). They supposedly were a secret society (a la the FreeMasons) which was influential in every middle eastern court from Persia to Bangladesh. Paul Graham adds: The assassins were a sect of warriors who controlled a number of fortified towns in Persia for about 200 years. From "thaler" -- a nickname for the silver coins that were minted from the ore found in Joachimsthal ("Saint Joachim's Valley" in German), Bohemia (part of the current Czech Republic) -- which gained "currency" (pun not intended) shortly after the lode's discovery in 1516. R.

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