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Marvel Minimalist Posters on the Behance Network

Marvel Minimalist Posters on the Behance Network
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Dans l'histoire des super-héros DC Comics Anthologie 288 pages, env. 23 euros, édité par Urban Comics Superbe couverture signée Alex Ross ! Crédit DC Comics Anthologie ™ & ©2012 DC COMICS. All Rights Reserved. 70 ans! A tout seigneur tout honneur: ça commence par les origines de Superman, le héros de krypton inventé par Jerry Siegel et Joe Shuster, initialement publiées sur deux pages en 1939. Résumer 70 ans de BD en quelques 300 pages, c’est un saisissant raccourci pour voir l’évolution des dessins et de la mise en page. Même ambiance dix ans plus tard. « ‘L’anthologie » reproduit aussi l’épisode de Batman où les auteurs, pour la première fois, exposent le traumatisme d’enfance qui conduira Bruce Wayne à devenir l’homme chauve-souris. La nouvelle "Ligue de justice" date de 2011. Impossible de retrouver un truc pareil en 2011 ! Le Dark Knight, version Neal Adams. Olivier Lascar WordPress: J'aime chargement…

Cuentos de Hadas, Subidos de tono Elaborados por Zenescope. Classic Video Game Characters minimalist by SkahfeePortraits Science in superheroes « Basal Science Clarified The magic of the movies means almost anything can happen. You can time travel, control objects with your mind, or even heal yourself no matter how serious your injuries are. But did you know that filmmakers often consult scientists and engineers for their input in movies? Dr. Believe it or not, there’s a lot of science behind the powers of many famous superheroes. Mr. Spider-man’s abilities—from his superhuman strength and reflexes to his ability to cling on any surface—have been attributed to a radioactive spider bite. Researchers at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, British Columbia have built a new type of climbing robot that can scale walls using the adhesion from surface contact forces. Another form of robotic technology is Ironman’s suit of armour which allows him to fly and fire a range of sophisticated weapons. The appeal of superhero movies is largely due to the imaginary world the heroes reside in. — Lynne Robinson (2012). Greenemeir, Larry. (2008). Like this: Like Loading...

David Tran Makes Even Maggot Look Good In Stylish X-Men Redesigns [Art Let’s face it, as edgy and true to the real world as the Marvel Universe is-even compared to the new DCU-there just aren’t all that many tattoos. David Tran seems to have picked up on this in his stunning redesigns of some prominent (and not so prominent) mutants. He’s even cleaned up the X-Men’s outcast among outcasts-Maggott.Tran’s designs look like they owe a bit to Clayton Crain’s darkened and refreshed X-Force costumes, as well as Frank Quitely’s action-casual New X-Men attire. Jubilee, Cyclops, Storm and Shatterstar have all come under fire from Tran’s art guns since he began dressing them up on his deviantART account. We will warn you-he does have a couple of controversial picks on his X-team.

untitled Secret Life of Heroes, part II – 23 nouvelles illustrations Secret Life of Heroes, part II – 23 nouvelles illustrations La suite de la série “Secret Life of Heroes” de l’illustrateur Greg Guillemin, qui met en scène la vie ordinaire des super-héros dans de superbes illustrations Pop art décalées. On y retrouve cette fois encore Batman, Captain America, Wonder Woman, Cat Woman, Hulk, Iron Man et les autres dans les petits détails de leurs vies quotidiennes… La première série de ses illustrations à voir ici “Secret life of heroes – La vie ordinaire des Super Héros” Images © Greg Guillemin

Twisted Princess Con la reciente adquisición de Marvel, por parte de Disney, podrán las princesas obtener una nueva imagen? Minimalist Pokemon Evolutions If Apple designers wanted to show you Pokemon evolutions, the drawings would probably look like these examples created by artist Lomm. Let's just say that only the necessary details are included. Continue reading to see more. [via Buzzfeed - RedBubble] Interesting Posts Around the Web Combien ça coûte d’être un super-héros ? – Batman, Superman, Wolverine, comparaison en infographies Batman, Superman, Wolverine, Hulk, Spiderman… Combien ça coûte d’être un super-héros ? Emil Lendof et Bob Al-Greene ont réalisé une série d’infographies pour comparer le prix à payer pour être un super héros, entre l’année où le personnage est apparu (1939 pour Batman, 1962 pour Hulk, 1974 pour Wolverine, etc.) et aujourd’hui… Images by Emil Lendof & Bob Al-Greene / via

Weird Superheroes Weird Superheroes Fun | January 14, 2011 / views: Warning: Creating default object from empty value in /home/weirdex/public_html/includes/functions_core.php on line 260 85,398 Fantastic artwork by Christopher Uminga! He is an illustrator/painter from New Haven, CT, USA; he says: "I see monsters in my head and I put them on paper or canvas and let them play. Joker Wolverine Collossus Wonder Woman Deadpool Incredible Hulk DC Heroes Bobba Fett Two-face Hellboy Skeletor Captain America Green Lantern Thor Iron Man The Thing Chewbacca Venom Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Superman Batman and Robin X-men Darth Maul Hellboy and Abe Sapien untitled If your wondering while I’ve been quite, the tail end of 2013 was jarring to me, the people of Tacloban City, the People of of Region VIII and a lot more FIlipino’s in the Visayas region. Now I’ve been working trough 2014 towards hopefully a better future. “Robin wishes he was me.” -Hit-Girl sketch Hit-Girl My computers in the shop so I did a quick sketch in pencil after watching Kick-Ass 2. gregproops The Smartest Man in the World podcast Shameless Plug Time. Thanos 2 drawing. Thanos I’ve been reading “infinity Gauntlet” this week. I was given these powers for a reason. -Miles Morales