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I Paid a Bribe - Report Now

I Paid a Bribe - Report Now
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Rejoignez nos projets Rejoignez nos projets Chaque personne qui s’engage est un espoir pour les plus pauvres Le Mouvement ATD Quart Monde existe grâce aux contributions de plus de cent mille personnes qui mettent leurs compétences et leur temps au service de notre action de lutte contre la misère, souvent au coté de personnes et de communautés en situation de pauvreté ou en soutenant ceux qui s’y trouvent. Dans leur propre milieu, ils cherchent à réaliser les transformations sociales nécessaires pour faire reculer l’exclusion sociale et l’injustice , et susciter de nouveaux engagements pour construire une société sans misère. Chaque personne qui s’engage constitue un espoir pour les plus pauvres.

Google Reader (38) Q&A with Founder of 'I Paid a Bribe,' India's Anti-Corruption Online Movement India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, with an average GDP growth of about 9 percent over the past several years. Yet corruption remains a pressing problem in the nation of 1.2 billion – Transparency International ranked India 87th out of 178 countries on perceptions of transparency and integrity last year – and a serious drag on the economy and society at large. Meanwhile, the Jan Lokpal Bill, an anti-corruption proposal which has received significant public support and media attention in recent months, reveals a society that is increasingly frustrated over the corruption they see their government representatives engaged in. Ordinary citizens are increasingly raising their voice through innovative social media outlets like, a website that allows citizens to report bribes they were forced to pay. The public response has been overwhelming, with over 14,300 reports across 453 cities and 21 governmental departments recorded since it started in 2010.

5 friends pose for the same picture every 5 years for 30 years In 1982, five guys at a cabin on Copco Lake in California posed for a picture. Nothing unusual about that… They continued getting together there every year, and in 1987 they thought it would be be funny to recreate that old 1982 picture. Again, not terribly unusual… Then 1992 came, and the guys were still friends and were still making their yearly trip to the lake. Will they meet again for the photo in 2017? We plan on doing this for the rest of our lives, no matter what — Up until there’s one guy just sitting in the same pose! Check out the guys’s site about these pics. Related… From being babies to having them, these brothers never missed a pic with Santa [30 pics] Photographer’s painfully beautiful documentation of his wife’s battle with breast cancer [15 pics]

Goodmorning & Goodnight | A refreshing dose of interesting Le Capital au XXIe siècle (2013) , Thomas Piketty, Actualités / Essais / Document La répartition des richesses est l’une des questions les plus débattues aujourd’hui. Pour les uns, les inégalités n’en finiraient pas de se creuser dans un monde toujours plus injuste. Pour les autres, on assisterait à une réduction naturelle des écarts et toute intervention risquerait de perturber cette tendance harmonieuse. Mais que sait-on vraiment de l’évolution des inégalités sur le long terme ? En réalité, les analyses économiques supposées nous éclairer se fondent plus souvent sur des spéculations théoriques que sur des faits établis. Fruit de quinze ans de recherches, cette étude, la plus ambitieuse jamais entreprise sur cette question, s’appuie sur des données historiques et comparatives bien plus vastes que tous les travaux antérieurs. En tirant de l’expérience des siècles passés des leçons pour l’avenir, cet ouvrage montre que des moyens existent pour inverser cette tendance.

Quotes For the Day - 36 of My Favorite Silly, Crazy or Funny | Source: Uploaded by user via Princess Source: Uploaded by user via Princess Source: via Princess Source: via Princess Source: via Irene Source: via Tammy< Source: via Carla Source: via Sarah Source: via Soraya Source: via Suzanne Source: Uploaded by user via Erin Source: via Suzanne Source: via Glenda Source: via Katie Source: via Flower Source: via Laurie Source: via Jj Source: via Jessi Source: via Rachel Source: via Blair Source: via Katie Source: via Lauren Source: Uploaded by user via Caleb Source: via Lynn Source: via doinks Source: via Jordan Source: via Sabri Source: via Source: animalcapshunz.ican via Leo Connie

India’s Internet Freedom Nightmare India has called out Facebook, Twitter and Google over what it deems to be “objectionable” online content. With recent violence powered through social media, can balance be found? By Jonah Force Hill for The Diplomat August 25, 2012 Coming on the heels of a series of legal and political confrontations with the world’s largest and most prominent Internet companies, the Indian government has once again become embroiled in a struggle with Facebook, Twitter, and Google over what it deems to be “objectionable” online content. Before, when the government and the powerful Internet companies faced-off last spring, there were only important matters of Internet privacy and speech, as well as government power, at issue. On Tuesday, Indian officials pressed the companies to remove certain “inflammatory” material, which the government contends contributed to the recent nationwide panic resulting in tens of thousands of people fleeing from some of India’s largest cities. Enjoying this article?

The 5 Most Badass Movie Scenes That Happened in Real Life Action movies have always been in an arms race to outdo each other. Stunts and effects get bigger, louder, and stupider. There's no time for realism when they're too busy showing us Vin Diesel ramping a car over a train while both are simultaneously exploding. But sometimes, real life does in fact resemble a Michael Bay movie, only minus the giant robots (usually). #5. Scientif38 This is one of those scenes too stupid for a James Bond movie: Our hero is skiing or boarding down a mountain when an avalanche thunders behind him, and he races ahead of it before he can be crushed under a thousand tons of snow. Or Call of Duty: Black Ops: Or the animated feature Hoodwinked! Yes, it's so ridiculous a stunt that two of our three examples were a cartoon and a video game. Who, in a St. The Reality: Matthias Giraud and Stefan Laude are both experienced skiers used to zooming around on mountaintops. At the start of the video, nothing seems out of the ordinary. "You hear something?" #4. #3.

Remote-Controlled Camera Mount Step #1: Drill the chassis. PrevNext Remove the plastic body from the car and drill a ¼" vertical hole through the chassis. Step #2: Fasten the bolt. Put the bolt up through the hole, securing it with nuts and washers above and below. Step #3: Attach your camera. The ¼-20 bolt fits most camcorders’ standard tripod mounts. L'économie du partage, une révolution en marche | Air du temps Article paru dans Victoire du 07 septembre 2013 Alliance entre le troc, le partage, l ’échange de services et les nouvelles technologies, le mouvement touche tous les secteurs : l ’habitation, l ’alimentation, les déplacements ou le tourisme. Grâce au financement participatif, le crowdfunding, n’importe quel quidam peut participer à la création d’une startup ou au f inancement d’un projet. Ce qui n’a pas manqué d’attirer certaines entreprises qui se sont mises à créer des services participatifs. Chaque jour, des centaines d’initiatives se créent, dans l’associatif comme dans le circuit marchand. À côté de l’émergence de nouveaux outils technologiques, il y a le contexte économique plombé par une crise majeure. Du côté des utilisateurs, les motivations sont multiples. Une économie basée sur le partage implique une capacité à se détacher des objets pour en partager l’usage. L’utilisateur n’est pas dupe, c’est lui qui va déterminer la direction que le mouvement va prendre.