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The Matterform 3D Scanner

The Matterform 3D Scanner
The Matterform 3D Scanner - The world’s first, truly affordable 3D scanner for anyone! If you've ever wanted a 3D scanner now's your chance. By pledging support to this project, you can have your very own 3D Scanner. The Matterform 3D Scanner allows anyone to take a physical object, and turn it into a digital 3D model on your computer. We’ve been developing the 3D scanner hardware and software from scratch for the past year and now we’re ready to release it to you. The Verge - "Matterform crowdfunds a simple, well-designed 3D scanner that could arrive this summer" MAKE: - "Inexpensive “Click-and-Scan” 3D Scanner Soars on Indiegogo" Ponoko- "the unit behaved as advertised, and really does look great." Ars Technica - "New $443 3D scanner on sale: “Looks awesome. Tech Crunch - "Similar projects are popping up these days ... – but none look as polished as this model." Boing Boing - "Photon 3D Scanner: fold-up easy 3D scanning on IndieGoGo" Do I have to be an engineer? No. How do I get one? Related:  SCAN3D

Rubicon 3D scanner Simple and cost-effective 3d scanner. Rubicon 3D is a simple, yet powerful 3d scanner that will enable its users to turn real world objects into virtual 3d models. How it works: Webcam takes a picture of an object on the turntable with both lasers on and off, then the software looks for differences in those pictures to detect the shape of your object. What comes out: After the scanning is complete, you would be able to export either a raw hi-polygon mesh or have it structured and optimized. Scanning small objects: ( right click + View Image to see big picture ) Examples: sample scan - vasesample scan - frogsample scan - knight What makes us special: * Webcam is not included. With current setup you can scan objects up to 160mm in diameter and about 250mm in height, but since the camera is movable, even bigger objects might fit in. What do we need the funding for: Right now our prototype is working on an arduino microcontroller with a stepper motor drive. When will the scanner be ready:

Bento Laptop Tablet Hybrid by René Woo-Ram Lee Bento is quite an exceptional and forward thinking concept by René Woo-Ram Lee. It’s quite a plausible scenario that most of use/own a tablet, a PC, external hard drives and a smartphone. Now combine the power of these to have fully customizable Bento Laptop! The Box accommodates all the gear to work as one whole unit or individually; as you see fit. Laptop with 15″ OLED screen11″ tablet and 4″ phone sit in shallow depressionsSolar powered lithium-ion battery1TB SSD drive Designer: René Woo-Ram Lee The Fujitsu branding is evident and rightly so, the concept is a part of the Fujitsu Design Award that is organized by Designboom. CVG @ ETHZ - Research Distortion in Multiple View Geometry Multiple view geometry is well-understood for the case of ideal pinhole cameras and many algorithms exist to estimate epipolar geometry, trifocal tensors or homographies. In this research we focus on the problem of multiple view relations between images with radial distortion. One important case is e.g. in sequential approaches where one registers an unknown image (potentially with radial distortion) to a set of previously calibrated images. Here, we introduce the single-sided radial fundamental matrix as well as algorithms for estimating and decomposing it. Dense Reconstruction from Symmetry A system is presented that takes a single image as an input (e.g. showing the interior of St.Peter's Basilica) and automatically detects an arbitrarily oriented symmetry plane in 3D space. Discovering and Exploiting 3D Symmetries in Structure from Motion

Omni: Move Naturally in Your Favorite Game by Virtuix We are in the midst of a revolution in virtual reality. The release of affordable head mounted displays and low-cost sensor technologies has brought the decades-old dream of true virtual reality closer than ever, but there’s still one more piece to the puzzle: the Omni. The Omni takes virtual reality to the next level— allowing anyone to stand up and traverse virtual worlds with the natural use of their own feet. The Omni is the first virtual reality interface for moving freely and naturally in your favorite game. Moving naturally in virtual reality creates an unprecedented sense of immersion that cannot be experienced sitting down. Walk, run, jump, crouch: the Omni will keep you on your feet and in motion. The Omni will free gamers from passive, seated gameplay, unleashing the full potential of virtual reality gaming with the Oculus Rift and future head mounted displays. The Omni comes with Omni shoes, support belt, and tracking hardware and software. Safety is important. Manufacturing

ZEB1 Pricing Part Number: GS_ZEB1_SCAN_SYSTEM Comprising of: Scanning headData LoggerBatteryChargerBackpack ZEB1 data processing is charged as a pay-as-you-go model. Each processing job will have a minimum 'unique distance' of 10 cubes. Please note that this system is not currently automatic. All credit units will have a validity of 2 years from the date of purchase. The Gadget Flow | Top Gadgets of the Web Tutorial To Move the Camera: Zoom:Shift+scroll Rotate:Shift+ Pan:Ctrl+ ✓ Viewer✓ Modeler (Adjust Camera Mode) Zoom:scroll Rotate:hold button Pan:double-click then Show alternate camera controls Tip: These controls are useful in Full-Screen mode, because the keyboard gets disabled. To Create an Object: Start Creating an Object:In the "Objects" menu, click "Create" Change Brush Size: scroll Select Object:Paint over the object region Tip: The edges of the object will be softened when the image is created, so it is not necessary for your selection to exactly align with the object edges. Finish Creating an Object:Click "Create Object" To Move an Object Forward or Backward: Select Push/Pull Mode: Tip: You can click on any object to select it.The selected object is always outlined in red. Push/Pull: hold button To Add Volume to an Object: Select Puff Mode: Puff: To Pivot an Object Around a Line: Select Pivot Mode: Tip: You can remove existing pivot points by clicking on them,or by pressing the "Clear Pivots" button. clickclick

Finder - RFID Locator by Chu Wang, Qiujin Kou, Qian Yin & Yonghua Zhang Key Control Finder is a two-part RFID Locator comprising of the main terminal and tab stickers. Basically you are supposed to stick the tracking stickers to objects that you tend to misplace often, like keys, phone, wallet etc. Avec le bras de mesure ScanArm de FARO, les sculptures vivent de nouvelles vies Préservation du patrimoine - Restaurée en profondeur, la Victoire de Samothrace du musée du Louvre va connaître une nouvelle vie. Grâce à sa numérisation à l'aide d'un bras de mesure ScanArm de FARO, cette sculpture emblématique est désormais connue dans les moindres détails... Avec ses sept millions de personnes qui viennent l'admirer chaque année, la Victoire de Samothrace est sans conteste une des principales attractions du Musée du Louvre. Son exposition tout en haut de l'imposant escalier Daru en accentue son style aérien, célébré par tous. Pourtant, depuis sa dernière restauration en 1934, la sculpture de marbre blanc avait beaucoup perdu de son éclat. AGP est équipé de longue date de bras de mesure et de scanners laser FARO qui lui permettent de répondre à tous les besoins de numérisation, tant des petites structures (statuettes, sculptures) que des grands ouvrages et bâtiments (châteaux, cathédrales, abbayes, etc.). Télécharger le pdf