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Boosted Boards - Motorized Longboards- World's Lightest Electric Vehicle

Boosted Boards - Motorized Longboards- World's Lightest Electric Vehicle
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The ZBoard: The Weight-Sensing Electric Skateboard by Ben Forman Gizmodo: "Powered skateboards have been around… (but this) could be the first to actually pull it off” Gizmag:"Simple, lean-and-go interface” GearHungry: "Yep, the future is now” Discovery Channel: "Holy Krakatoa! I love it!" Seattle Post-Intelligencer: "Best of Show, CES 2012" Coolism.TV: "Purely Awesome" Hey Kickstarters! What do you do when you've got to go somewhere that is too far to walk but too close to drive? What is the ZBoard? The ZBoard is the world's first weight-sensing electric skateboard. How does the ZBoard work? The ZBoard's deck includes front and rear foot pads. Leaning on the front foot pad causes the ZBoard to speed up. When you have no weight on either footpad, the ZBoard will coast to a gentle stop in a similar fashion to a traditional skateboard. What features does the ZBoard have? The ZBoard includes off-road wheels and features an integrated, reinforced handle for convenient carrying, or to lock up if you can’t take it in with you. What Models Do You Offer? Team:

Meaning of KV for electric motors KV as we use it refers to the rpm constant of a motor - it is the number of revolutions per minute that the motor will turn when 1V (one Volt) is applied with no load attached to the motor. In summary, we call it revs per volt - but do not think you will obtain those revs when you attach a propeller; obviously the revs will be reduced because of the load. I have seen this aspect of a motor referred to as KV and Kv and kv - just be sure not confuse it with kV which stands for a kilo-volt. What does the KV tell us? Well it is related to the power out from a motor, or more usefully the torque level of a motor. It is determined by the number of winds on the armature (or turns as we sometimes call it) and the strength of the magnets - you see, there are so many variables with electric motors. In summary, a low KV motor has more winds of thinner wire - it will carry more volts at less amps, produce higher torque and swing a bigger prop. Let me give you an example:

C6364-270kv Brushless Outrunner Motor <div class="noscript"> JavaScript is turned off in your web browser. Turn it on to take full advantage of this site, then refresh the page. </div> Globalwarehouse Page 1 of 5 Bargain Bin BESTOFFER! My History Bargain Bin Items 3 - La transmission par chaîne et pignons (avec démultiplication) - Page 2 Si je peux me permettre d'ajouter quelques bricoles sur la transmission par chaine Modèle : en général, les e-mtb, trottinettes électriques, et une partie des pocket bike, utilisent une chaine au pas de 1/4 de pouce, dite "h25" ou "#25", c'est-à-dire qu'un maillon mesure 1/4 de pouce (6,35 mm) de long. Les chaines de vélo sont en pas 1/2 pouce (12,7 mm), ce qui ne convient en général pas pour faire un e-mtb : un plateau suffisamment grand pour que la transmission soit bien démultipliée (entre 40 et 60 dents environ, suivant votre moteur, batterie, pignon, taille de roue...) a un diamètre trop important. On trouve d'autres modèles (n°420, 428, etc...), sur des pitbikes et autre, mais ça devient trop gros pour notre usage. où acheter ? aux modérateurs : j'ai mis un lien direct vers les vendeurs pour rendre service à ceux qui cherchent des pièces, parce qu'il m'a fallu pas mal de recherche pour en trouver, mais si ça vous dérange, vous pouvez tailler dans mon message

Technique / CalculsDeTransmissions Catégories: Transmissions Théorie Voir aussi la page Transmissions Cette page manque de schémas et est un peu compliquée. S'il y a un courageux pour la restructurer... Un programme de calcul Ci-joint une feuille Excel permettant le calcul d'une transmission à pignon/crémaillère ou à courroie, avec 1 ou deux étages de réduction à poulies/courroies ou à engrenages. Les exemples ci-dessous sont tirés des calculs de la machine Otocoup. L'étage de transmission Réducteur pour un entraînement à câble ou à courroie crantée Accélérateur pour un entraînement à vis (ou en prise directe) Application exemple : Axe des X (horizontal) Transmission à engrenage, entraînement à courroie crantée.Pignon moteur 12 dents, roue de sortie 90 dents, d'ou pour 1 tour moteur , 12/90 = 0.1333 tours en sortie. Axe des Y (vertical) Transmission à engrenage, entraînement à courroie crantée.Pignon moteur 12 dents, roue de sortie 100 dents, d'ou pour 1 tour moteur , 12/100 = 0.12 tours en sortie L'entraînement à vis

Easy build self balancing electric skateboard What is it? Twin wheeled skateboard that works like a Segway. Electric skateboards exist already with powered rear wheels. Plan here was to build something like a Segway but in the form of a skateboard. UPDATE regarding IMU's and CODE (December 2014): This Instructable is a little old now and the IMU used is no longer available. If you use a digital Sparkfun 6dof IMU (which is much more easily available) then for instructions on how to use this with an Arduino, to control a self-balancing skateboard, with code, then look at this new Instructable of mine here: Also there is a scooter I have made inspired by the 1970's Raleigh Chopper with updated (December 2014) software using the same easily available digital IMU from Sparkfun: Raleigh Chopper inspired self-balancing scooter. Can I buy one ready built? How does it stay level? Why an Instructable? How much does it cost? Why do it? Have fun. John

OneWheeled Raleigh Chopper inspired Unicycle (well, actually it is a di-wheel). Winter 2014. Video of the Chopper project in action. MEDICYCLE URBAN RESPONDER Summer 2014 JUNE 2014: I entered the Hackaday Competition with Nick Thatcher and another friend. The entry was the Medicycle, twin-tyre unicycle design. OCTOBER 2014: We reached the semi-finals from 800 entries which is not bad. as part of its core functionality, and, to be honest, our medical data streaming to the web was a little contrived and clearly not absolutely essential to the working of a self-balancing unicycle! their "Daily Planet" programme, due for broadcast October 2014 in North America and Canada. Click on link below to watch this, we are lead story of this episode. Link to Daily Planet Programme (NOTE: this only will work in Canada), select 17th October (episode 155) from menu: Why build such things? Q: Can I buy a kit? Last public event attended: Uni-Mig at Newcastle Maker Faire UK April 2014. Thanks, Rebel Legion UK. Feb 2014:

selfi_manual - FIT-Robots ようこそ Selfiをお買い上げ頂き誠にありがとうございます。 センサ変更に伴いバージョンアップしました。 組立作業の前に パーツの確認工具の準備 組立手順 最終組立 Selfiの調整 ドライバ及びセンサー調整 運転 操作、運転方法 トラブルシューティング 組立および調整に関するトラブル動作およびソフトウェアに関するトラブルその他のトラブル パーツ資料 View topic - SKATEBOARD video & gps 23 mph I think there was a guy on here that drove both wheels with one motor, i will find the link, maybe only works on dirt... ran across this, using a randal comp truck with floating "free spin'' axle, ... _Axle.html anyways Papo, I am excited to see that you are working on this,what wheel is that? I was thinking of going the easy route and using existing e-board trucks and mounting a brushless motor on it....not sure how much they sell that back truck for...

DIY Electric Skateboard Kit - How To Make An Electric Motorized Skateboard