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Node.js for Beginners

Node.js for Beginners
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tutorial Introduction to Node.js This is a Node.js Tutorial from w3resource. You will learn About What Node.js is, History, Features,How to install Node in Windows and in Linux, Followed by a comprehensive discussion of each of the modules of Node.js API. What is Node.js Node.js is a framework to develop highly-scalable applications which can handle tens of thousands of simultaneous client connections efficiently. It is intended to build scalable network programs easily. Node.js is based on V8 JavaScript Engine. History At the European JSConf 2009, Ryan Dahl introduced a project he has been working on. The project received huge appreciation immediately after the demonstration and did not look back since then. Core concept Event Driven / Asynchronous over Thread based Unlike traditional server programs (like PHP, Java), each client connection creates a OS thread (smallest unit of processing scheduled by an operating system) which takes approximately 2Mb of memory with it. No locks over Deadlocks Getting Your First Job As A Node.js Developer Huseyin is one of the students that completed our "Job-Ready Node.js Developer" course and managed to secure a job as a Node.js developer shortly after that. In this interview, he shares his journey and experience with Talentbuddy. Can you please tell us a little bit about what you do now and the path you took to get here? I currently work as a full-stack JavaScript developer at Medocity - a virtual coordinated care platform that bridges the gap between the clinic & the patient’s home. Medocity's homepage We are building micro services with Node.js and Express.js and using MongoDB as a persistence layer. I have a background in .NET and a few months ago, I was looking for a way to move into the Node.js world. In the first two months, I tried to read couple of books about JavaScript and attended a few in-person workshops. I then started searching for online resources to achieve my goal or to prepare for the next step. You have to be prepared to experience both disappointment and hope.

The Node Beginner Book » A comprehensive Node.js tutorial Success Story: Frontback RubyMotion Success Story: Frontback Frontback was launched in early August and distinguished itself immediately among a sea of camera apps. Frontback is unique in that it includes the photographer in all the photos. Frontback got an excellent coverage in the tech press since its launch: TechCrunch, The Verge, CNET, The Next Web, and many more. It was also featured on Bloomberg TV and users of the app include Twitter creator Jack Dorsey and prime minister of Belgium Elio Di Rupo. The app is excellent, and was lovingly built using RubyMotion. What was the inspiration to create Frontback? 3 months ago, Frédéric did a post on Checkthis app with two pics, one with the front camera & one with the back, with only a “Front Back” title. You take the first picture in front of you in the first top half of the screen, then one at the back of your phone: you. What made you decide to use RubyMotion? So you came to iOS development from a frontend-web background.

Want a full-blown IDE for Node.js? You'll need a Windows machine... Microsoft has doubled down on its support for the Node.js server-side JavaScript framework with a new set of tools that turn Visual Studio into a full-fledged Node.js IDE. The Node.js Tools for Visual Studio (NTVS) have been in development as an open source project for around a year, but Wednesday's 1.0 release marks them ready for production use. The add-ons enable all the usual features developers expect from an IDE, including syntax highlighting, automatic formatting, brace matching, and so on. They even offer code completions, despite JavaScript being a loosely typed language. Microsoft's IntelliSense tech analyzes existing code to infer the correct types for variables before inserting the completions. And of course, an IDE wouldn't be much without rich debugging capabilities – something Redmond engineer Sara Itani has been notably lacking in the Node.js community. The NTVS are available for download from Microsoft's CodePlex code hosting site, here

Node Js + Express Js + Jade + Socket I/O + Sails Js | Sois Net ! Node.js is a server-side software system designed for writing scalable Internet applications, notably web servers. Programs are written on the server side in JavaScript, using event-driven, asynchronous I/O to minimize overhead and maximize scalability (source : wikipédia) Node.js est un système logiciel côté serveur conçu pour écrire des applications Internet évolutives, les serveurs Web, notamment. Les programmes sont écrits sur le côté serveur en JavaScript, en utilisant la programmation évènementielle, E / S asynchrone pour minimiser les temps d’attentes et optimiser l’évolutivité. Node JS est tout simplement un interpréteur de JavaScript côté serveur. Ensuite viennent toutes les spécifications propres à Node (utilisation d’un thread, il est open source, développé par Ryan Dahl, …) (source : Plus besoin d’apache ou nginx, le serveur web est écrit en Javascript/NodeJs. NPM : Node Package Manager (installation de package : semblable au gem) Puis :

Fuentes How to Install Node.js® and NPM on Windows JavaScript is quickly becoming the go-to language for web developers. Front-end web developers use JavaScript to add user interface enhancements, add interactivity, and talk to back-end web services using AJAX. Web developers who work on the server-side are also flocking to JavaScript because of the efficiencies and speed offered by JavaScript’s event-driven, non-blocking nature. In fact, concentrating on JavaScript as your language of choice offers the opportunity to master a single language while still being able to develop “full-stack” web applications. The key to this server-side JavaScript revolution is Node.js® — a version of Chrome’s V8 JavaScript runtime engine — which makes it possible to run JavaScript on the server-side. Node.js is also used for developing desktop applications and for deploying tools that make developing web sites simpler. In a previous article, I wrote about how to install Node.js® and, it’s companion, NPM on a Mac. Prerequisites Installation Overview Test it!

Express - guide Getting started With node installed (download), get your first application started by creating a directory somewhere on your machine: $ mkdir hello-world In this same directory you'll be defining the application "package", which are no different than any other node package. Now that you have a package.json file in this directory you can use npm(1) to install the dependencies, in this case just Express: $ npm install Once npm finishes you'll have a localized Express 3.x dependency in the . $ npm ls hello-world@0.0.1 /private/tmp └─┬ express@3.0.0beta7 ├── commander@0.6.1 ├─┬ connect@2.3.9 │ ├── bytes@0.1.0 │ ├── cookie@0.0.4 │ ├── crc@0.2.0 │ ├── formidable@1.0.11 │ └── qs@0.4.2 ├── cookie@0.0.3 ├── debug@0.7.0 ├── fresh@0.1.0 ├── methods@0.0.1 ├── mkdirp@0.3.3 ├── range-parser@0.0.4 ├─┬ response-send@0.0.1 │ └── crc@0.2.0 └─┬ send@0.0.3 └── mime@1.2.6 Now to create the application itself! var express = require('express'); var app = express(); Using express(1) to generate an app Then fire it up!

WhatFont Tool ← Back to Chengyin's main page What is the easiest way to find out the fonts used in a webpage? Firebug or Webkit Inspector? No, that's too complicated. Hence I wrote WhatFont, with which you can easily get font information about the text you are hovering on. To embrace the new web font era, WhatFont also detects services used for serving the font. Font name? Want to know more? Want the font? Want to share your discovery? ← Drag this to your bookmark bar to install On any webpage, click your WhatFont bookmark to use the tool. Full support: Firefox 3.6+, Chrome 9+, Safari 4+, Internet Explorer 9. Limited support: Internet Explorer 8. ↑Install the extension from Chrome Web Store. On any webpage, click WhatFont button to use the tool. Download Now After downloading, open the extension file to install. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. Email Twitter @chengyinliu The tool should auto-update itself. Ver 1.6.1 Added color detection for text. Hosted on Github