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A dynamic, browser-based visualization library

A dynamic, browser-based visualization library

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Vertical Timeline Today's resource is an easy to customize, responsive timeline. We used some CSS3 tricks and a bit of jQuery to create some bounce animations that affect desktop users only, while on mobile the structure is more minimal. Browser support ie Chrome Firefox Safari Opera 9+ Technology Fundamental for d3 Cascading Stylesheet CSS Selectors Query the DOM Tree See also: CSS Properties – Webmonkey and CSS Selectors on NetTuts CSS: Box Model, Position The default position is position: static;

Basics of Mapping for the Digital Humanities – IDRE Sandbox To start, navigate to this page via the URL below: “What is a map? What is in a map? How do you map?” Visual Business Intelligence For data sensemakers and others who are concerned with the integrity of data sensemaking and its outcomes, the most important book published in 2016 was Weapons of Math Destruction: How Big Data Increases Inequality and Threatens Democracy, by Cathy O’Neil. This book is much more than a clever title. It is a clarion call of imminent necessity. Data can be used in harmful ways.

20+ jQuery Timeline Plugin with Example Dynamic Timeline : jQuery Responsive Time Line Plugin A JQuery plugin that allows you to create horizontal and vertical time lines to show off a portfolio or chronological and visually pleasing events! Timesheet.js : JavaScript library to create HTML time sheets Visualize your data and events with sexy HTML5 and CSS3. Create simple time sheets with sneaky JavaScript. Style them with CSS and have mobile fun as well. d3 Tutorial First Part by Kanit "Ham" Wongsuphasawat Interactive Data Lab, University of Washington @kanitw / (Based on Vadim Ogievetsky and Scott Murray's work) Outline

TimeMapper Can I make a timemap anonymously? Yes! You do not need an account to create a timemap - they can be created anonymously and will have all the same features and shareability of normal timemaps. However, there are some benefits of creating an account and creating your timemap whilst logged in: You'll get a nice URL for your timemap at /your-username/a-name-you-choose-for-your-timemap All of your timemaps will be nicely listed at /your-username As you'll be identified as the owner you'll be able to re-configure (or delete) your timemap later

The Dataviz Design Process: 7 Steps for Beginners Does data visualization leave you feeling like this? If so, this beginner-level post is for you! Data visualization requires two skillsets: technical skills to create visualizations in a software program and critical thinking skills to match your visualization to your audience’s information needs, numeracy level, and comfort with data visualization. If you’re interested in learning more about technical skills, check out my Excel for Evaluation chart tutorials and my Dataviz Challenges. If you’re interested in learning more about critical thinking skills, read on! This post outlines a 7-step Dataviz Design Process.

Prototype JavaScript Framework API Reference The documentation for the latest stable version of Prototype will always be located at Tutorials This area contains narrative documentation you can use to discover Prototype.