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The ultimate guide for the ambitious Innovation Manager (100+ sources)

The ultimate guide for the ambitious Innovation Manager (100+ sources)
Running innovation projects is hard. By definition you’re doing new things so you can’t rely on old habits and routines. If you and your innovation team don’t feel uncomfortable, you’re simply not innovating. That doesn’t mean you’ll need to fly blind. At every moment in your innovation process you can use tools, references, checklists and other innovation methods. We do the same in our innovation projects. I. I.a Subscribe to innovation blogs Everyday you and your innovation team should be fuelled with fresh ideas. Our favorite websites to steal ideas: Where do you find new business ideas? Startup Stash Non-English innovation & inspiration feeds: I manage and read my +500 feeds via Feedly (also available on iPad/mobile). Many of the above blogs and websites have some awesome daily/weekly newsletters. Newsletters worth signing up to: Pocket is a great tool for keeping a track of what you have already read & plan to read! I.b Use social media as innovation news filters II. Evolve or dissolve!

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The Innovative Mindset: Seven Thinking Premises to Thinking Innovatively! Home > Uncategorized > The Innovative Mindset: Seven Thinking Premises to Thinking Innovatively!  Think differently to find new ideas  Think creatively to unravel complexity and solve problems The Psychology Behind All That Clutter You Can't Get Rid Of We've all got those filing cabinets or drawers filled with stuff we can't bear to throw away or look at—items that seem simultaneously useless and important. If I dug around my files, I'd find defunct credit card statements and notes from stories written nearly a decade ago. And then there are the personal items: the crusty bouquet of dried roses I've kept for more than 16 years (a relic from my first boyfriend), the giant stack of anatomy books from my yoga teaching days now gathering dust in the corner, the endless piles of birthday cards.

Innovating Innovation? General Mills Makes It Happen General Mills is one of my favourite open innovation companies. They have great people on their open innovation team, G-WIN, who are always open to sharing their insights and experiences with others. They also constantly push themselves in their efforts to make open innovation even more successful at General Mills. Now, they have developed a new approach to their open innovation efforts called X3 and I really like how they focus on the need for facilitators. “Since formally launching the G-WIN open innovation program at General Mills five years ago, we learned that our scientists were excited about the open innovation tools available to them; however, they didn’t necessarily know how and when to use them most effectively,” said Mike Antinone, associate director of G-WIN. The X3 Process includes the following steps:

The World’s Most Innovative Companies: Risk, Observation, & Measurement Every year Fast Company reveals its list of the world’s most innovative companies of the year. With the topic of innovation front and center, Fast Company considers themselves to be a progressive media brand “written for, by, and about the most progressive business leaders”. For the most part, this year’s top 10 listing comes as no surprise presenting Nike, Amazon, Square, Splunk, Fab, and Uber as the top 6 champions of innovation. Initially I had thought to only mention the top five, but for turning the taxi and town-car industry upside down, I thought Uber deserved a mention as well. After all, it’s not often that a company challenges innovation in an industry dating back to the early 1700’s.

The Innovator’s Mindset Have you ever wondered how some people (or organizations) manage to have one amazing success after another? Well I have. I’ve always been fascinated with successful serial entrepreneurs, leaders, and companies that manage to always be at the top of the innovation ladder. NuancePDF is a cloud-based conversion service that lets you turn PDF files into fully formatted Word and Excel files — right from the free Nuance PDF Reader! Get the Nuance PDF Reader and try it now! With Nuance PDF Reader, you get the most accurate online PDF conversion available through — without having to install extra software. No more copying and pasting or retyping PDF documents. Just use our hosted web service to convert PDF to Word, Excel, RTF or WordPerfect using Nuance's industry-leading OCR technology. It's never been easier to upload, convert, and start using information previously trapped in a PDF.

Could Governments Get Entrepreneurship? Some people think governments should stay away from the entrepreneurial world. Yet, some of the most interesting programs we have seen recently, such as Start-Up Chile, are promoted by local authorities. However, this program is very recent compared to another initiative called Barcelona Activa. About - The UBS Future of Finance Challenge UBS is one of the world’s leading banks, specializing in wealth management, asset management and investment banking. In Switzerland it is also the leading retail and commercial bank. UBS’s ambition is to help shape a more open and collaborative financial services industry and to jointly develop new innovative solutions for its clients. We’re involved in the Fintech eco-system in our key global locations through initiatives like our lab at Level 39 in London and our Evolve innovation centre in Singapore. This open approach enables us to embrace the pace of technological change and learn from entrepreneurs about products and services that will not only offer short-term gains but also will have a lasting benefit for our clients, our firm and the industry. We know it can be hard to navigate the structures of large organizations, especially banks.