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5 Best Logo Maker and Logo Creator Tools

5 Best Logo Maker and Logo Creator Tools
Company logo is an important part of any business. It’s often the first thing your customer sees on your business card and your website. Company logo is the face of your brand. To create a logo, you can either spend some money to hire a graphic designer to create for you or you can use online logo generator do it yourself. To DIY, you can check out these 5 great free or affordable and user friendly online logo maker tools: 1) » 2) » 3) » 4) » 5) » Related:  Logos

Honest logos by @Viktor The making of the Barrier filters logo Pouring the ideas out and filtering through them. Finding a simple solution and trying out different options. Choosing two main concepts for presentation. Showing first options to the customer. Deciding to stay with a drop and a shield. Presenting to the client. No more shields, just a pure water drop. The customer believes the logo resembles a man in a hat. Morphing the horizontal text block into the word “Barrier.” Selecting the logo with the white background. Trying it on the existing package.

Marketing de Contenidos Como hacer una infografia para dar a conocer tu empresa ¿Quién no conoce las infografías? Esos diseños llenos de datos interesantes sobre un tema específico, consejos prácticos y gráficos explicativos a todo color. ¿A quién no le gustan las infografías? Es más, ¿por qué no promocionar tu empresa con una infografía dentro de una estrategia de marketing de contenidos? En este post os explico cómo crear una infografía con un caso práctico. Una infografía permite representar de una manera simplificada conceptos o información que sería más difíciles de digerir en su formato habitual de texto. ¿Por qué son importantes las infografías para dar a conocer tu empresa? Uno de los aspectos fundamentales de toda estrategia de marketing de contenidos es la creación de contenido original, de calidad y a poder ser empaquetado con cierta creatividad, más o menos con el mismo orden de prioridad. Entre los muchos beneficios que nos ofrecen las infografías podemos destacar que: Caso práctico: pon una infografía en tu vida 1. 2. 3. Busca tesoros y pirámides. 4. 5.

30 Useful Web-Based Applications for Designers A web application is an application that is accessed via a web browser over a network. They may also mean a computer software application that is hosted in a browser-controlled environment or coded in a browser-supported language (such as JavaScript, combined with a browser-rendered markup language like HTML) and reliant on a common web browser to render the application executable. With the help of these free web-based online applications you can make your work even easier than before. Web based applications are good alternatives to costly software for sure. Nothing can be more useful than handy tools you can use in your design process. These Useful web based applications for every designers can to help you accomplish tasks such as color palette selection, creating unique fonts, editing images, and testing typography. Color palette Essential color scheme palette where you select the RGB values and get a set of color schemes for your website designs. Colorschemedesigner Colorspire Colorjack

Logo Swap! Viktor Hertz made us laugh with his Honest Logos series and now our very own My Modern Met logo designer, Graham Smith, messes with our minds (in a good way) with his Brand Reversioning set. He describes a “Brand Reversion” as a brand logo that has undertaken a creative change based on the visual style of another brand logo. In other words, they're "brand identities with a split personality." Wet Logos: Showcase of Logo Designs Featuring Water Posted by Chris Thurman on Jan 12th 25 logos that feature characteristics of water. Gushing, rushing, pouring, dripping, raining, sloshing, refreshing. Inspiration from one of the most abundant resources on Earth. I’ve always been enamored with the qualities of water. Jollidrop Safaa Water Ingeprom Class VI Bits’n'Baths Muuya Aquacentro Many Waters Ministry Waterleaf Valley Creek Church Antwerp Water Works Ocean Spirit Ocean Beauty Hydro-Pol Vodicka Squared Eye Breakerss Water Drop Centerwave Wave Lochness Silent Beaute Moby Aqualeaf Hanging Cloud What are your favorites?

Inteligentes pero sin carácter, logran poco David Levin, cofundador de la famosa red de escuelas intermedias charter “KIPP” de Estados Unidos, que fomentan el estudio intensivo por parte de estudiantes de bajos recursos logrando que obtengan muy altas calificaciones para ingresar a la alta secundaria y a la universidad, encontró que sus ex alumnos tendían a abandonar los estudios superiores graduándose solamente 33% al cabo de los 4 años del primer título universitario. Si bien seguía siendo superior al 31% del promedio nacional y 8% del promedio del quintil más bajo, estaba muy lejos de su meta de graduar al 75% de los egresados. Levin encontró algo curioso: los alumnos que se mantenían en la universidad no eran los que tenían las mejores notas en el colegio, sino los que evidenciaban tener muchas fortalezas de carácter, como optimismo, perseverancia e inteligencia social. Eran aquellos que rápidamente se recuperaban de cualquier traspié sin quedarse atados a sus fracasos.

50 Fantastically Clever Logos I know everybody and their brother does logo roundups so you’re probably sick of them, but I don’t believe I’ve ever done one and there is a particularly impressive brand of logo design that I wanted to point out. Today we’ll look at 50 logos that are the result of going beyond the typical thought process and injecting a little wit and hidden symbolism into the design process. What Makes a Logo Clever? To explain what I mean by “clever” logo design, let’s take a look at a typical logo, (i.e. one that isn’t clever). The logo above is a nice piece of work. However, my favorite type of logo design is that which takes the assignment one step further. These types of logos make you smile at the brilliance of both the idea and the execution and have several layers of meaning that can hit you in waves. I’ve broken down this collection into three categories: visual double entendres (two things in one), word and character art, and ambigrams. Visual Double Entendres Lion Bird Chad 2010 I love this one.

Branding Basics - 7 Logo Design Tips Have you ever asked yourself why a competitor's business gets more attention than yours? The answer just may have to do with the elements that go into how memorable the business is. And that has to do with branding. But exactly what is branding, anyway? Let's say you are getting ready to run errands on a busy Saturday morning, thinking about the groceries that need to be bought, the dry cleaning that needs to be picked up, and the packages that must get to the post office before noon. The answer to that question has everything to do with Hallmark's branding and two key elements of that branding are: a logo design that’s attractive, easy to read and memorable; a great tag line. Assuming your own product is fabulous, it all comes down to image. The First Key Element of Branding; Create a Great Logo. You have given a great deal of attention to your company name and believe it speaks to who you are and what you do. 7 Logo Design Tips Keep in mind that a powerful logo design:

Silicon Valley Study Tour Logo Design Love How Famous Companies Got Their Names Ever wondered about how famous brands got their names from? Here are a couple of explanations. Via