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The website for pedal powered people: Road cycling, commuting, leisure cycling and racing

The website for pedal powered people: Road cycling, commuting, leisure cycling and racing
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Vélo ville & vélo urbain sur Le Vélo La flamme rouge » Just another WordPress weblog Which Muscles are Really Used During the Pedal Stroke? - Pinkbike One of the most persistent myths in the mountain biking world surrounds the pedal stroke and goes something like this: " Without being attached to the pedals you can not use your hamstrings properly, which forces you to rely too much on the quads to power the pedal stroke. By not being able to curl the knee joint during the upstroke of the pedal stroke you create muscular imbalances and tire out the quads faster." That is what most of us have been told. However, this understanding of which muscles are used and how they are used during a pedal stroke is completely wrong and potentially dangerous over the long run. When I ask why someone thinks that the muscles are used that way during the pedal stroke, I am invariably led to some variation of this picture/ chart: The problem with this whole notion is that this chart is completely theoretical and based on how the muscles work in isolation from each other. You want to produce your power at the hips, not the knee joint. - the OpenStreetMap Cycle Map Bike Fit Calculator | Find Your Bike Size Fit calculator More information Your fit summary Your measurements Actual inseam Trunk Forearm Arm Thigh Lower leg Sternal notch Total height Edit measurements Save results Never take your measurements again.Lose the measuring tape. Save Email my results Contact me via... Send

Vélo Québec. bike travelogue and cycling live video Bikes and Bicycles Online from Evans Cycles | UK Online Bike Shop Les configurateurs de customisation fixie singlespeed Nous nous sommes tous déjà posé la question, quel look pourrais-je donner à mon fixie ou singlespeed ? Heureusement les configurateurs de customisation sont là. Nous allons essayer de vous aider à trouver les bons sites internets, qui vous permettent de choisir les couleurs et les composants pour votre prochain pignon fixe ou singlespeed. Pas besoin d’utiliser photoshop, suivez le guide. Urban Fixie Le configurateur Urban Fixie et l’un des plus complet dans son genre. Vous aurez un large choix de cadre et de composants avec un maximum de couleurs. Funked Up FixiesFunked Up Fixies vous propose des fixies à 395 euros et ils offrent un configurateur relativement complet au niveau des couleurs. Atom Bicycles Le site Atom Bicycles propose un vélo pour 775 dollars avec un configurateur très complet afin de choisir les couleurs de tous les composants. Vous avez aussi :Single BikesRepublic BikeIndieBikesCell BikesFoffa BikesWe are magnificentMission Bicycle

Odomètre | de mes sorties de vélo La dernière de l’année 2014? Peut-être pas. Montreal – Louiseville 2300$ pour le club des petits déjeuners! Santa ride Fixie Singlespeed, infos vélo fixie, pignon fixe, singlespeed quotidiennes