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Boxed Children's Books - Books by the Foot These boxes are ideal for donations to crisis centers, daycares, or schools with low budgets for books. If you buy these for personal use, please be aware that as "GRAB BAGS" you hopefully can use a majority of the books. To save these from being destroyed, we stuff as many children's books as possible in large (18" x 12" x 12") Books by the Foot boxes (approximately 55 lb of books). Quantities per box will vary due to different book sizes. Conditions vary greatly, but all books should be usable.

How It Works Socrative is a smart student response system that empowers teachers by engaging their classrooms with a series of educational exercises and games. Our apps are super simple and take seconds to login. Socrative runs on tablets, smartphones, and laptops. Teachers login through their device and select an activity which controls the flow of questions and games. Students simply login with their device and interact real time with the content. Student responses are visually represented for multiple choice, true/false and Short Answer questions.

Greetings from the Asylum: Fun In a File Folder *sung to the tune of "Love In an Elevator" by Aerosmith* Fun in a file folder,Spreading the pieces on the ground.Fun in a file folder,Smiles on faces can be found. Fun in a file folder,Learning new stuff makes Mom so proud.Fun in a file folder,Just keep your voices not too loud. Reading Is Thinking: Inference lesson/poetry This poem, was in the 4th grade state standardized test (MCAS ) one year. The open response question asked "What feelings does the speaker have throughout the poem? " In order to thoroughly answer that, the student would need to have the ability to infer characters feelings by identifying clues in the text .The poet does not come right out and us how the speaker feels. You are expected to infer.The students would also have to use their background knowledge about what it would be like to get a puppy.

Freebie and Lots of Pinterest Ideas! This week we are working on compound words and we did the cutest activity as a center! I have seen these little eggs used as many things on pinterest so I decided to use them for compound words. This really reinforced the whole concept of 2 words coming together to make 1 word. It was very easy, I just used a black sharpie and mixed up the colors. I also made a recording sheet for the answers. You can download your freebie here!

Growing Kinders: It’s Calendar Time! Phew. It’s done. A Labor of Love :) Writer’s Workshop Anchor Charts I’ve always been a big fan of writing. I love to see the progress my kids make throughout the year…it’s always so remarkable!! No matter what stage they’re at when I get them, they always grow. Even a *little* growth is A LOT! I was excited to start Writer’s Workshop this week. Even though I love teaching writing, I always feel like this is an area where I can improve. Literacy Centers {free printable} Last year my district started using McGraw-Hill's reading series. While the station ideas for each week's main selection are good, sometimes I find myself spending a lot of time explaining the directions. After reading The Daily 5, I decided to create some generic literacy centers that could be used with any story/selection. So, drum roll please...I present to you a set of 16 centers that can be set up in your classroom with just a few materials that you probably already have on hand. I created a few stations for Words, Reading, and Writing. Here's what is in each category:

Hello Mrs Sykes - Resources for Teachers: Guided Reading Guide and a Freebie Cheat Sheet! I've had such fun creating this Guided Reading Guide for grades K-5. Since moving back into the classroom to teach 2nd grade, I've found that I *really* miss one special part of my prior life as a Literacy Specialist/Literacy Coach. I miss working closely with teachers, holding workshops, and meeting regularly to discuss the best practices they are using in their classroom so I can see how best to support their professional growth. Stemming from that desire to assist other teachers, I have created this blog to share resources. I had such a great response that I decided to open my Teachers Pay Teachers store. I created this Guided Reading Guide based on some of my most successful in-service teacher workshops I gave during my former life.

dandelions and dragonflies ...would find its employee in her office at 5:45am, sitting at her computer, wearing an over sized sweatshirt and ball cap (large Micky D's sweet tea for energy) writing plans for someone to come in, take her place for the day because her child was up at 3am throwing up? I'm sure you have all heard/felt it before...I swear teachers are the only ones that have to do this! Of course my child gets sick on the week that my husband is actually on OUR schedule and in training (therefore can't take off), and I leave my work laptop at school the night before! To top it off...she is perfectly fine today, no fever, not throwing up, nothing...of course. 100 Best Children's Chapter Books of All-Time Chapter books-that final leap into the world of literature where pictures matter less and less. Young readers are now able to be spirited away to strange and far off places, without the limitations of what is drawn on a page. It’s a beautiful thing, to see that door open up for them. Below you will find a list of some of the best children’s chapter books, suitable for a wide range of ages.

Teaching Vocabulary Jump To FREE Vocabulary Activities Page Traditionally, teaching vocabulary often involves pre-teaching lists of words, copying down definitions from the board, and children spending endless hours looking up definitions from dictionaries. But here is what we know regarding vocabulary development: A vocabulary gap exists among students in different socioeconomic groups. Math Journal Sundays With Easter last weekend, I didn't get around to posting our math journal from last week. So, I have two entries to share with you today from our Interactive Math Journals. We're just finishing up our 2D Geometry unit. This journal entries for polygons was near the beginning of the unit.