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Related:  Web Design Essentials CSS Button Generator: Create HTML and CSS Button Styles • Blog Django 1.11 has just been released and is immediately available on SourceLair. Starting today, when you create a new Django project in SourceLair, it will be created using Django 1.11. We would also like to take a moment and highlight the major new features that come with the latest version of Django. Class-based model indexes The new django.db.models.indexes module contains classes which ease creating B-Tree database indexes and defining the order (ASC/DESC) for the columns of the index. On top of that, Django 1.11 ships also the new django.contrib.postgres.indexes, which provides Postgres specific database indexes. Template widgets in Django are now rendered using HTML templates, instead of pure Python. Take a look at the new form rendering API to learn more about how template-based widgets work. Subquery expressions Django now supports what is called Subquery expressions. 📣 Public Service Announcement: This is the last Django version to support Python 2.

How To Make A Website: The Complete Guide Last week we taught you how to make a web site from start to finish, including finding a reliable web host to host your site. Here’s the complete guide so you have access to all the lessons in one convenient location. How to Make a Web Site Part I: Understanding and Writing HTML The first thing you need to learn when making a web site is basic HTML, and that’s what this lesson will teach you. How to Make a Web Site Part II: Styling and CSS Once you’ve got basic HTML down, it’s time to learn styling and CSS so you can make your HTML look the way you want it. How to Make a Web Site Part III: A Site from Start to Finish Now that you’ve got basic HTML and CSS down, we’ll take you through the process of creating a site from start to finish. Lifehacker Night School Part IV: Choosing a Host and Launching Your Site Now that you know how to make a site, you need to get it online so everyone can see it. How to Make a Web Site Part V: Additional Resources

D3.js - Data-Driven Documents Steam Tables Calculator - Water and Steam Properties With HEI Condenser Performance Calculator This program calculates water and steam properties using the 1967 IFC Formulation for Industrial Use. Java 1.2 or later is required. The program calculates: Steam and water properties using the 1967 IFC Formulation for Industrial Use, andCondenser performance using the HEI (Heat Exchange Institute) method. Calculate Steam and Water Properties The program calculates condensed liquid and superheated vapor properties as functions of pressure and temperature, pressure and enthalpy, and pressure and entropy. For example, to calculate the properties for steam at 1800 psia and 1000 degrees F, enter the pressure and temperature. Saturated and wet steam calculations require input of quality and either saturation pressure or saturation temperature. For example, to calculate the saturated vapor properties at 500.0 psia, enter 500.0 for the pressure and 1.0 for the quality. Calculate Condenser Performance © 2006 Don Fleming. Privacy Policy

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