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Tony Porter: A call to men

Tony Porter: A call to men

Welsh Women’s Aid Conference speech 10/12/12 Welsh Women’s Aid conference 10/12/12. Cardiff City Hall Making The Connections This morning I’m going to talk about the importance of a feminist analysis of violence, I’m going to talk about why violence against women happens and the systems which maintain, promote and excuse it.

Fact-Checking the Bill Nye-Marsha Blackburn Climate Change 'Debate' If you are not the sort of person who watches Meet the Press (because you are not an old person), you may have missed Sunday's "debate" between Tennessee Rep. Marsha Blackburn and Mr. William Nye, Science Guy. Allow me to summarize: There is no actual debate over climate change. Allow me to summarize at greater length: Blackburn was full of misinformation and Nye seemed sleepy. I pulled out the assertions presented by the participants in the discussion and evaluated them for truth.

Warning Signs of Abusive Personalities If we can recognise the warning signs of a domestic abuser, or someone who is likely to have an abusive personality, we can save ourselves (and our loved ones) a lot of grief and heartache. Many survivors of abusive relationships have so often said that if they had just known the warning signs, they would never have got involved with their abusive partner. The good news is, that it is possible to predict the likelihood of the person you are currently with or are about to become involved with being a domestic abusiver It is simply a matter of having the knowledge of the warning signs to look out for and being sufficiently aware to notice them (which includes not being to blinded by love, lust or desperation!). Below are a list of behaviours, traits and beliefs which are common in abusive personalities. These are commonly known as Warning Signs of abusive personalities .

It's time we stopped using the 'boys will be boys' line When writing about how men treat women, every female columnist has been told at some point that “boys will be boys”. I’m not overly prickly when it comes to responses to my writing, but nothing goads me quite like those four little words. There’s a tiny kernel of truth to the statement, but the sentiment is too often used to normalise men being violent, aggressive, predatory and sexist. Us women are routinely told we just need to accept that. It’s both a distortion of the masculine experience, and a subversion of the female one.

GOP Senate challenger: Mass shootings linked to women in workplace By Travis GettysWednesday, September 18, 2013 13:39 EDT A former New Hampshire state senator who’s announcing his candidacy to unseat Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen says women in the workplace are at least partially to blame for mass shootings and other violence by men. “Bottom line: the collaborative, flexible, amorphously-hierarchical American economy is shutting out ordinary men who were once the nation’s breadwinners in living-wage labor and manufacturing jobs,” wrote former state Sen. Jim Rubens in a 2009 blog post. Male Violence: Are We Prisoners of Masculinity? Contributing writer confronts male violence and patriarchy ... By Quassan Castro Men and boys have become increasingly violent. Within the last 13 years, all too common is the scenario of a male entering a public place, shooting folks and taking his life or that of other human beings. Imagine the terror in the eyes of the innocent as they are violently confronted by the wounded male. A few days ago, Roswell school shooter Mason Campbell was deemed competent to stand trial during a hearing.

The Problem with 'Boys Will Be Boys' This post was originally published in Role/Reboot. For months, every morning when my daughter was in preschool, I watched her construct an elaborate castle out of blocks, colorful plastic discs, bits of rope, ribbons and feathers, only to have the same little boy gleefully destroy it within seconds of its completion. It was obvious that this little guy got massive joy out of doing this. The first time, my daughter just stared in amazement and I tried to help her rebuild.

Three Ways Straight Dudes Can Help End Street Harassment Almost every woman knows why strangers hooting and hollering at people on the street is a problem. More than 80 percent of women experience gender-based street harassment: unwanted sexual comments, demands for a smile, leering, whistling, following, and groping. Many men do, too, especially in the queer community.