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How to Travel Around the World for $418

How to Travel Around the World for $418

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Make the Best of Your Travel Plans This Weekend Some other details that make travel better: Dress comfortably and in layers. Give yourself plenty of extra time if you're flying or taking a train. WhitePod Alpine Ski Resort WhitePod Alpine Ski Resort A Swiss ski resort has taken a modern prefab approach to providing private chalet rooms for their guests. The WhitePod Alpine Ski Resort comprises 15 geodesic igloo-style structures that overlook a Swiss valley from the snowy mountain above. 10 of the World's Best Surf Spots It wouldn’t be hard to give the definition of surfing if you were to consider the desire to be out in the water, the freedom to conquer a great force of nature that can push you where you have never been before. It’s a whole new world, it’s like a drug that you start taking. Addictive. But surfing without great waves is like hot beer (totally not cool), therefore we decided to see what are some of the best places for surfers.

25 Places You Have To See Before You Die Not long ago we came to you with the most incredibly super awesome bucket list of all time and while it included quite a few ridiculous activities (riot tourism?) it didn’t mention much in the way of traveling or seeing the world. So, as a gift to all of you globetrotters out there we decided to fix that and put together a list of 25 places you have to see before you die. Found in the Hunan province of China, the unique views from atop the Tianzi Mountains can be accessed by cable car. The site of some of the largest volcanic eruptions in history, this Greek island features picturesque beach side towns and Mediterranean sunsets. Situated on a mountain ridge overlooking Urubamba Valley in Peru, this is probably one of the most iconic remains of the massive Incan Empire.

The Ultimate Travel Hacking Guide Referring to this quote: "On our example, this doesn't work because we are going from the United States to England and the English Pound is worth more than the US dollar. Additionally, the Iceland Krona is not worth less than a dollar. However, if we were going the reverse way, this would work. I've used this method when flying to New Zealand since their currency is worth less than the US currency." I want to bring up an important point about currency exchange that is often missed or glossed over: it doesn't matter one bit if the unit of the foreign currency is worth more or less than one dollar.

Wanderlust Hotel of Singapore Wanderlust Hotel of Singapore DesignHotels have opened a delicious new dreamscape for the Singapore-bound traveler– the Wanderlust Hotel. Wanderlust is a boutique hotel like no other, a design where no two rooms are alike, each envisioned with a childlike imagination. World's top 10 best places to celebrate Christmas Christmas has become a global festival, regardless of religion or location. Lonely Planet's 1000 Ultimate Experiences lists the best places in the world to experience the yuletide spirit. With today's emphasis on present grabbing and overindulging, it's hard to deny that the real meaning of Christmas often seems forgotten. For a refresher, nothing compares to a pilgrimage to Jesus' birthplace. The energy on Manger Square and in the Old City on Christmas Eve could light a forest of Christmas trees. The place to be as the clock strikes 12 is St Catherine's Church, for the Midnight Mass service.

The New Way to Find the Best Airfare Deals If you’re like most bargain airfare seekers, chances are your flight shopping goes something like this: 1. Go to or Or,, or The Ultimate Travel Hacking Guide Travel hackers are the people constantly chasing miles, rewards points, and elite status. They are looking for every possible way to game the system for as much free travel as they can. Most travel hacking is about using miles and rewards to get free flights or hotels. However, for me, travel hacking is an idea. It’s a philosophy that says “I am going to bring costs as close to zero as possible.” Since only the die-hards (like myself) really want to spend hours and hours putting together mileage routes that might get them 100 extra miles or read the fine print to find a loophole they can exploit, I’ve put together this guide for the casual traveler who still wants to travel cheap.

The Club Hotel Singapore The Club Hotel Singapore Ministry of Design has recently completed the design of The Club Hotel Singapore, a modernized rehab of a classic property. The monochromatic design of The Club lets you provide the color, a black-and-white backdrop to your Singapore leisure experience. Beyond the rooms themselves are several amenities which include a lounge, a rooftop patio bar and a tapas restaurant.