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Museo Arqueológico Nacional

Museo Arqueológico Nacional

Woking College Loan Share on facebook Woking College Loan A collection of over 50 ancient Egyptian objects travelled from Surrey to Swansea, and arrived at the the Egypt Centre today (31st May 2012). Museos Vaticanos - Web oficial Villas Pontificias, todavía más cercanas y abiertas a todos Nuevas historias y nuevas emociones en las Villas Pontificias de Castelgandolfo que, desde septiembre, amplían su oferta cultural gracias al lanzamiento de nuevos itinerarios, visitas y originales soluciones de movilidad. Más de un año después de la apertura al público del Jardín Barberini, la propuesta turística, nuevamente examinada y ampliamente renovada, pone a disposición de las familias y de cada uno de los visitantes un rico abanico de alternativas. Un creciendo de novedades entre las cuales destaca el acceso de los visitantes al Palacio Apostólico —hasta ahora no permitido— para la visita del nuevo espacio museístico La Galería de los Pontífices.

Deir el-Medina stelae in the Egyptian Museum in Turin Stele of Amennakhte19th dynasty, around 1295-1186 BCLimestoneRectangular limestone stela of Amennakht, possibly originating from the sanctuary of Ptah and Meretseger. Most probably intended to depict the sanctuary with its two hills. The relief ornamentation of the four sacred cobras in the upper part of the stela is intended to be a symbolic representation of the "Great Peak of the West". The goddess shown on the right, personifies the peak, and is called "Isis the Great". She is depicted with bovine horns and a solar disk like Hathor. Amennakht is shown kneeling inside a rectangle that was intended to represent a chapel in the sanctuary.Height: 43 cmWidth: 30 cmFormerly from Drovetti's collectionInv. cat. 1521 = CGT 50059

Museo Nacional del Prado The Fitzwilliam Museum : Pharos - explore the collections by theme or time Pharos is a separate website, designed to guide the visitor through the extensive collections of The Fitzwilliam Museum, illuminating a selection of the treasures it contains. Take an introductory tour or explore the collections by theme or time. Pharos uses the Flash Player plug-in for some content. Pharos website Making Art is an interactive element within Pharos, a separate website designed to guide the visitor through the extensive collections of The Fitzwilliam Museum. It offers an insight into how a selection of objects, including a bronze sculpture, a 15th century panel painting, a Japanese print and a medieval manuscript, were made.

Collezioni egizie in Italia Da Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera. In Italia esistono molte importanti collezioni d'arte egizia, in virtù del secolare rapporto con il mondo romano, ma anche frutto di numerosi scavi condotti da archeologi italiani. Tra tutte, spicca quella ospitata a Torino: la seconda al mondo dopo quella de Il Cairo. Altre collezioni di livello internazionale si trovano a Bologna, Firenze, Milano, Napoli e nella Città del Vaticano. Dutch National Museum of Antiquities On this search page you can see more than 40,000 objects from the collection of the Rijksmuseum van Oudheden. The data base is still expanding and contains objects from all collection aereas of the museum: ancient Egypt, Classical World (Greeks, Romans, Etruscans), ancient Near East and the early Netherlands (until 1600 AD). For application of loans, please contact the museum's registrar. The database is only available in Dutch. Use Dutch keywords for searching.

Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology Phoebe Hearst met George A. Reisner on her first trip to Egypt in early 1899. While the American Egyptologist had no excavating experience at this time, Hearst had faith in his abilities and sent him to work immediately. With several assistants and a large and skilled Egyptian crew, Reisner explored the sites of Coptos and Shurafa (1899–1900), El Ahaiwah (1900), Deir el-Ballas (1900–1), Naga ed-Deir (1901–4), and Giza (1903–5). Much of the work was salvage, following in the wake of looters.

Egyptological Institute in Egypt: Graduate Program The Natacha Rambova Archive, Yale University Archive: Overview1 Born Winifred Kimball Shaughnessy on January 19, 1897, Natacha Rambova pursued a number of diverse careers, in each achieving considerable — and in some cases lasting — success. Unfortunately, her true contributions to the field of Egyptology are not as well known as her other pursuits. Egyptology Collection – The Atkinson The Goodison collection of Egyptology contains around 1,000 artefacts and represents both funerary and domestic objects dating from the Predynastic Period (before 3100BC) to the Coptic Period (around 200AD). This collection was an important feature of the Bootle Free Library and Museum, which opened to the public in June 1887. When the museum closed in 1974, most of the objects were brought to Southport for storage.

llection Search : Egyptian Green shabti figure, inscribed Shabti Africa, Egypt Glazed ceramic Museum number 1976-803-2 1976-803-2 on display ... Collection record - admin - 19 Mar 2013 - 15:18 - 0 comments Blue glazed scarab, Thutmose III Scarab Blue and green glaze Geographical origin unknown Museum number 1975-488-5 A scarab beetle with a blue and green glaze, bearing several hieroglyphs on the underside.

Kelsey Museum of Archaeology Abydos, Egypt U-M archaeologists record epigraphy at Abydos, Egypt. Tel Kedesh, Israel Kelsey Museum conservators repair Hellenistic wall plaster on site at Tel Kedesh, Israel. Karanis, Egypt U-M excavation in progress at Karanis, Egypt, ca. 1927