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A Lesson From Warren Buffett For Telemarketing In Singapore

A Lesson From Warren Buffett For Telemarketing In Singapore
Lead generation is serious business in Singapore. After all, how are you supposed to continue selling if you do not have any customers, right? For this to be successful, you need to hire the right people for the job of generating B2B leads. “Somebody once said that in looking for people to hire, you look for three qualities: integrity, intelligence, and energy. Yes, integrity means a lot. Buffett understood the value of integrity. Related:  B2B Marketing | Telemarketing

3 Email Tips for the Struggling B2B Lead Generation Marketer Not all marketers are successful at using email for lead generation. While many books, articles, and blog posts have been written on how to effectively use this strategy to achieve marketing goals, little attention has been paid to the importance of being better at receiving and processing email. Here are some tips to help you process email more competently, save precious marketing time, and lower the office hassle: 1. The inherent instant gratification of clearing your inbox provides a brief feeling of accomplishment, but it’s really not productive. When you first open your inbox in the morning, star/flag emails that must be dealt with today, but make sure to focus on your top priorities first before diving into your inbox. Dedicate 30-minute blocks every two hours to staying on top of email. 2. When you do make it to your Inbox, it’s key to remember that not all emails are created equal. In reality, not all emails are created equal. 3.

What Will Social Media Marketing Be Like in 2014? Looking back in 2013, you would notice that most of the success stories in small or large scale businesses have a little bit of the ‘social media element’ in it. Although its marketing and sales capabilities have really never been officially stamped with approval or accuracy, nobody questions the power of social media in the business world. Viral videos on YouTube, stories on Facebook, contests on Instagram and polls on Twitter – these are the pillars of social media marketing in the past 3-5 years. But what’s in store for the coming 2014? Rick Mulready, an LA-based social media blogger, consultant, speaker and host of the Inside Social Media podcast, shared his bold predictions in his post in 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

How to deal with Indecisive B2B Prospects There are times when sales pitches and charm just won’t cut it. When prospects are not in that phase when they are actually ready to commit to a sale or a contract, it’s very hard (and sometimes inappropriate) to bring them where they don’t want to be – yet. Telemarketers would have to resort to more strategic ways to “ripen” the fruit of their labor and ultimately secure a business-favorable conclusion to each call. Find out what best practices are needed to deal with indecisive prospects in this insightful post from 1. Create a follow-up marketing budget. 2. 3. 4. Most importantly, don’t give up. 5. Read more at

What Business Marketers Can Learn from Disney’s ‘Frozen’ The highest grossing animated film of all time has all the reasons for its success, not only in the realm of cinema but also in the minds of Disney fans – both young and young at heart. The unprecedented popularity of the feature film, not to mention that epidemic theme song that has made the whole world sing once again, has in no time cemented its mark in the production company’s historical pages. It has become so well-liked that people can’t seem to – you guessed it – let it go. What made ‘Frozen’ accomplish such a feat, and what can marketers learn from it? Focus on what you do best In the past century up to this one, Disney has always been on the forefront of innovation and experimenting on new horizons, but they always end up succeeding in their traditional magic. As lead generation marketers, it’s important to determine – and stick to – the core values of the business. Gather all the right ingredients Everyone knows that there’s no standard formula for lead generation success.

Generating Sales Leads: Why Questions need to be Open-Ended One of the most basic tasks of professional telemarketers is to uncover information from prospective clients that may lead into business opportunities- in short, sales leads. But along with that task of lead generation is to also maintain an atmosphere of openness and trust, which deviates from the usual, transactional and heartless survey-esque style of telemarketing. Leading them into a cyclone of inquiries and not letting them talk much may have them lose attention and eventually lose interest with the call. The opening spiels and introductions are usually harmless. What could be detrimental to the success of the telemarketing call are the questions that follow. Asking wrong (or too many) questions may force clients to end the conversation. So the goal is clear: Earn their trust. And how do surveys usually sound? Business-to-business (B2B) Outbound Telemarketing and Lead Generation require skills in questioning and extracting information.

Telemarketing: Singapore’s Solution to Gaining Competitive Edge | Marketing in the Asia Pacific Telemarketing may well be considered as the definitive solution which Singapore got in gaining business edge. Why do you think so? Though some people will not agree with this and refute this statement, there’s actually a mighty good and sensible reason behind this. Though it’s true that Singapore has one of the most prosperous economies in the global scene, it’s also known that this Asian city-state is a multi-industrial one, with no other market controlling the business arena. And this causes problems or difficulties for in-house professional telemarketers who are in dire need for quality lead generation and appointment setting results. Generating leads is one of the prominent (and the most vital) elements of marketing, as this paves the way for an efficient appointment setting with your prospect.

Singapore Telemarketing: Be An SEO Doctor: Content Writing Tips From Dr. Gregory House He’s known for his cynical, biting wit and arrogance but House is nothing less of a medical prodigy. How he mocks people and certain realities have apparently no depreciating effect on his expertise as a doctor; in short, he’s a jerk but he gets the job done. House uses metaphors in translating complex medical scenarios into a language that’s easier to comprehend, usually choosing odd examples but nonetheless logical. His funny antics will go down in history, but his less-famous, more serious words of wisdom are frank but surprisingly insightful. In reflecting on how to write hard-hit ting and effective content, House’s words could serve as a mighty prescription: “People choose the paths that grant them the greatest rewards for the least amount of effort.” Blog marketers have lived an era of using keyword-saturated articles as a means of gaining site traffic, which is a relatively easier route compared to writing true and useful content. "Mistakes are as serious as the results they cause."

Can You Share Your Brand’s Content in 6 or 15 Seconds? Marketers have more than enough ways to convey their message to their audience; they can choose from print, blogging, online streaming, TV ads, or social media presence. Whatever suits their taste, they can easily customize they approach using any of those platforms. But if you only had 15 seconds to market your brand to the world, how would you do it? Short videos are becoming wildly popular in cyberspace these days, mostly driven by apps available for iOS and Android mobile devices, and then shared afterwards in social networking sites. Twitter’s Vine introduced the 6-second video posting concept to the mainstream, and was then followed by Instagram’s 15-second version. So what is up with these short videos? There are numerous reasons why it has become an overnight sensation. Vine encourages creativity (marketers would have to give everything they’ve got and cram them all in 6 seconds). Related: The Generation Y: Who They Are and What Tickles Their Marketing Bones

Sell To Your B2B Leads In Singapore So That They Will Notice The days of simply bombarding your business sales leads with hundreds of emails is long gone. Now, when you send marketing emails, your b2b leads don’t even have to move it to the spam folder, their email service provider does this automatically for them. So how do you reach out to your target market and actually get qualified business sales leads? Use social media marketing to get noticed. If you want to start selling, you have to get your b2b leads to notice you first. Send those emails. Alright, you can now send those marketing emails you’ve so meticulously crafted for your b2b sales leads. Hire a reliable b2b telemarketer to follow-up. A telemarketing call center is a great way for you to follow up on those emails you’ve sent. Get an experienced b2b appointment setter. Now that you’ve identified their issues, your appointment setter should come in to set those appointments so that your sales people can do their job and solve those issues.

Integrating Mobile with B2B Lead Generation: A Kick-start Mobile devices are being used increasingly at workplaces for research and information gathering, which includes purchases or hiring of services for business-related functions. Research shows that at least 78% of businesses allow their employees to bring their own devices and 68% of executives are comfortable enough to make purchases on their smartphones. This is the evolution of mobile. It means that mobile usage is starting to be an integral part of the business-buying system; hence it should also be one of the priorities in B2B lead generation. SMS still works – SMS campaigns are extremely cost-effective and low- maintenance so they can be used for a variety of mobile marketing approaches. Make Email Work Right In Your Appointment Setting You may have a really good product or service to offer, but if there is anything marketing can teach you, it is that none of these matter if you fail to reach your business prospects. Reaching out to your sales leads prospects is an important, if not obvious, prerequisite of business. That is why we conduct appointment setting campaigns in the first place. One of the ways we do that is by sending emails to all interested prospects. And yes, there are interested prospects. The problem here is how to make your prospects open them, instead of deleting your messages immediately. The main reason for this could be traced to fear of spam mails. Trust is essential here. Another thing you have to cover is setting expectations. Related: Recognizing the Assets and Disservices of Email Marketing Lastly, try not to be to varied in your email schedule and content. Related: Not getting new Prospects? Yes, you can still send business emails.

Shorten your Sales Cycle through Efficient B2B Telemarketing When telemarketers start calling prospects on their lists, the core operation of marketing begins. This is the part where everything is put on the line; the fate of the entire B2B lead generation campaign will ultimately be decided on whether a call is successful or not. But aside from that, telemarketing calls also serve another purpose: it also shortens the sales cycle so that more leads can be accommodated. However, there’s a catch: it only works when telemarketing is at its best. Efficient telemarketing can weed out bad data. Efficient telemarketing can add relevant data into the mix. Efficient telemarketing can institute brand awareness. Efficient telemarketing can improve the marketing-to-sales handoff. To achieve all these, one needs additional resources and manpower.

Trouble With Singapore B2B Leads? Use Telemarketing One of the reasons why foreign investors fail in gathering B2B leads in Singapore is because they lack the tools necessary for an effective lead generation campaign in the country. While it is true that Singapore presents a lot of business potentials, the problem here deals with how to best contact them. Considering that the best modern marketing tools available, like social media and email, can take a long time to produce the desired results, you know that a better solution is needed. It may be necessary to employ a rather old-fashioned, but still effective, marketing tool – telemarketing. It can get you the desired results faster. Yes, you may be howling in protest over this suggestion. For one, it can speed up the response rate of your campaign. As long as you choose the right set of telemarketers to do your work, things will be all right in the end.

Sales and Marketing Through The Words Of An Innovator: A Tribute To Steve Jobs Almost 2 years after he has left the world he has changed so immensely, Steve Jobs can still be felt everywhere, not only because of the physical technology he has passed on to our succeeding generations, but also through his philosophies that have inspired millions to achieve their goals. Steve Jobs is synonymous to Apple, and Apple is synonymous to the iPhone. The iPhone is the symbol of what’s yet to come in the field of breakthroughs in telecommunication. But behind the success of his company, Jobs became the balance between technology and serving the people who have been believers of his brand. Here are some sales and marketing philosophies from the “gospel of Jobs”: Business is about making the commitment to make excellence as a top priority. After that, everything else will follow. To be creative doesn’t require doing something from scratch. Sometimes, all you need to do is find a connection between things and create something imaginative out of it.