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AtFAB Open Source Furniture

AtFAB Open Source Furniture
Customize Throughout our research and design phase, our team developed parametric applications to customize each AtFAB furniture piece. We wanted to place the functionality of powerful, interactive parametric CAD tools into more hands. Anyone can tailor the dimensions, module, or shape of a piece as they wish, and also adjust material thickness and width of a CNC toolpath. Visit our apps above to see a sketch of what we hope will one day be an integral part of this site. Until then, we invite you to give them a try. 5-to-30 Minute Chair One to Several Table Open Storage Cabinet Rotational Table Ninety Minute Chair Cat in Bag Tables

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The Worlwide List of Open Source Hardware Online Stores Latest update: May 21st 2013. Thanks everyone for your comments! Don’t spend any more time browsing desperately the internetz to find parts for your RepRap, Arduino kits or local sensors and PCBs distributors for your new project. I put together this worldwide list of online stores selling open source hardware. by Diatom Studio login | sign up Download Design Library Reference (wiki) Forum Build Your Own CNC Workstation Cart Recently we needed a sturdy, standing-height computer workstation for our workshop. So, we designed and built one. It has turned out to be one of the most useful things that we’ve ever made. And now, we’re releasing our design, so you can build one too! A little background: This computer station is the one that we use to operate our CNC router. Previously, we had been operating that machine from a laptop on a rolling tool chest.

Make: DIY Projects, How-Tos, Electronics, Crafts and Ideas for Makers I’ve been collecting clever ways of slotting flat stock together since I first read Nomadic Furniture back in 1999, well before the advent of the accessible hobby-class CNC tools that today make manufacturing parts like these pretty easy. Now, the world is full of people designing models, project enclosures, sculpture, furniture, and all kinds of other cool stuff to be assembled from parts made on laser cutters and CNC routers. I keep expecting a definitive book or website to emerge that covers the “bag of tricks” in an organized way, but so far, I haven’t found it. Maybe this article can serve as a jumping-off point. Illustrator I’ve found this technique to be really useful for making quick, cheap mock-ups of 3D models, as well as getting some really interesting visual results for artmaking. The first of the two main techniques I’ve been using is ‘slicing’ models in Rhino using the Contour command, then exporting the curves to Illustrator. The curves are cut out of flat material (usually cardboard or acrylic) on the laser cutter, then re-assembled with glue into a mock-up of the 3D model. This technique results in an economical model relatively quickly, and allows you a lot of flexibility compared to ‘unfolding’ techniques such as those used with Pepakura. It can, however, be quite tedious to re-assemble all the slices in the proper order/orientation.

SKINN. Shalesmoor, Kelham Island & Neepsend Network Sheffield has a large number of vacant shops, in fact from our previous research in 2011 we found that Sheffield City Centre had 103 shops vacant. That number is probably similar today. For a while we have been looking at ways to bring vacant shops to use and to make it accessible and affordable for start-up businesses, creatives and social enterprises. Last year Sheffield City Council has received a part of High Street Innovation fund to revive some its empty shops. Laser Cut Metal Pendants: Fire Lily by Amichai Oron When all traces of natural light have disappeared from the sky, the Fire Lily fixture really does offer a sense of fire as the inner bulb glows against its metallic cage. The Turquoise Fire Lily has an ethereal quality and how stunning would this fixture look in a Seaside decor? The yellow Fire Lily is the perfect modern accent piece to hang above a pair on night tables. The shadow effects on the ceiling would create art high above the bed and the yellow pops of colour during the day would be a fun addition to any room. In today's kitchens full of stainless steel appliances, pale woods and white countertops, the cream version of the Fire Lily would be an artistic statement of subtle pattern over a bar in a row of 3.

Open CNC Furniture Open design isn’t just for machines and electronics, With the rise in popularity of CNC routers and laser cutters, there is now an expanding open furniture movement. The result is a fabrication movement where designs are shared globally but fabricated locally and parametric design enables infinite configuration for personal fabrication. Every design featured in this article is available for download. Lean Desk – Original OpenDesk, an open-source project commissioned by Mint Digital. Open Desk Light up your Flight(s) of fancy with this clever laser lamp Home » Lighting » Light up your Flight(s) of fancy with this clever laser lamp Created by Vancouver-based designer Calen Knauf, the Flight Lamp AKA the Laser Lamp is fashioned after the silhouette of the popular toy airplanes made of balsa wood. The exterior and form of the lamp appear like they have nothing in common with airplanes apart from the hood which vaguely resembles a fuselage.

OPEN SOURCE FURNITURE Plastic palette raised floor / プラスチックパレット | OA floor consists of the plastic palette units covered with the wood panel. Cables to every direction are concealed in the units by passing through that. We can use it by taking cables from the inspection doors which are set on every unit. | プラスチックの物流パレットでOAフロアを構築し内部にケーブルを通すことで、各所の点検口から取り出して使用可能です。 Plastic palette raised floor / プラスチックパレット | OA floor consists of the plastic palette units covered with the wood panel.

CNC Joinery Notebook: Update 1 For about ten years, I have been collecting various clever ways of cutting flat stock to design 3D shapes that slot together in space. Back in April, I posted a long, rambling brain-dump from this personal file under the title “CNC Joinery Notebook.” If you pick up a copy of MAKE’s just-released Volume 33, you’ll find a much-polished version of that article on p.59. Since then, a few more patterns have come to my attention, and I thought the publication of MAKE’s new issue was a good opportunity to share them with you. Three Basic Approaches The design vocabulary of CNC panel construction is evolving rapidly. Laser-cut lamp This is a lamp designed by Asli and Gokcen (with Burak Kilic) and fabricated by laser cutter. It was designed as an assignment for the digital fabrication course directed by Marta Malé-Alemany at IaaC ( Institue for Advanced Architecture of Catalunya). The design is a light-bulb-holding piece for a laser cut lamp installation which was composed of 9 different types of distorted pipes. This T-shaped pipe was first modelled in Rhino and distorted by bounding box.

Henk Lamp by Jos Blom Easily deconstructed: Henk Lamp by Jos Blom announces itself as simple, two wooden pieces that slot together to form a tripod base with built-in carrying handle, and two translucent plastic shells as a diffuser, all held together by an easily removed elastic band. (Click the images below for full sized images) Details: In CNC-milled birch plywood and vacuum formed PETG plastic. Designer: Jos Blom is a partner at Amsterdam-based FLATarchitects, specialists in small-scale architectural projects. His focus is on development of easy to assemble, reusable building systems. コロロデスク / コロロスツール Principle use: PRODUCT Manufacturer: Ichiro Credit: Styling: Fumiko Sakuhara(White, Pink, Khaki) Material: koloro-desk: polyester plywood(base material: lauan plywood), White ash(legs) / koloro-stool: lauan plywood, White ash(legs), fabric Size: koloro-desk: W736×D556×H1318 / TH700mm koloro-stool: SH430 - W378×D434×H430mm / SH530 - W399×D469×H530mm / Seat - W313×D313×H30mm