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Venture capital

Venture capital
CombaGroup is developing a cost-effective and “eco-friendly” solution for growing high-quality lettuce close to consumers all year round. At the core of its solution, CombaGroup builds high-tech greenhouses right next to domestic lettuce packagers and to retailers at a later stage. This allows CombaGroup’s clients to yield more than 35x productivity gains per m2 per year compared to field culture, while providing end-consumers with a much fresher lettuce. This is made possible by combining technological advancements in logistics, agronomy, robotics, climate control and automation. » Learn more


StartersFund The Creator You have a great idea for a project and seek for funding? You are at the right place! Take a look at our Requirements & Guidelines and get started! The Funder Crowdfunding for Startups Go here for Startup Addict Crowdfunding. You must have a verified paypal account to post a project or startup. Are you waiting for Equity Crowdfunding for startups? If so please sign up below: Cambridge's Wefunder builds startup crowdfunding site (but it's illegal for now) Step one: Build a site that lets anyone invest a small amount of money into a startup. Step two: Build support for actually legalizing the site. That's the strategy at new Cambridge startup, a project of local tech startup veterans Nicholas Tommarello and Nick Plante. Tommarello said the fundraising site would enable so-called crowdfunding for startups, with the idea that a large number of people investing small amounts into a startup can add up (filling a gap in early-stage fundraising). Currently only investors who meet the criteria for being "accredited" can put money into startup companies. The fundraising site has been built over the past three weeks, but it's not live yet because it's "all illegal until that bill gets passed," Tommarello said.

Why open social collaboration platforms will disrupt the enterprise market in 2013 and beyond inShare427 Guest post by Sarah Evans (PRsarahevans), chief evangelist, Tracky, social correspondent at Sarah’s Faves and author of [RE]FRAME: Little Inspirations For A Larger Purpose The majority of businesses aren’t run efficiently and employees lack the tools and equipment necessary to do their jobs. Quite a wide sweeping statement, I know. But I’ve also been in the trenches. And I realize it’s not for lack of trying.

Interview with Korstiaan Zandvliet, Managing Director Symbid Symbid was first covered in the P2P-Banking blog two weeks ago. I interviewed Korstiaan Zandvliet to get a deeper insight into the service. What is Symbid about? Symbid is the first online investment platform where the crowd directly invests in the equity of a start-up or existing company! Everybody can be an investor, each part has a nominal value of 20 EUR and you decide how many parts you would like to invest. The minimum is 20 EUR, the maximum is 2,500,000 EUR!

Margareta Pagano: Let the crowd invest in the next Facebook - Margareta Pagano - Business Comment You would be able to have a punt on the unknown Facebook start-up if you were able to prove you were either a high net worth individual (about £250,000 in the bank) or a sophisticated investor. But if you are what the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) describes as a retail investor, you would have to seek advice from a regulated financial adviser. Even with that advice, which comes at a price, you would have to certify that you were investing only 10 per cent of your portfolio. ▷ – Online Fundraising » Blog Archive » Why due diligence matters in equity crowdfunding May 31 VentureBeat recently reported that funding marketplace MicroVentures raised over $16 million for tech startups. Over the past 2 years, MicroVentures has reviewed over 2,000 companies and through its rigorous review process, filtered the prospective list to less than 40, which met the criteria to raise on the platform. This represents approximately 2 percent of the companies that initiated the process. Once the SEC issues the final rules around the JOBS Act, it will pave the way for funding portals to start equity-based crowdfunding, giving more startups an opportunity to find a place to raise capital.

ASSOB Description ASSOB assists small and medium sized business to sell equity (shares/stocks) in their business to friends, family, fans and followers of the business in a compliant and proven manner. Over $120 million has been invested in matters funded through the ASSOB Capital Raising Platform. It is by far the most successful equity based crowdfunding platform in the world. Launch date March, 2006 Location Australia, ROBINA Company contact details Paul Niederer C.E.O - ASSOB Australian Small Scale Offerings Board “Passionately Facilitating Equity Funding for Small Business” Phone: 1300 722 954 Fax: 1300 722 593 M: 0411 968 362 Office: Suite 14, "Riverwalk Place" 2 Waterfront Place ROBINA QLD 4226 AUSTRALIA

▷ » Blog Archive » ICO – Initial Crowdfunding Offering – An introduction to Equidam Valuation Academy Who, among the entrepreneurs reading this post, feels confident in explaining what an IPO is? Sure, you probably know the meaning: Initial Public Offering. You might know it is the process that brings companies to be traded in public stock exchanges. In a nutshell, via an IPO a company is granted access to the crowd of investors active in the market, thus allowing the company to issue shares and raise funds. Launch a project on MyMajorCompany 1. Creating my project You can pitch any innovative and original project on MMC provided you are more than 18 years old (or you are represented by a legal guardin if you are a minor) and that your project has not already been funded through another website. The first thing to do when you set up a project on MMC is to have a Member Account. If you don't have one yet, click here to register. You'll probably find it much easier to use Facebook to register and get connected to MMC.