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Which Creative Commons License is Right for me? 23 Jun 2014 The poster explains the rules associated with the various types of Creative Commons license visually and helps you pick the right license for sharing your work. couch mode print story Creative Commons makes it easy for content creators to define a set of rules under which they would like the public to use their creative work. For instance, if you upload a photograph on the Internet, you can apply a Creative Commons license that would allow others to embed that photograph in a website or use in a presentation but not sell it commercially.

How To Make Your Own Educational Video Games Ever tried out a video game that’s left you a bit underwhelmed? What about when you invite students to play a video game and it not only falls flat but it actually distracts from learning? That probably wouldn’t happen if you could design your own educational video games. That’s where Gamestar Mechanic comes into, well, play. How Gamestar Mechanic Works Play and Learn Go on Quests that power up your game design skills and let you earn items you can use to make your own games

untitled About this webmix : Large collection of tools for teachers of high school students. IWB, and web 2.0 in particular collated between 2009 2013 last updated at: Jan 15, 2014 6:55:44 PM Storify animoto Goodreads xtranormal VUVOX - slideshows, photo, v.. STORYMAKER Screenr | Instant screencast.. PictureTrail STORYBIRD animation library free Mozilla Backpack Pinwords PhotoPeach CONFUSING WORDS ARKive Credly FAQ photoshop crocodoc: collaborate on docs FIVE CARD FLICKR Photo Galleries Galore Teach - Mozilla Webmaker Primary Pad · collaboration Reading Rewards public domain photos capzles Mixed Ink GEOGRAPHY: GCSE REVISION Tag Galaxy Meograph:story telling FREE POVERTY ZooBurst 3d pop up bk soundboard TubeChop - Chop questioning skills Pixton | comic maker Sound files Masher - create free online ..

What Are The Benefits Of mLearning? Featuring 5 Killer Examples In this article I will touch upon the benefits of mLearning, why it is gaining momentum, and why it must be a significant part of your learning strategy. Additionally, I will share 5 examples that showcase successful application of mLearning. Let us start with the benefits: Flexibility to learners. At the top of the benefits list is the flexibility mLearning offers. 15 Characteristics of a 21st-Century Teacher Recent technological advances have affected many areas of our lives: the way we communicate, collaborate, learn, and, of course, teach. Along with that, those advances necessitated an expansion of our vocabulary, producing definitions such as digital natives, digital immigrants, and, the topic of this post -- "21st-century teacher." As I am writing this post, I am trying to recall if I ever had heard phrases such as "20th-century teacher" or "19th-century teacher." Quick Google search reassures me that there is no such word combination.

Spiral You start by creating an online class group for your students. Your students can then use any internet-connected device, such as a tablet or mobile phone, to create their own profile on Spiral and join your online class group. You’re now good to go! Spiral apps mirror your normal learning activities but what’s really smart is that our unique three-way view solves the problem of how to get everyone joining in. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: New:You Can Now Add Audio Feedbac... June 20, 2014 Kaizena is one of my favourite tools for adding audio and text feedback to Google Docs. I have already shared here a detailed guide on how to use it to attach audio feedback to students documents, check it out if you haven't read it yet. Until recently Kaizena allowed users to add audio feedback to only Google Docs but this is no longer the case.

80 Unique (and Free) Resources for Teachers One of the many great things about the Web is that it showcases plenty of resources for teachers to utilize in their classrooms. No matter if you’re structuring lessons about digital citizenship, teaching with video, discussing the Bard, talking about student fitness, or looking to walk on the moon or tour the Sistine Chapel, there’s something helpful out there for every educator. We’re happy to be able to share some great resources for teachers with you here in the list below, which features 80 very unique and useful guides, links, resource banks, and much more. This article features a broad list of goodies. We’ve got items here for technology, design, digital citizenship, reading and literacy, video, and some more distinctive fare as well. We’ve done some mining to try and find great guides and some other assorted online gold that really stands out.

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: Teachers' Top Educational Chrome Apps in 2015 July 16, 2015 Over the last weekend, we spent sometime sifting through our Chrome extensions archive and curated for you the list below. We singled out the the apps that have been most popular among teachers and educators during the first six months of this year. The apps cover a range of themes from tools to enhance your productivity and help you stay focused to add-ons for annotating and editing PDFs, you will definitely find something to use in your teaching. Enjoy

Jump In Jump Out - Energisers - playmeo This exercise is almost impossible not to stuff-up - which is the whole point. I promise you, Jump In Jump Out WILL cause your group to laugh out loud. Ask your group to form a circle, holding hands facing the centre, you included. You then explain that you want the group to ..." 5 Ways to Collect Digital Exit Tickets One of the strategies that I use when creating lesson plans is to reflect on the previous lesson. Part of that reflection includes feedback from students. This can be done by simply asking students to raise their hands in response to a "did you get it?" type of question, but I like to have better record of responses than just a hand count. Here are some tools that can be used for collecting exit information from students. Google Forms Almost as soon as my school went 1:1 with netbooks six years ago, I started using Google Forms to collect responses from students.

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