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Le nouveau travail chez Microsoft à Vienne : un haut potentiel - Mobilier de bureau Bene

Le nouveau travail chez Microsoft à Vienne : un haut potentiel - Mobilier de bureau Bene
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Google est élue meilleure compagnie pour y travailler Le magazine Fortune vient d’annoncer sa liste des 100 meilleures compagnies américaines où il fait bon travailler. Google a été élu numéro 1. Les avantages sociaux et matériels sont impressionnants, y travailler relève plus d’un style de vie et d’une communauté utopique. Google recoit 1300 CVs chaque jour, si vous voulez tenter votre chance vous pouvez toujours postuler. Chez Google on ne vend pas de la publicité et on n’écrit pas du code, non, on travaille sur le projet d’organiser l’information au niveau mondial pour la rendre universellement accessible et utile.. Il est évident que ca motive plus les troupes que de dire « je code ». Parmi les nombreux avantages de travailler pour le géant californien, en voici quelques-uns: Adam Redlich en rajoute sur le blog de Google en vantant le bureau de Santa Monica où ils mangent en décembre sur la terrasse du toit qui donne vue sur le pacifique (voir photo).

전통제품 'VIUM' 몇 해전 한국전통디자인 제품의 글로벌브랜드화를 기치로 미국 뉴욕 소호에 매장을 오픈하고 뉴욕 언론으로부터 호평을 받은 디자인 문화상품 브랜드 'VIUM'이가나아트센터 내에 국내1호점을 개장하였다. 국내 중요무형문화재와 명장들이 직접 제작한 'VIUM'은 동양의 신비함과 고급스럽고 단아한 스타일의 현대적인 디자인 감각을 동시에 담은 제품들이다. 제품의 이름으로 Soban(소반), Chotdae(촛대), Sige(시계), Hangari(항아리), Jongji(종지), Yeebul(이불), Jukbuin(죽부인), Dakpi(닥피) 등과 같이 한글발음 그대로의 영문 표기를 사용하는 'VIUM'은 그 자체도 비어있는 것은 누구든지 새로이 채울 수 있다는 무한한 가능성을 뜻하는 우리말 비움의 영문발음이다. 한국의 소박한 민예품에 대한 '싸구려' 이미지를 불식시키면서 '제값 받기' 전략을 선택한 비움의 제품들은 뉴욕 소호 숍에서 한 달 만에 10만 달러어치를 내보내는 성과로 인정받았다. Scent of wood Wood Products ... 서태랑 (대한민국 목기명장 1호). 목기의 최대 장점은 옻이라는 액체를 나무에 입힘으로써 완성된다는 점이다. 옻은 약 4000년 전 동양에서 발전되어 온 천연 재료로써 옻나무의 진을 정제한 것을 말한다. 나무를 베지 않고 손으로 직접 채취함으로 1년 채취량이 매우 제한되어 있을 뿐만 아니라 토질과 기후에 따라 옻나무 수액의 질이 달라지므로 채취되는 지형에 따라 많은 차이가 있다. 발우 Valwoo 발우는 불교사원에서 사용하는 식기로 밥그릇, 국그릇, 물그릇, 찬그릇의 용도로 차곡이 포개지도록 단계적인 크기로 이루어져 있다. 승려들은 저마다의 발우를 한 벌씩 소유하고 이를 다루는 마음가짐을 배움으로써 매끼 식사마다 소중하고 정갈한 공양에 임하게 된다. 합 Hap 전통적인 발우의 개념이 사용자의 취향과 해석에 따라 새로운 조합과 용도로 사용되어질 수 있는 새로운 개념의 생활용기로 거듭났다. 소반 Soban 쟁반 Jaengban 촛대 Chotdae

Necesitamos un espacio de Co-Working | Enterate de Esto CoWorking “Comienza con una oficina compartida y agrégale la cultura del café.” – Churba & Portillo Puerto Rico necesita un espacio de CoWorking. Este artículo lo escribo para todos aquellos profesionales que trabajan por cuenta propia y no tienen un lugar fijo donde trabajar o no lo necesitan a tiempo completo. Muchos de ellos acuden a Starbucks con esperanza de conseguir un enchufe disponible para poder trabajar un rato o tener una reunión con un cliente. En un lugar de Co-Working podremos encontrar un área abierta llena de escritorios, amenidades típicas de oficina, equipo de oficina, salones de conferencias, faxes, copiadoras, muchos enchufes, conección a Internet etc. El profesional puede pagar cada vez que vaya o suscribirse mensualmente. Beneficios del CoWorking Las Filosofía del CoWorking El concepto de Co-Working trata de un lugar donde varios profesionales de diferentes clases se unen y crean un lugar de trabajo. Mi lugar de CoWorking ideal ¿Quieres hacer un lugar asi una realidad?

Codecademy Looks Like The Future Of Learning To Me So CrunchFund invested in Codecademy, along with Union Square Ventures and a whole pack of others. Codecademy teaches people how to code. Starting with the assumption that you know absolutely nothing at all about coding. And, suddenly, you’re coding. It gets a lot harder from there. I also like that Codecademy is asking users to create new lessons. There’s a great reason for investing. That’s two months since launch. 750,000 people have used it. There are hugely obvious business models down the road. Codecademy says that their goal is to become the way that anyone can learn complex coding concepts, even people who’ve never coded before. What really excites me about Codecademy is that you can learn almost anything this way. All I can think of is how if this was around when I was in college I may have actually learned calculus this way. I’d still have gone to college because college was four years of concentrated fun. I’m very excited to see how this turns out. Like this: Like Loading...

Colebrook Bosson Saunders Bien-être au travail : les visions DRH et salariés Absentéisme, maladies psychologiques, stress... Le mal-être au travail est devenu un enjeu majeur pour les entreprises au cours de ces dix dernières années. Mais comment est apprécié ce malaise côté salarié et côté direction ? Découvrez les réponses grâce au Baromètre Santé au travail. Le groupe Malakoff Médéric, en partenariat avec la Société PSYA, publie pour la seconde année consécutive, son baromètre "Santé au travail"*. Les risques psychosociaux au travail Les risques psychosociaux au travail regroupent le stress, le harcèlement moral, la souffrance psychologique, la violence au travail... Une différence de point de vue sur les causes Si DRH et salariés s'accordent sur l'importance du bien-être psychologique au travail, leurs avis divergent sur la situation actuelle et les causes des troubles psychologiques. Prévenir le mal-être au travail Comment prévenir et gérer les troubles psychosociaux ? Anne-Sophie Glover-Bondeau Créé le 26 novembre 2008 Les "immatures" (28 %) : Sources :

획으로 쓰는 글씨 Infographic: Coworking Desks Accelerate Business | KAP. Design Blog ‘Coworking Desks Accelerate Business’ infographic by KAP Design. Click image to view larger. In partnership with ThreeFortyNine Coworking, KAP created this comparative infographic to visually explain the case for leaving your home office and the coffee shop for a coworking desk. To compare a coworking desk with the other scenarios, we created key business accelerator pictograms and identified them in each of the three working environments. Heavy on illustration and delivered with tongue-slightly-in-cheek, this infographic gets the message across in an engaging package. ‘Coworking Scenario Concept Sketch’ by KAP Design. Like this: Like Loading... WhiteyPaint Turns Walls Into Whiteboards Without Cramping Your Wallpaper’s Style Feeling useless? The folks over at WhiteyBoard seem to have a solution: WhiteyPaint. As WhiteyPaint’s motto so clearly points out, “you’re useless without it.” While the verdict’s still out on that one, it does seem like a pretty nifty little product. It’s basically a quick-drying translucent paint that you can write on with whiteboard markers, and according to the maker, it erases well too. WhiteyPaint can be used both indoors and outdoors, and on just about any surface you can find. 30 square feet of paint will get set you back $75, but that’s basically a steal compared with competing products.