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Top 10 Warranty-Voiding Hacks

Top 10 Warranty-Voiding Hacks
@neverbeenback: As was said down below in the comments, many warranties state that you can't change the OS to something 'not approved' which is generally a few versions of windows. Wether or not the company *actually* voids your warranty is up to them. edit: hackintoshing is vaguely illegal as well, so I can't see Dell being psyched to help fix your hackmac @freedomweasel: You miss the point, you would be expected to return the laptop to windows before return as using the restore discs is always the first thing to do to remove the chance of software problems, if they easily diagnose a problem then they often tell you to remove your HDD before return , so again YOUR WARRANTY IS NOT EFFECTED. Hackintosh is not illegal if you own an OSX disc, you are just breaking an EULA which means with proof Apple could sue you for it. @neverbeenback: jailbreaking an iphone voids the warranty. "your warranty is not effected" affected, not effected. Related:  Intro TweaksTech Loading Bay

6 killer utilities for redlining your gaming rig Just as there's more to racing than showing up at the drag strip, there's more to gaming than booting up your rig. Smart players spend time tuning, tweaking, and pushing their systems' capabilities, reaping the benefits of a better gaming experience as a reward. The results are impressive, with games that look and perform better than their developers ever intended, and often the users didn't have to spend a dime. To get a piece of this action, roll your hot rod into the software garage and give these half-dozen tools a close look to improve the speed, control, and capability of your system. Video card speed shop Low frame rates can make or break a 3D game, and while 5 or 10 frames per second (fps) might not seem like a big difference, in action titles this performance delta can change a gaming session from fun to frustrating. But there's a cheaper way to squeeze performance out of your aging system: overclocking. For Nvidia aficionados, there's Nvidia Inspector. Capability old and new | Collecting all the cheat sheets Top 10 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Gear (Without Spending Extra Money) That answer comes down to opinion, needs, individual skills, budget and time constraints: * I still love a 2007 tablet. * I love a 2005 router (with DD-WRT) on it. * I love a 3+ yr old Core i5 desktop - it is still faster than a relatively new Core i5 laptop. * I'm still rocking a 5 yr old Motorola v125 cell phone - monthly cell costs are under $3/month. * My desktop keyboard is at least 15 yrs old. * I'm considering converting an old media center computer (13W) into an awesome router. I have a new Android tablet, but find myself using it only to read books. If you don't have budget for a new router, then using the old one makes sense. If you've never rooted your smartphone, buying a new one could make sense when the old one doesn't do what you want AND you have the budget. Opinion.

Instant Elevator Music - Nyan Cat Progress Bar What?! Nyan Cat Progress Bar is an app that displays the Nyan Cat over the top of progress bars in Windows. The best way to describe it is a screenshot: Why?! I found a thread on Reddit asking for someone to develop a mod for Windows that replaced progress bars with Nyan Cat. Nyan Cat Progress Bar is basically a special release of Instant Elevator Music with many of the features removed (ie. no playlists, changing music, support for splash screens, etc.) but with the addition of the display of the Nyan Cat. How to use it Fairly-Important Note: Nyan Cat Progress Bar doesn't work properly on Windows XP (see below for more information). Download the Nyan Cat Progress Bar from here Latest version: (updated 12/7/2011)SHA-1 hash: 464f4cef5720faa5e1bf4c5698ea6eee6509ea00Extract the ZIP file to a folder. What apps does it work with? Some apps I've seen it work with are: WinZip, 7-Zip, Audacity, and Windows DVD Maker, but it should work with some other apps too. How can I turn it off?

Explore more. Web pages, photos, and videos | This is, a web application that will help you teach touch typing. Touch typing is typing without using the sense of sight to find the keys. A person possessing touch typing skills will know their location on the keyboard through muscle memory. It can improve any individual's typing speed and accuracy dramatically. This is a short tutorial that will explain how does this application work. You can use the left and right arrow keys to navigate through these slides. This tutorial is based on these few principles: No boring, repetitive exercises. Initially it starts generating words from a small subset of the most frequent letters of the alphabet. When you are typing these words, keybr measures time to type a key for every letter in that subset. Once you familiarize yourself with the current subset of letters, the algorithm expands it, including more and more letters to it. So at any time, you will by typing the letters you are least familiar with. This is the text board. ? ? ? ? ?

Top 10 Pervasive Tech Myths That Are Only Wasting Your Time Better than just saying extended warranties are useless is putting a little thought behind them. Sure, 90% of the time, it's not worth it. If you get a dud gadget, you'll likely know within the return period or the regular warranty period. But, there are a few times I've bought them and been happy I did. For example, back when Xbox 360s were super error-prone, I went ahead and put down $29 for a 3-year extended warranty on my son's Xbox Elite. Yes, Microsoft had extended their own warranty to 3 years for specific red ring problems, but there were other problems that only the 1 year warranty covered. Another example is for a digital camera I bought my daughter when she was younger. Very specific examples, yes, but that's my point.

Katamari Hack 25 (Free) 3D Modeling Applications You Should Not Miss 3D-modeling tools help turn individual ideas into beautiful models and prototypes for a variety of fields. These tools allow building and customizing models from the ground up, no matter if you are a keen beginner or a professional engineer. Popular in various industries such as film, animation, gaming, architecture, and interior design, 3D models are key aspects of various projects. Choosing the best modeling software is often difficult because of various aspects and the wide range of features available in these tools. To help you with the selections, here is a list of 20 3D-modeling software for personal or professional modeling. Read more: 25 Websites to Download 3D Printer STL Models Wings 3D Wings 3D is an advanced sub-division modeler which offers a wide range of modeling tools and a customizable interface, along with a built-in AutoUV mapping tool, as well as export facility for common 3D formats. Available for: Windows | OS X | Linux [Download here] Daz Studio Open SCAD AutoDesk 123D

Feel, Act, Make sense • 10 amazing Kinect PC hacks | Videos Microsoft have recently dropped hints that they might be planning to officially bring the Kinect to PC. If they do, they'll be hard pushed to improve on some of the user made applications that have been appearing since the Kinect was successfully hacked. We've gathered together some of the best below, including a program that turns you into a superhero, another that lets you play Call of Duty: Modern Warfrare with your body, an 80's synth pop music video creation tool, and more. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. DaVinci prototype on Xbox Kinect from Razorfish - Emerging Experiences on Vimeo. 9. 10. There are a few great hacks that we've featured on the site before.

Design case study: iPad to Windows Store app iOS is a popular platform for creating apps that are touch first, fun, and engaging. With the introduction of Windows 8, designers and developers have a new platform to unleash their creativity. In this case study we want to help designers and developers who are familiar with iOS to reimagine their apps using the design principles for Windows Store apps. We show you how to translate common user interface and experience patterns found in iPad apps to Windows 8 Windows Store apps. To learn more about the business opportunity of Windows 8, see Selling apps. Download this article: To download this article, see Offline version of this article. The app The app we are developing is a connected photo journal where users can view and manage their photos and videos online using a timeline view. The app was first created for the iPad. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Layout and navigation Focus on content, not chrome Example: timeline view on the home screen Flatten the navigation hierarchy Commands and actions Touch Downgrade PS3 with firmware v3.50 - EurAsiaWiki From EurAsiaWiki By modrobert, based on info from Bass5763. Hardware required Computer to copy the needed files. PS3 console (with firmware v3.50). Files needed DGF.rar MD5 checksum: 51539e2eb3577529da8820f5ded20386 This RAR archive includes a modified v3.41 PS3UPDAT.PUP firmware file and two different Lv2diag.self files. Here are a bunch file sharing mirrors to download DGF.rar: Original PS3 firmware of desired version PS3 firmware v3.15 (optional) MD5 checksum: PS3 firmware v3.41 MD5 checksum: Steps required for downgrade 1) Unpack DGF.rar using a computer. 2) Copy the file "Lv2diag.self FILE 1\Lv2diag.self" and "Modified 3.41 PUP\PS3UPDAT.PUP" to the root (top) directory of the empty USB flash drive. Lv2diag.self PS3UPDAT.PUP 3) Make sure there is no Blu-ray disc inserted and remove any connected USB devices from the PS3. 8) Remove the jailbreak dongle.

Create Your Own Smartphone App With Infinite Monkeys – No Coding Knowledge Required It would be great if we all had the time, skills, and patience to learn computer coding, especially since technology pervades so many areas of our life. But thankfully, there are applications and web developers out there who provide ways for the rest of us to produce apps with little or no coding skills. Back in June, I reviewed one such web application called Buzztouch, which is designed to allow anyone to create their own smartphone application. Now a similar program has just been released called Infinite Monkeys, a web-based tool geared toward niche communities who want to share content on the iPhone and Android platforms. Web-based GUI Infinite Monkeys’ web-based graphic user interface allows users to incorporate existing web content from social networking sites like Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, and blogging sites. Infinite Monkeys provides three different app platform models, ranging from free to the pro level version of $499. Building An App Core Content Publishing App