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Site de partage sécurisé entre amis (photos, vidéos, humour...) Qu'est ce que Jiwix ? Jiwix est le site de référence pour stocker, sauvegarder et partager gratuitement en privé ses photos en Full HD, films vidéo en streaming HD, fichiers audio en streaming HQ, documents et gros fichiers. Aussi bien destiné aux particuliers qu'aux professionnels, Jiwix est très pratique pour diffuser du contenu à ses contacts. Fonctionnalités 1- Stocker, sauvegarder, partager tous ses fichiers, 2- Partager en privé tous types de contenus, 3- Partager ses albums photos avec diaporama AUDIO Full HD, 4- Partager ses films vidéo en streaming Haute Définition, 5- Partager ses fichiers audio avec un Son Haute Qualité, 6- Partager ses documents et des gros fichiers, 7- Sauvegarder ses fichiers à distance en cas de perte, 8- Accèder à ses fichiers 24h/24 (PC, iPhone, Androïd, iPad), 9- Développer ses photos et commander des posters, 10- Créer et commander des Livres Photo personnalisés, 11- Commander des cadeaux photo pour votre famille, 12- Signer ses photos comme les artistes,

Download Free Songs - Free iPod Music Downloads - Top Songs - Music Techweek 2017 How to Integrate Slack with Github, Google Drive and more A few years back, the primary mode of communication for a team was via mailing lists (for example, those old Python mailman lists — remember those?) As time passed, Google Groups came to the rescue, and managing threads for team communications became a lot easier. Teams all around the world began to use it, and most were happy with its features. In recent years, however, tools like Redmine and Trello have arrived, providing greater control over projects — with features for project management a step ahead of forums. At IMG, IIT Roorkee, we used Google Groups as our primary mode of communication, until we realized the time had come to take it to the next level. Slack is a collection of chat rooms, both public and private. Getting Started If you are the team lead, just head over to Slack and create your team. You can create public or private chat rooms, with the option of one-to-one messaging as well. Here’s a bonus — you can customize almost everything. Search Custom notifications 1. 2. 3.

Comt - Complete guide & Shop for Garden Ponds Twin Peaking Crowdfunding - APEN Designs Featured in Wired Innovation Insights When crowdfunding campaigns fail, they don’t even come close; when crowdfunding campaigns succeed, they do so with a very low margin. Although the funding mechanism is somewhat nascent, the Twin Peaks in funding volumes (just above 0% and 100% of the relevant funding goals) is a persistent finding. Crowdfunding To those unfamiliar with this subject: Crowdfunding refers to fundraising efforts where the fundraiser uses an open call to communicate funding need, use of proceeds, and to share relevant pitching materials (videos, investor decks, etc.). The rules of the game on Kickstarter are straightforward. Market interest Obviously, an open pre-selling opportunity like this screams MARKET TESTING to any product developer, and crowdfunding has indeed been embraced for that reason. Unfortunately, establishing the linkage between crowdfunding volumes and market potentials is not as simple as that. 5 Massive Impacts of Crowdfunding The research Explanations So…

Team Collaboration With GitHub GitHub has become the corner stone for all things open source software. Developers love it, collaborate on it and are constantly building awesome projects through it. Apart from hosting our code, GitHub's main attraction is using it as a collaborative tool. In this tutorial, let's explore some of the most useful GitHub features, especially for working in teams, making it all the more efficient, productive and, most importantly, fun! One thing that I find very useful is integrating the Github Wiki into the main source code project. This tutorial assumes that you are already familiar with Git, the open source distributed version control system, created by Linus Torvalds in 2005. In the world of software projects, it is inevitable that we will find ourselves working in a team to deliver a project. If you prefer a screencast for a visual walk-through, hop just below to view it and refer to this tutorial as side notes: There are generally two ways of setting up Github for team collaboration:

Free File Hosting Made Simple - MediaFire Twitter Facebook MySpace LinkedIn Flickr - Share and Download Youtube videos ScribblePost. Join the world's Productivity Network. Codeita - Cloud-based web development. Pictarine - Zest of life SNHU Teaming Up with Rethink Education Manchester, NH (March 22, 2017) - Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) is teaming up with Rethink Education to create a new $15m seed fund which will invest in ed-tech start-up companies who are tackling some of the most pressing challenges in education. As leaders in education innovation, SNHU and Rethink Education hope their partnership will encourage the nation's best education entrepreneurs, researchers and technologists to explore new, innovative ways to improve access and affordability in the educational pipeline from K12 into the workforce. "Investing in this initiative with Rethink Education builds on SNHU's more than 85-year history of working to expand access to higher education for all students," said Paul LeBlanc, SNHU President. "We are looking forward to working with, and learning from, bright, passionate entrepreneurs working to solve problems in which we share an interest." Seed investments are made at the earliest stage in a company's development.