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The ultimate guide to the Facebook Edgerank algorithm

The ultimate guide to the Facebook Edgerank algorithm
EdgeRank is one of the most important algorithms in marketing. Despite this, very few people have heard of it and fewer still can claim that they fully understand it. EdgeRank is the name of the algorithm which Facebook uses to determine what appears in their users’ news feeds. The news feed is Facebook’s ‘Killer App’. It determines which of your connections is the most important to you and thus appears most frequently, and which kinds of content should appear higher than others. Understanding the rules of the algorithm and changing your tactics to reflect the system can make the difference between a business changing campaign and an embarrassing failure. Unlike many of the algorithms that are changing marketing, Edgerank is actually not that sophisticated, but don’t let its relative simplicity make you underestimate the influence knowledge of the subject will have on your tactical choices. Let’s start off with the name. The EdgeRank formula is based on these three elements. Affinity Related:  e-Marketing

Open Graph protocol People use stories to share the things they're doing, the people they're doing them with and the places where they happen. Let people share stories about your app on Facebook through a structured, strongly typed API. To publish Open Graph stories with the Share dialog, you do not need to implement Facebook Login or ask for additional permissions. For more information, see Share Dialog. If you create a custom sharing UI to publishing Open Graph stories, you need to implement Facebook Login and request the publish_actions permission from people using your app. Privacy When you configure an action you should determine the default privacy level.

Web and Luxe - Blog Luxe Marketing Mode Web et Nouvelles Technologies Retail Study: 1 Facebook Fan = 20 Visits To Your Website A UK based study by Hitwise analyzed data from the top 100 retailers to find how much additional web traffic was generated by each Facebook fan. The metrics showed that each fan of a Facebook page produced an extra 20 visits to the website. In order to generate this number, Facebook traffic was analyzed and compared against Facebook Page data from Techlightenment. The study also found that brands utilizing Facebook the most saw increased brand searches on Google, Yahoo! See the Hitwise report for full stats. Mary Meeker: Mobile Internet Will Soon Overtake Fixed Internet Mary Meeker of Morgan Stanley isn’t just any Internet analyst. She was covering the sector when the brokerage firm was the lead underwriter for Netscape Communications’ initial public offering in 1995, was dubbed the “Queen of the Net” by Barron’s magazine in 1998 and was covering the space in 2004, when Morgan Stanley helped launch the Google IPO. Now a managing director at Morgan Stanley and head of the global technology research team, she has released her latest massively detailed “State of the Internet” report, which she has been putting out periodically since 1995. She presented the report during an event this afternoon at Google, which was streamed live as part of the Events@Google series (the presentation is embedded below). And what does Meeker see in her crystal ball this year? The Morgan Stanley analyst says that the world is currently in the midst of the fifth major technology cycle of the past half a century. * Personalization -– more important on mobiles than desktops

The Open Graph Protocol How to Find Out Which Online Marketing Strategy Drives the Best Traffic Do you participate in so many different types of online marketing strategies that when your boss asks you which one is the most effective, you don’t know what to say? Sure it’s easy to spot the top referring traffic source in Google Analytics, but you won’t be able to say what overall online marketing method is really working as a whole unless you want to start adding up different referral sources with a calculator and then cross reference them with goals, demographics, and other data. This is where Google Analytics Advanced Segments come into play. Using these, you can create different segments for different groups of referral traffic – traffic from social media, article marketing, link building, directories, local search, guest posts, and so on. You can then see everything including demographics, conversions, and top content for each group of referral traffic and compare them against each other to know which ones are the best. Creating an Advanced Segment 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Social Media

3 Types Of Facebook Image Ads That Work One of the major differences between Google and Facebook PPC advertising is the relative importance of images. In Facebook advertising, some experts say that certain elements of images in ads can make or break a campaign. In this article, I’ll cover images that convert well and various ways to effectively test Facebook images. Of course, your mileage may vary. Before getting started, here are some general Facebook advertising tips: 1. 2. 3. 4. In general, the following types of images convert best on Facebook. Happy Women The best types of images to use in Facebook advertising are of happy women. Images of woman can tie into almost any product like health nutrition, wellness, etc. Colorful Logos Why do logos convert at all? Recently, experts say logos have been converting better, and that’s likely because advertisers are getting better at implementing such strategies. Try logos that are colorful and engaging. Images with text on them (calls to action) convert better than images alone.

Marketing de conversion et impact du partage de contenu social sur le trafic | Selligent cross-channel conversion marketing blog Pour beaucoup de spécialistes du marketing en ligne, le trafic vers le site Web demeure le must absolu et la mesure ultime de leurs activités. C'est évidemment faux : ce qui compte, en dernier ressort, c'est la conversion, la valeur des visiteurs pour votre entreprise et l'engagement de ces visiteurs. Il a quelque temps, j'ai abordé le sujet du décalage entre les dépenses engagées pour augmenter le trafic et celles consacrées à l'optimisation de la conversion sur le blog SmartInsights de Dave Chaffey, en plaidant pour l'optimisation de la conversion. J'ai cité ensuite un fait assez étonnant que j'ai découvert grâce à Bryan Eisenberg : pour chaque tranche de 95 $ US dépensée par les entreprises pour générer du trafic, un dollar seulement est destiné à l'amélioration de la conversion. Néanmoins, de toute évidence, le trafic reste un élément important. Sans visiteurs, ce n'est même pas la peine d'avoir un site Web ou un blog. Autres billets consacrés au partage social :

Exclusive: Target Facebook Fans for 44% Cheaper Registrations Says TBG Digital Test By advertising to Facebook fans instead of non-fans, advertisers can reduce the acquisition cost of registrations by 44%, event signups by 33%, and purchases by 15%. These results of a 4.1 billion ad-impression, thirteen-client test have been exclusively shared with Inside Facebook by TBG Digital, developers of one of the most popular technology solutions for buying huge volumes of Facebook ads. The data helps establish the value of a Facebook fan by demonstrating some of the savings in conversion acquisition costs business can make by investing in growing their fan bases. This is because in addition to sending Page updates to fans, businesses can specifically target their own fan base with Facebook ads. For instance, if a health care company planned on acquiring 1 million registrations over a year via Facebook ads at $10 per registration, it could save $4.4 million by advertising to its Facebook fans instead of the general Facebook population.

3 Startups that rock Inbound Marketing I recently completed my Inbound marketing certification with *honors* (look for the badge in the left sidebar). The exam and the certification in itself is great but it is the learning material that is worth its weight in gold. Given that I keep myself immersed in all things technology, marketing and writing my fascination for Inbound Marketing is obvious. So, I thought I will share three startups that absolutely rock Inbound Marketing. Before we dive into the startups the rock inbound marketing here is a quick primer on Inbound Marketing, Inbound marketing is advertising a company through blogs, podcasts, video, eBooks, enewsletters, whitepapers, SEO, social media marketing, and other forms of content marketing In layman’s terms, think of inbound marketing as pulling potential customers to buy in to your product not through traditional ‘in your face’ advertising but by providing enough free information and value. Startups that are great at Inbound Marketing #Hubspot #Kissmetrics #Buffer

4 Social SEO Mistakes to Avoid First off, what exactly is social SEO? Social SEO is a hybridization of social media marketing and SEO. The two disciplines are actually much more intertwined than some marketers may believe and it no longer makes sense to operate them in separate silos. Fragmentation of your online marketing efforts often means your actions aren't being properly leveraged across various platforms, leading to a diluted and confused brand messaging strategy. However, just because you recognize that social media marketing and SEO go hand-in-hand, that doesn't mean there aren't pitfalls you should be careful to avoid. 1. Please don't turn your social profiles into a soapbox to sell your products. Most social media interactions are being driven by the consumer. Businesses that use social media solely as a platform to sell their products/services quickly learn that no one is listening. 2. This move could prove deadly for your company. 3. Both SEO and social media are incredibly long term processes. 4. See Also: